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Each time when going on the next celebration or a party amongst friends, we have one and the same question – what the going out clothes to choose? Indeed, every woman has to be incorrigible fashionistas and shine to the envy of others. But, at the same time, the attire should be selected according to the event in order not to look like the “black sheep”. Let us consider several variants of the attire for different occasions.

If you are going on a friendly party, in a bar, café or disco. Relax – in this case it is almost impossible to make a mistake. Do not wear sports and office suits and be confident in the appropriateness of your attire. Disco is exactly the case where the luxury toilet will be simply ridiculous. Bright dresses, mini skirts, tight shorts, tight jeans, flowing tops, T-shirts with rhinestones – all this is a wonderful option for friendly meetings.

By the way, if you have always wanted to paint the hair strands in different shades, try the raspberry shade, red lipstick and the blue mascara – now is the time for bright makeup. However, you should not use the above makeup in a single image – do everything wisely. Immediately keep in mind that you go into the closed room with a very loud music, bright lights and the crowd of actively moving people. So, wear as little as possible warm clothing. It is better to prefer flowing hair, slightly tousled with varnish.
If you are invited to the garden party. To this category can be attributed such activities as various charity balls, trips to the going out clothesopera and dinner parties. Such situations are the reason to wear luxurious evening dress. It does not happen very often, so you should consider the choice very seriously. Very often, we choose an attractive image that little resemblance to our present figure, and the dress is bought specifically to that image. Such errors should be avoided!

Asymmetrical skirt, for example, will help to hide the wide hips, the beautiful neckline will emphasize the beauty of the chest and the waist corset will loose the waist. If you have the broad shoulders – feel free to choose the dress with fluffy skirts of soft flowing fabrics. This will shift the focus from the shoulders and harmonizes the figure.

A small woman can wear the form-fitting dress with a high waist – this style will make her visually taller. And, of course, studs with high heels. The owners of the magnificent forms should choose the dress of the trapezoid shape. This will hide the extra fullness. The evening dress should be simple, but with a twist – elegant e cut on the chest, slit on one side and the unusual cut of the skirt.
Jewelry will emphasize the classic clothing, even the most luxurious. But there should not be much of it otherwise the woman will turn into the Christmas tree. Diamonds in the ears and fingers, the pearls around the neck – it is the classic image of the true lady. Instead of the handbags it is better to choose the elegant clutch.

If you are invited to the cocktail party, banquet or the birthday party. The little black dress is the classics of the genre. You can choose the fitting sexy fashion dress, elegant or traditional luxury dress. The main difference between the “cocktail” and the evening dress is the audacity. In this genre you can afford to dress the bright colors – emerald green, turquoise and bright red. Cocktail dresses usually are short, so you should pay special attention to accessories such as shoes and stockings.

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