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The best friend and the most reliable helper of the bride – is a bridesmaid, who not only helps in the organization of wedding, but she also has to worry about the appearance of the bride and the mood of the guests at the ceremony. There are more than enough advices concerning bride’s wedding dress, with the bridesmaid it is more complicated. Let’s start with what kind of the bridesmaid dress is not suitable for the wedding party.

It is unacceptable for the bridesmaid to appear at the wedding in a white dress. This is due to the fact that the bride is the main heroine of the day, and the bridesmaid dress can distract attention from her.

Even if the bride chosen for the celebration red, pastel or sandy dress, in any case you have no right to wear a white dress. Remember, that you are the bride’s right hand, but not the main person of the evening. Therefore, going shopping, keep in mind that the white color is a taboo for you!

As for the cheap bridesmaid dresses it is, of course, the eternal little black dress. More and more often the girls come to the wedding dressed in black, in order to show their seductive bends. They forget that they had come to the feast of love, not for the competition “Who’s prettier.” Therefore, it would be advisable to show respect and to appear at the celebration in something airy and light.
And speaking about the dress of the bridesmaid, it is generally another talk, because to choose for the wedding white – it is indecent, and black – at least, stupid. Therefore, think a hundred times before putting on such a dress.

Bridesmaids should forget about clothes of acidic colors. After all, they will only distract attention from the main heroin of the occasion and cause dissatisfaction of the guests. These colorful shades will be suitable for other events, but for the wedding it is better to choose more noble shades. They will work in harmony with the bride’s wedding dress and complement her image.

Looking for the bridesmaid dressPerhaps the most elegant and luxurious at all times remain floor-length dresses. There is nothing more exquisite than the light fabric that hugs and emphasizes the female figure. We offer for bridesmaids strapless dresses- they look very impressive. No less elegant and extravagant look dresses with one strap, especially if it is decorated with precious stones.

Wedding dress of good quality assumes considerable financial investment. Fashionable bridesmaid dress is always a serious cost. But whether you will wear the embroidered dress with a train after wedding is a big question!

If you are looking for cheap bridesmaid dresses, there is no need to choose dresses with excessive glitter and sparkling sequins. This again will only distract attention of the guests from the bride, when your main mission – to help the bride and not be the center of attention. In addition, the glitter and sequins on the dress considered to be a bad taste and look a little vulgar. So think twice before putting on such an extravagant dress.

If you do not want to buy a bridesmaid dress, so you can rent it. In the wedding salons you can rent any evening dress for the celebration and this perhaps the easiest way to score cheap bridesmaid dresses.
If the wedding is organized in the European manner – the bride has more than one bridesmaid. In some European countries and in America there is a tradition: the bride chooses the color of the dresses for the bridesmaids and buys fabric and the bridesmaids pay for the sewing of the dresses. However, along with the bride they decide – whether all girls will wear dresses in one style or they can order different. The last variant is still more interesting: on the one hand, all girls will look like flowers in a bouquet, framing the bride. And on the other hand – each girl will be able to maintain her individuality by choosing a style, which fits her the most. They can also go shopping all together and let each bridesmaid find a dress that fits her figure and her budget.

Choosing the perfect dress for a bridesmaid, do not forget about the following!

Having a strong desire to stand out among the other guests and boast of a gorgeous dress, remember that it is the prerogative of the bride; after all it is the main heroine at the wedding. Therefore, rule number one for a bridesmaid of all the times – do not outshine the wedding dress of the bride! Otherwise, your desire to “shine” would be a bad tone.

Even if the majority of white shades suit you well, and you look in this luxurious pearl-white dress absolutely compelling, this color on your friend’s wedding is a taboo for you. Do not forget that traditionally white color belongs to the heroine of the occasion. If you still going to stand on your ground and you don’t want to reject of a white bridesmaid dress, be sure to coordinate it with the bride. In this case, it is recommended to choose a shade of the dress, which will differ from the bride wedding dress.

In this season it is recommended for the bridesmaids to choose bright dresses with rich colors that will not only allocate you among the other guests, but also look great on photos, harmonizing with the wedding dress of the bride. Even cheap bridesmaid dresses in pink, blue, green, silver or gold shades will look relevant and very fashionable.

You need to know when to stop, as in the choice of colors, as well as in depth of the dresses’ décolleté. For example if you have decided to wear a dress of deep dark blue, brown or black color, make sure that the accessories were bright and beneficial fitting such a dark color. Challenging “mini” dresses or too deep neckline would be appropriate for a hen party, but not for the wedding! Therefore, make sure that the dress is not too frank and strict. Look for a middle ground!
The bridesmaid can decorate her dress with accessories. Do not forget about jewelry, different bracelets, pendants, watches. This will give your image more glamour.

As a rule, the wedding – is first of all a funny and stormy celebration, accompanied by a pleasant, playful turmoil. So, get ready for moving a lot. You need to think in advance and to pick up to the dress the most comfortable shoes, such with the average height of heels or wedge heels. For those who do not intend to abandon the 20 centimeter heels should hold in stock a second pair of shoes. You’ll see – it will be very useful!


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