Men’s and lady’s casual clothing

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Casual style now at the peak of its popularity. Open any magazine and you will find yourself in the world of labels casual. The word “casual” means “everyday”. The basic principle of this style is the elegant carelessness. One says that this style takes its origin in Britain; others attribute its birth in northern Europe and Scandinavia, where it was the style of rural people. Anyway, lady’s and men’s casual clothing every day becomes more and more popular.

Jeans and pullovers, trousers and shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, fancy skirts and dresses – all these is the basis of the casual style. If initially it was clothing for country walks and picnics, now it has turned into daily urban clothing. This style involves democracy. The main things are relaxedness and freedom.
Modern youth chooses casual not just because it is fashionable, comfortable and practical. This is the way of life under the slogan “Everyday life in all its diversity.” Casual style in clothes is a kind of projection to life. There is no clear framework for how to look, dressed in the style of casual. Everyone is different and has his own way of life and, therefore, these clothing is not formed from the numerous demands of fashion, but from their own world view.

Thus, in the top of the style is placed the personality. Such opposite concepts as sensuality and vigor easily get in this style. Casual style – is the fashion with no rules that can be followed, even without a lot of money, in contrast to the style glamour, which implies the serious financial investment.

Casual clothes for women and men are the essential part of the everyday life. Unless someone can refuse such variations, in which he feels so comfortable that he does not want to take it off? Yes, it is not suitable for various parties, but that’s because this style is allocated as totally independent. The designers of the famous brands necessarily make the models for their collections in this style.
Of course, jeans always remain relevant; however, this style suggests that they should not be decorated with rhinestones or sequins. In general, the minimum of glamour. But in order casual clothingthat the image was nevertheless memorable, you can complement them with a bright shirt. Suitable will be also shirts, polo or sweaters. The main thing is that they were not made of synthetics. It is natural fabrics make that pleasant feeling of the magical touch to the body that you want to prolong it.

Women can put on the top the jacket, again, of the most common style. Of course, you need to have in the wardrobe some skirts and dresses. Thus according to casual style, they should not be decorated with different ribbons and thingies. Style and length play no special role, especially because every woman fells comfortable in different things. For someone very comfortable are the mini-skirts, and someone does not like them at all.
But there is one requirement for the silhouette – it should not tight the figure. Freedom and unobtrusive – it is the peculiarity of the casual style. In addition to these variants of clothing, the style involves wearing jumpsuits, which are one of the fashion trends this spring. As for the color of ladies clothes, it is preferable to choose pastel shades, but it does not mean that you can not choose bright colors. Just do not forget that the color of the clothes should give you the pleasant feeling.
More and more men recently prefer shorts to pants, when the thermometer scale rolls over the mark of 20. In tandem with the direct light color blazer and classic strict shirt the shorts look quite business-like, well, with a free spring jumper or jacket-bomber the young man would feel like a fish in water.

To the casual wear for men can be referred the awkward trousers made of cotton, linen, silk and satin, decorated with the catchy prints with floral pattern, the bohemian monograms – the strip or cell. The designers unanimously decided to give the men more freedom of movement in the new season and to allow them to feel more relaxed than usual. Wide trousers are recommended to wear with the tight-fitting shirt, emphasizing the muscle and the excellent shape. However, these trousers effectively look only on high and slender man – otherwise, they would only accentuate the figure flaws.

Smart casual.

casual clothing 2Moreover, the elements of this fashion style made their way to the office dress code. The founder of the smart casual – Giorgio Armani, eased the strict business suit and allowed to wear it with turtlenecks, pullovers and even T-shirts.
Today for the people are equally important the time spent in the office and the part of the day, which he dedicates to various hobbies and interests. To feel comfortable and appropriate for the rapidly changing circumstances of life, the modern business person more often chooses the style of smart casual. The most difficult thing in this style – is to define its borders.

Where does the classic office style ends and begins the smart casual?

The absence of the tie. You will get in the smart casual style you will rid of the tie. That is, people dressing in this style, do not leave the tie at home for distraction, but out of principle. Smart casual style of American clothing allows wearing sweater, which can be anything. There are no restrictions. The absolute leader is the jersey: turtlenecks with V-Neck, jumpers, worn over the shirt, are also welcome in this style. You can also relax a little and afford to roll up your sleeves.

The more, minimalism is in fashion again. Another bright detail is the scarf similar in color to the suit or sweater, but of more intense color. As for the shoes, then the costume can be perfectly combined with moccasins and pumps. Smart casual permits jeans, which are an integral part of the style casual. Thus it is necessary clearly realize that it should be a pair of jeans in any case not blue, and that at first sight they could not be distinguished from the classics.

Free Friday.

Free Friday – the so-called “Friday style” or as it is also called – “Free Friday” when people come to work in more free and stylish clothes than the other days of the week. The fact is that in the West the weekend formally begins on Friday night. The Friday itself is not just the weekday. On Friday, people are still working, but it is almost the rest and it is necessary to look always impeccable.

Now the “Friday style” stretched out to the whole working week, which strongly contributed to the smart casual – the versatile style which contains the elements of lightness, negligence and traditional strict ladies clothes. Often the smart casual style is called the business casual. Employees perceive the “style Friday” as the preparation for the weekend, even almost the day off, not very straining himself with work. However the situation will be normalized, if the style will be mandatory throughout the week. The working rhythms will be not violated. Maybe with time the strict office suit will go out of style?

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