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Visits to the shops in search of an evening dress take time, enthusiasm, energy and even moral hardening, as it is often hard to find a middle ground between what you like, what is fashionable and what fit you. Many put the purchasing of an evening dress on the first place, or, at least, on the second – after selecting a restaurant. In order not to make your search too long and boring, consider the following recommendations to help you in buying evening dresses.
To start with, you have to define with the size of your budget and decide how much money you can spend on an evening dress (in salons choose only one of those evening dresses which price fits into your budget – it will save time, energy and will help to avoid disappointment).
This is perhaps the main point. It is unnecessary to try on expensive evening dresses, if you can not buy them. Try on for fun – what’s the point? To see how it fits? And then look for the same, but cheaper.
Look at several publications – magazines, catalogs, internet-galleries with collections of evening dresses, to clarify what are the cheap formal dresses and the latest trends in fashion of evening dresses – silhouette, color, fabric, jewelry and details, accessories. Select several styles that fit you the most, to narrow your initial search range. If one will look and more over try on all the offered models, half a lifetime will not be enough.
One says that searching for the evening dresses of the latest fashion – it is perhaps the most pointless pastime. In each salon you will be assured that only they have “the last squeak” etc. But once you open any old catalog – you will see almost the same models with minor changes. Therefore, in the beginning of the search you have to define with a style which will emphasize the dignity of your figure. The consultants of the salon will help you with it, the opinion of your mother or a friend is also very important!
Looking for a cheap formal dressesIt is not necessary to come to the salon with too “hard” concepts and inflexible wishes; sometimes you can listen to the advice of an experienced seller, even if he offers such a formal dress, which you have not thought of. In the first salon with a large choice of suitable outfits, you should stay a little longer and try on a sufficient number of dresses in order to get an idea of the real state of things – what is in salons and what fit you the best.
At present there is no such product that you would not be able to buy in the Internet. Visiting online store of clothing, you will be able to choose any, even exclusive things from the fashion producers at affordable prices. Dreams of many girls now are real – they can buy cheap formal dresses 2013 online. Also a great advantage of such shops is that you can save your time. As a rule, these web-sites work around the clock.
Many people are suspicious of online shopping, but you see, it is possible to run into forgery and deception and in ordinary stores. When choosing a site, be sure to read the reviews about it. This will allow you to draw a true picture of the company’s reputation, and then you can decide whether to buy.
When choosing an evening dress you should follow the certain principles. Bright saturated tissues imply a simple cut, sophisticated style – rich on details, it is not combined with cheap and screaming colors. You also need to take into account the contingent and specificity of the event to which you are invited. For the reception, it is better to choose the traditional evening dress, this year they are still relevant, however, as always. Floor-length skirt, half-fitting silhouette, open shoulders and bodice with straps – just what you need for this kind of event. An obligatory accessory is a soft elegant shawl or tippet. If you’re going to a party with mostly young people, short, less formal dress will be quite appropriate. To your companion you can also choose something in light natural color and less formal style.
If you liked one of the cheap formal dresses, so here is a chance to draw attention with its elegance, refinement, but at the same time the simplicity and naturalness. If your aim is to stand out – choose bright vibrant colors. However, be careful with the details, sophisticated draping, lace, tucks and plentiful decoration – all these subterfuges will provide you disservice. The time of luxuriant baroque is in the past, while the restraint and elegance will never go out of fashion.
If the formal dress sewed on good patterns, it will always look good. Moreover, almost all the salons offer fitting to your figure. Therefore you have to choose the formal dress after defining with the style and color. In addition, the experienced and qualified sellers almost always will be able to offer the best of what is right for you.
For the next season, the designers have prepared for us a lot of interesting models. They also surprised us with the collections of cheap formal dresses. Among the proposed models, you can choose something for official receptions, social events and various celebrations.

To try on the evening dresses previously take care of the following:

  •  you have to be in such an underwear, what you will wear for the event;
  •  minimum of makeup, in order not to dirty the dress during the fitting;
  •  reverse tights (they are very easily torn);
  •  fluctuations in weight make it more difficult (if you want to lose weight, try to reach the planned weight before trying on the dresses, and in any case, not vice versa – the changes in weight would entail the concerns by altering the dress;
  •  During the fitting think of a general look. Put on the evening dress with all necessary accessories – thus the outfit have a complete look, which will help you to make a choice in favor of a particular party dress. The hairstyle also influences much on the general look of the dress, and more specifically – it is connected with the type of neckline, shoulders and sleeves. There is no need to buy accessories together with an evening dress in the same salon; it will be more expensive than buying shoes or handbags in usual shops – the main thing you will know what better fits to an evening gown.

And finally, with an evening dress it is better to defined minimum 2-3 weeks before the event – this is the period for which it can be delivered, if you have bought it in the online store, or sewed on your figure in the atelier.


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