Let’s choose the bridesmaid dress according to the rules!

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The witnesses spend the whole wedding day with the newlyweds and therefore always are at the center not only of guests’ attention but also operators and photographers. This means that the bride and groom assistants should look great.
The bridesmaid with a choice of dress is especially difficult: on the one hand, she wants to look luxurious – as for herself, as well as for her friend – the bride. On the other hand, it will be a very difficult day for a bridesmaid, so she may have a temptation to wear something simple but very comfortable. Is it worth to resist this temptation? What style of the dress to prefer? What color to choose? Is it better to look for bridesmaid dresses long or short? Let’s discuss it in order!
To begin with we’ll give the future bridesmaids an important advice: before you finally decide what to dress, discuss it with the bride. Some girls are strongly opposed the bridesmaids wear the dresses of the same color as the bride’s wedding dress. Perhaps, the bride does not want her friend wearing too short or very lush dress. Besides, bridesmaid dresses short fit not everyone. The task of the bridesmaid is to help the main heroine of the celebration and not to spoil her mood. So the first thing to do is to ask the bride’s opinion.

The color of the bridesmaid dress.

As already noted, the white dress for the bridesmaid – is almost taboo. After all, white – is a traditional color of the bride. But the point is not only that wearing white dress the bridesmaid would encroach on the role of the bride. Firsty, if the bridesmaid will come to the wedding in white, near the registry office or in the foyer of the restaurant she may be confused with the bride. Why provoke the emergence of awkward situations? Secondly, if the bride and the bridesmaid will be in white, the last one will simply get lost against her friend. On photos the girls will merge into one big white spot. It is better for a bridesmaid to choose colored dress- in this case, the bride and her friend will shade each other.
Let’s choose the bridesmaid dress according to the rules!Unacceptable are also and black dresses for the bridesmaid. Black would look too mourning against bright colors and costumes of other guests. But if the black is your favorite color or you have only a black dress, you can wear it as well. Bridesmaid dresses short look especially beautiful in black color. However, it is desirable to highlight this dress with bright accessories or garnish.
For example, on the waist of the black dress can be tied a bow of the pale pink ribbon, you can also add a silk belt, shawl, shoes and red clutch. If the bridesmaid wants to be in the black, here is a great chance to play on the contrast of outfits of the honeymooners and witnesses: the bride and the groomsman – in white, the groom and the bridesmaid – in black. Can turn out very original, but it is desirable to do bright ribbons for honorable witnesses to dilute too formal white-black combination.
But still it is preferable to choose a dress of another color. Designer dresses for bridesmaids are usually of pink, orange, terracotta, blue, light green, honey, pale lilac color. Pastel shades are predominantly used – they are very soft and tender. A good choice for the bridesmaid will be the dress in silver or gold. If the bridesmaid does not wear light clothes, it is worth paying attention to the dresses of chocolate, burgundy and dark blue.
Uniquely is the attitude towards a bright red bridesmaid dress. It is believed that a bridesmaid in a scarlet dress will be the brightest “spot” on the wedding photos. But the maximum attention in this day should belong to the hero of the occasion – the bride.

Style of the bridesmaid dress.

Most often in designer collections are models of A-line (trapezoid): single cut dress with a form-fitting top, gradually expanding to the bottom and without folds.
Designers actively offer dresses for bridesmaid in the style of “Empire” (with a high waist, detachable top, flowing skirt and usually with folds) and straight outfit – with single cut or cut-off at the waist or under the breasts.
Rarely in the latest collections are dresses with a high waist, flowing skirt and dresses in the style “mermaid.” Bridesmaid dresses long are recommended to the owners of substandard shapes.
To narrow fitting dress it is recommended to wear short bolero jackets. Dress with a jacket also looks good. There are no pants, skirts with blouses, tight mini-dresses and dresses with open back, light sundresses and ball gowns in the collections for bridesmaids.

Length and openness of the dresses.

Dress for a bridesmaid at the wedding can be both long and short. Décolleté is acceptable. However, we need to balance the openness: the shorter the dress, the closest the top. And vice versa you can afford a deep décolleté, if the dress is long.

By the way, according to the rules of etiquette, it is allowed to wear bridesmaid dresses long only on those activities that are not earlier than 17-19 hours. If the registration of a marriage is planned for daytime – the floor-length dress is desired. If you want to comply with all the rules, then buy a cocktail dress. If you can afford, you can buy two dresses. Although, this rules of etiquette is very often disturbed.

Costume in a business style categorically does not fit the bridesmaid. The ensemble “evening top with skirt” is acceptable, but it is better to choose a dress. It is better to refuse from trouser, as well as from too open, bright, colorful and extraordinary outfits.

If it is a thematic wedding, the bridesmaid dress is selected according to the declared dress code. But in any case, the main traditions concerning styles and colors remain unchanged.

Choosing the right dress.

If the wedding is organized in the European manner, the bride has more than one bridesmaid – a few friends. In some European countries and in America there is a tradition: the bride chooses the color of the dresses for the bridesmaids and buys fabric and the bridesmaids pay for the sewing of the dresses. However, along with the bride they decide – whether all girls will wear dresses in one style or they can order different. The last variant is still more interesting: on the one hand, all girls will look like flowers in a bouquet, framing the bride. And on the other hand – each girl will be able to maintain her individuality by choosing a style, which fits her the most.

Often, the fabric for the bridesmaids’ dresses are chosen of the same color as is used in the design of the wedding, and namely – in a bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, bonbonnieres etc. Groomsmen come in costumes of the same color, and their ties are of the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses.
Bridesmaid dresses can be of different colors, in this case, the girls will be like a blooming garden. However, their outfits should not be absolutely variegated – the same style and design will be enough. You can buy the same fabric for the dresses, for example with white polka dots, but the background color should be different.

Details in the image of the bridesmaid.

Instead of ribbons you can make flower necklaces or offer the bridesmaid flower bracelet, and the groomsman – the same boutonniere.

Handbag for the bridesmaid is practically obligatory. First of all, the wedding day is very long – you may need a lot of small things from the powder and handkerchief to plaster and tampons. Secondly, the bridesmaid plays the role of the guardian of the most important things of the bride and groom – from their mobile phones to wedding rings.

Shoes – here is a complete freedom of choice, the main thing is that it should perfectly balance with the dress. And still do not forget that in these shoes you will spend the whole day, will have to walk, stand and dance. It is desirable to choose the shoes on a low heel, as late in the afternoon your feet will “fall off.” By the way, the shoes of the bridesmaid, in contrast to her dress, can be very vivid and even flashy. If the bride is lower than bridesmaid, the last one should put on ballet flats or shoes without heels.

The bridesmaid can decorate her hair with flowers or even wear a hat – it’s quite possible, as well as the presence of shawls. Do not forget about jewelry, different bracelets, pendants, watches. This will give your image more glamour.


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