Long sweater – unchangeable trend of all times

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Loose long sweaters are always needed things in cold autumn and winter days. A huge selection of different variations makes them stylish attribute of any wardrobe. Many fashion houses make volumetric long sweaters the basics of their collections.

We all know that winter does not ask us what weather we would like to see outside the window. That is why there is a fashion on winter clothes. Long sweaters, warm jackets, cardigans and cozy dresses-sweaters are the trends for all times. Collections of fashion designers have long been replete a variety of colors and shades, different patterns, trims and cuts. Always relevant are all shades of black and gray, white and burgundy color. These sweaters are the basis of winter collections as it is a standard of elegance, conciseness and austerity popular at all times. Nobody forbids violating the borders by breaking stereotypes of fashion. If you like to stand out from the crowd you should choose flashy, acid colors, which sometimes are not compatible with the rules of decorum. Relevant in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 will be elongated sweater style, like tunics or dresses-sweaters. They look great with no less relevant leggings, tight jeans and tight pants. The designers also offer to wear long sweaters with floor-length skirts and high boots.

Sweater in the collections of fashion houses.

Long sweaters this season were presented by such renowned fashion houses like Kenzo and Missoni. They offered an image in which the bottom is completely combined with the top, both in color and in texture.

History of creation

Sweater was introduced in the world of high fashion by famous Coco Chanel in 30s of the last century by releasing several female models. Since then it became very popular among famous fashionistas to whom can be attributed gorgeous Marilyn Monroe. Sweaters made of natural wool lost its popularity in the 70s because of the emergence of acrylic sweaters. In 1890 sweaters firmly established as part of everyday wear.

Trending cuts

As you understand, a long sweater is the trend for all times but how exactly chooses for yourself of such a variety, it’s only up to you. If you have a beautiful neck and décolleté it is better to choose sweater with a round neckline, it will successfully emphasize your elegance. For lovers of public attention there are models with long sleeves, draped straps, bracelets, decorative pins, cuffs, which are also in vogue.
Loved by all women the model with a low waist will decorate a slender figure, as well as well fit the lush beauties. Every year, it is slightly updated with new details. In cold winters do not lose its popularity and knitted dresses-sweaters. There are classic straight models with lush skirts and with the sleeves to the elbow for even the most demanding tastes.

unchangeable trend of all times
Recently, there is appeared the tendency to return to the style of the past. Stylists and designers have revised their views on color, bold pattern and knit of sweaters. Returned on their positions and unjustly forgotten big knit, which strongly occupied the wardrobes of fashionistas.
This season the designers offer us to wear long sweaters with pants and skirts of different lengths, trying to emphasize the waist with a thin belt. Fashion houses incline to self-colored outfits; that is why they choose sweaters to match the bottom. There is a variety of cutouts, as well as the lengths and textures. The hit of the season is a sweater with the sleeves “bat” and the loved by many women sleeve ¾, which can be worn with fashionable now big bracelets.
Long sweater would decorate any woman, but only if it is chosen in accordance with the growth and peculiarities of the figure.
If your lower part is more massive than the top (the figure “pear”), you need to choose a dress with the details or decorations above. In this case, you can also distract attention from your problem areas and with the help of other means – a bright lipstick or long earrings. There should be a harmony of all parts of the body, neither of which should look too heavy.
Wearing a dress-sweater, first of all you need to think about what to wear on legs. Perfect addition will be dark blue, dark brown or black tights and leggings. With the dress-sweater in business style will look great transparent flesh-colored tights. If the weather permits, you can wear this outfit with bare legs. If you have a low growth or short legs, avoid the contrast between the dress and tights, it can cut your figure and make your silhouette lower and fetter. An advice: with a dress-sweater of simple style you can wear absolutely crazy tights or leggings of bright colors, as well as models with ornaments and stripes with polka dots. You can also wear it with knee socks. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Long sweater 2012-2013

The hit of the season 2012-2013 are sweaters with the sleeves “bat”. Remains relevant and familiar to all sleeve 3/4. Classic knitted sweaters are also in trend as they are indispensable for the office work and for parties. Very popular are models with big knit and round neck. Colors of sweaters are predominantly quiet, plain, with brown and gray shades. If you choose the model with a pattern or ornament it should be combined with a light short.
Warm sweaters and cardigans are a part of everyday wardrobe; they add the image sincerity and romance. Therefore, one is safe to say that long sweater is the trend at all times.

  1.  If you want to be in the center attention then choose flashy acid colors but combine them with a plain bottom of a neutral color.
  2.  If you have beautiful shape of the neck, then choose a round neck sweater.
  3.  Lowered waist in combination with a sweater will decorate any woman.
  4.  Choose sweaters with various decorative ribbons, pins, sleeves, but then do not use additional accessories.

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