Latest trends – men’s knit sweaters of the new season

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There are two the most popular male models which convert from season to season and are still in fashion: stripe and cell. These current trends are eternal. This fall all the designers and brands specialized in men’s clothing, presented knit sweaters with horizontal stripes and the cells. One should note that the large cell is popular. Colors: combination of black and blue, or red. Cell looks great on a cardigan and sweater with V-neck. As for the stripes, in fashion are black with red and gray with white. It is important to note that the strips do not necessarily have to be along the entire length of the model. They may be at the bottom and at the neck of the sweater, at the shoulders and the ends of the sleeves.
One of the most famous designers Viktor & Rolf prepared unusual collection of men’s clothing for this winter. New winter fashion from Viktor & Rolf – it is first of all the courage and audacity. In the collection there is a sweater with a round neck and unusual patterns, for example, waves with huge holes. Such a model should be worn with T-shirt or polo shirt.
The most current trends of the season 2012-2013 – animal ornaments and images of birds, reptiles and fish. They can be located on the upper back, chest and elbows, and may be throughout the entire length of a sweater.
Winter of the new season dictates animal fashion in the collections of many brands. Louis Vuitton has used feathers for the men’s collection of sweaters. Dior has portrayed white bird on a black background on almost each of his models. Its image was along the entire length of the sweater. Fashion house Burberry Prorsum surprised its fans with bright images of foxes and owls on men’s sweaters. Many are accustomed to classical and laconic models of the designer, but this winter fashion dictates other conditions. The appearance of animal pictures is a continuation of started long ago fashion on deers. Not for the first season deers have appeared on the men’s sweater of many collections. Now, after the deers winter’s fashion suggested other animals.
Among the current trends of the new season are buttoned cardigans with a small pocket on the left chest. Pocket serves as a bright accent and should be of contrasting color in comparison with general tone of the sweater. Epaulets are also a popular trend. Military style changes from season to season. Epaulets are as a rule of different color – white, golden, sometimes swampy.
To current trends should be referred another interesting detail: patches on the sleeves. For example, blue sweater with patches on the elbows in gray-white cells.
mens sweaters of the new seasonAs for the materials, knit sweaters of the new season are made from a mixture of wool and synthetic fibers, sometimes from pure cashmere or velour and jersey. When choosing a sweater for the winter, buy a model made of wool. For warm weather it is better to choose cotton pullover. Current trends of the new season dictate patterns, stripes, cells and rhombuses. To be in trend, do not forget about bright, contrasting colors.
One can not imagine any fall-winter wardrobe without sweaters, neither male nor female. This practical and universal clothing is appropriate and on vacation and at work. Men’s fashion sweaters 2013 are worth paying attention. Despite the fact, that men are not so picky when choosing clothes, as women, it is sometimes hard to please them, especially when it comes to pullovers and sweaters.
Men’s fashion sweaters of the coming season delight for its diversity. Though now on fashion shows one can not see the usual knitted sweaters with a high neck, however, presented models of many designers are rather nice. And not only are the models interesting in themselves, but also the manner of their wearing. The well-known phrase “everything new – it is well forgotten old” was reflected in men’s sweaters 2012-2013. The talk is about the manner of wearing sweaters charged into pants. In such a way knitted sweaters were once worn in the countryside by combiners: warm enough and nothing interfere. And now one without hesitation can walk through the streets of the city, by today’s standards – it is fashionable.
Popular in this season knit sweaters can be worn not only as a warming thing, but for work and to the party. Fashion trends fall-winter 2012-2013 bring a new style of wearing sweaters, new cuts and color solutions. Let’s consider the features of fashionable sweaters and ways of their combination in ensemble with other things.
The form of sweaters in this season is diverse and inconsistent – narrow and wide, asymmetrical and with extended edges, with a hood and high collar.
Unusual are also men cardigans with a zipper or clasp. Elongated cardigans by its appearance do not differ from a stylish coat. Men who appreciate unobtrusiveness, simplicity, uniqueness and originality appreciate “merry” sweaters with funny “smileys” and images of stars, cute little animals and fish. Sometimes, however, we need to rest from strong businesslike efficiency and a dress code. And these sweaters will help to distract from seriousness by its original variety.
Ethnic patterns and geometric forms are also popular fashion decorations for men’s sweaters of the fall-winter 2012-2013. These sweaters can be seen in such brands as Phillip Lim, Burberry, Missoni, etc. Fur is a fashion trend of this season, it can be found in both men’s sweaters and as separate inserts. It looks very original.
As for the colors – the black, gray, beige and white are still the favorites. However, do not be afraid of more bright colors. Yellow, red, crimson and bright blue will diversify wardrobe. Fashion sweater 2012-2013 can also be worn as a single item of clothing, but you can put it on under a classic suit. The main thing is that the color and texture of the sweater should fit the suit.

Advices of stylists.

If you want to purchase a comfortable and fashionable model of sweater, but you can not sort out the endless abundance of models of the new season, we would help you with this by telling about the most important details and updates.
All stylists in this season highlight the most fashionable and unusual combination: shorts and a warm sweater. It may seem that it is not very convenient for everyday use, but the real fashionistas have already tried on such images. It is recommended to combine sweaters 2012-13 with long shorts of contrasting color.
The most important myth that had lived more than a year in this season is nevertheless dispelled. Many men believed that it is wrong to combine sweater with a round neck with a jacket and tie. They thought that V-shaped cut will fit better. The collections of the most famous houses and many famous stylists proved that it is not so. The combination of a jacket and a sweater with a round neck is quite possible. But you have to choose the sweater made of thin jersey material and not of rough thick knit.
Sweater of this season it is first of all geometry. Every collection of any brand has models with rhombuses, checks, stripes, squares, triangles and other geometric figures. But you should carefully select those models. Because, for example, a horizontal strip visually enlarge the figure so it will not fit the obese men. For the owners of a plump figure there are models with an abstract geometric pattern. Such a model is in the collection of Damir Doma.
Choosing a model, keep in mind that in the season 2012-2013 knit sweaters are full of animal prints, leopard and snake-like colors and combinations of dark with light colors. Returns fashion on blue shades, from bright blue to deep blue. Sweaters 2012 include ornaments, patterns, accessories and large asymmetry.

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