Lebron sneakers. What is it?

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Basketball sneakers Nike is a whole era, the beginning of which was noted in 1985. At that time the company Nike was a sponsor of many basketball players from the NBA, but in 1985 was sighed the contract between Nike and rising basketball star Michael Jordan. By that time Michael held talks with another brand, but Nike managed to grab a star and sign the contract. New sneakers were created under the name Nike Air Jordan, like the majority of models which begin with the word Air.
For Nike, the signing of this contract would be the second moment, in order of importance after the registration of the trade mark. By the middle 80s, basketball sneakers Nike began to loose their positions because of reorientation of the manufacturer with the usual basketball shoes. Other trademarks began to occupy a Nike niche, forcing its basketball spirit that was marked by the consumers. The sales were falling drastically.
The end of the 80’s and early 90’s were the most vivid in the career of Michael Jordan and also grew the popularity of the sneakers Air Jordan. The first game in Nike sneakers was nearly spoiled because the bright red sneakers very different from the normal white sneakers in which had to be the basketball players NBA. Fortunately, by that time were ready several colors of sneakers and Michael managed to change them quickly. There are no such strict rules in the NBA anymore.
Michael Jordan – the appearance of the legendary name next to Nike basketball shoes was the salvation for the company. Its former glory came back, gained strength and expanded its borders. At the same time, in the same 80s has begun to be more and more popular street basketball and basketball sneakers Nike become a permanent choice of many players and even teams.

Nike Lebron is a brand that changed the history.

Working together with Michael Jordan, the company Nike has created a brand that forever has changed the industry of production of sneakers. Good design and unique technologies do everything to make your shoes look unique.
lebron sneakersAbout the sneakers – early, in the league NBA was popular sneakers air Jordan, as well as the last 38 years. But Nike has what might be the best sneakers from the moment of creation – two years ago Nike introduced Air Jordan. But very few people spoke about a series of Lebron sneakers.
A global giant Nike used to have a priority direction – quality over quantity. But it was not easy to work with Jordan, Nike offered him not only more money but they wanted to create a new brand for 20 years before it happened formally.
Basketball Nike Lebron James sneakers were produced by Nike – the sales leader of the sports goods in all countries, including the countries of the former CIS. Sneakers Nike Zoom LeBron VII was created as an extension of the line of the famous brand shoes Nike Zoom Lebron VI. New shoes are quite different from the previous popular model. Model Air Max Lebron VII is equipped with special protection in the form of full-size pillows created by Air Max technology and designed to protect against impact during landing and jerks.
Air Max technology also has reduced the thickness of the sole but the properties of amortization remained at the same high level. With a help of more subtle soles of the model Nike Air Max Lebron VII (7) athlete can jump higher, faster stop and better start. New sneakers Nike Lebron VII weigh very little thanks to technologies “fly wire”. This is also is a significant plus. At the same time the support of the ankle remains at the same high level. The coverage density of the leg is rather dense, foot does not hang out and at the same time, there is excellent ventilation and the leg is not too much compressed to this inconvenience. Sneakers Air Max Lebron VII is made of rubber, leather and synthetics. Basketball sneakers of this brand are a great choice of most sportsmen who performs in serious events.

Basketball sneakers Lebron 9 – the reliability and speed.

These sneakers were designed specifically for powerful forwards like Lebron. Men’s sneakers Lebron 9 Men’s Basketball is the first sneakers of the nominal series, which combines the technology “Flywire” and the design “Hyperfuse”. This combination has allowed withdrawing the support, protection and amortization of the foot on a new level. In the new Lebron sneakers it will be very easy to accelerate, sharply change the direction and jump high from the most uncomfortable positions. The fixing mechanism of the foot is seriously redesigned, which is very important for heavy players.


  •  The wings on the sides of sneakers protect against impacts and confer resistance to the foot.
  •  The top of sneakers made with the use of Hyperfuse, what guarantee durability, low weight and an excellent ventilation.
  •  Flywire technology allows to reliably locking the foot without increasing the weight of the shoe.
  •  Max Air and Nike Zoom inserts provide superior amortization and springy when jumping.

The history of creation.

“Fix my feet so that I could take off. Protect me from myself! Make me easier!” – in such a way, simply and tastefully voiced his wishes James Lebron when developing his ninth series of basketball Lebron sneakers. Nike engineers took into account the all wishes and created a great product. All the components of a successful model of basketball shoes, from easy and effective amortization to secure arch support are in stock. Lebron’s wishes were fully fulfilled. Special attention to details has allowed to create a truly innovative style. So, let’s meet Lebron 9!

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