Knitted Cardigan sweaters in season fall-winter

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Knitted clothes are always in fashion but in autumn and winter 2012-2013 it is at the peak of popularity. Knitted fashion fall-winter 2012-2013 it is not just warm cozy things that can be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe, this are stylish and original cuts.

This season, almost every designer showed in his collection knitting models, but each used his own combination of colors and thread textures and other details. Knitted women’s wear 2012-2013 – it is bright models of sweaters, colorful cardigans and striped scarves. As for knitted dresses, knitted skirts and coats, so at the height of fashion are pastel colors: beige, brown and muted green.

Knitted sweaters.

In autumn and winter 2012-2013 the sweater is, as never, in vogue. But the main trend of the season is a volumetric classical style with a high collar. Each model has an interesting form of a cut, unusual ornaments, drapery and other details.

Classic sweaters with shawl collar or V-shaped as well as sports variants are perfectly combined with narrow leather pants or skinny jeans. But this style is suitable only for slender young girls, otherwise it will look ridiculous. Solid sweaters with a high collar are perfectly combined with colorful or two-colored pants, light coat and bright leather bag.

Bulky sweater will look especially attractive with a light summer dress, which would give the possessor of such an ensemble a special French charm. One more variant of the trend approach – a combination of volumetric sweater with wide trousers, but it is desirable that a sweater and trousers were of different colors, not to merge with each other.
Cardigan sweaters for women can be performed not only in usual for the cold season colors, but in black, gray and brown. There are also models of bright blue, green, orange and white colors. One can find models with animals, floral and geometric prints.

Knitted dresses.

Incredibly fashionable in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 will be knitted dresses with different length. There are models with the length to the knees. Designers offer stylish fashions, which are made with original ornaments and decorative trim.

Various geometrical figures, unusual patterns, ethnic motifs and asymmetrical cut are especially relevant in the coming season. Designers offer to wear such knitted dresses with rolled up sleeves and fashionable gloves.

The designers in this season put dresses of fine wool and very body hugging style on the first place; it is something like a “second skin”. These dresses look very seductive and sexy, but they are only for owners of ideal forms.
Dresses-tunics will fit everyone. You should wear these dresses with a turtleneck, over the basic top or ordinary fabric dress.

Knitted cardigans.

Very relevant in the new season will be different braids and bumps. You can choose cardigan with large and small braids. Young girls have to choose cardigans of bright colors; elder women should prefer more restrained colors. Cardigan or cardigan-sweater with a pattern would look great with skinny jeans or leggings, as well as with shorts and thick black tights.

Always choose cardigans from natural fabrics. They are quite pleasant to touch, does not cause allergic reactions and excellent retain heat. But consider: the price of these products is much higher. Cardigan sweaters for women made of synthetic materials are cheaper, but the quality lives much to be desired. They wear out and lose its color faster.

knitted fashion fall winter 2012-2013When buying cardigan you must pay attention to the fabric. There should be written, that it is 100% wool. Alpaca, camel and sheep are perfect for the cold season. Ensuring that it is really 100% wool, you should carefully study the very fabric. It must be pleasant to touch, soft and uniform. The loops for the buttons and the seams should be well treated. If it is a qualitative model, the buttons are made of pearl or horn. Also can be used mineral, wood, marble buttons. On the cheaper models they are made of usual plastic.

Very popular are fashion linen cardigans of ivory color and with buttons made of sterling silver. Women also like cardigans decorated with chinchilla fur or crocodile skin. For the warmer times of the year you can purchase a classic cardigan made of silk or cotton. It is ideal for the office. Single-colored cardigan should be worn with a blouse of contrasting color, simple trousers and a tie.

When choosing cardigan sweaters for women it is important to pay attention not only on fashion, but also on the material from which it is sewn. Thus, knitted cardigans with complicated patterns are accepted to wear as casual clothes. Knitted models can be worn not only outside, but also in the office. As for your overlook in a new cardigan, try to understand that the reasonable assessment of your own figure would help to choose the most suitable variants. For example, to a plump girl it is preferable to choose the mid-thigh length. And if you are slim, you can wear and a longer models. For women with large breasts it is recommended to choose cardigan with a V-shaped neckline.

Mane women prefer long cardigans, as they give vent to imagination in drawing fashion combinations. Elongate cardigans go perfectly with leggings, skinny jeans, slacks, straight skirts with the length up to the knee. For example, a long cardigan, a stylish light blouse, black skirt and strict high heels are an excellent combination of clothes for work. In general, long cardigans are combined practically with any clothing. You can also wear a dress with high boots and a stylish cardigan with a belt.

Don’t forget, that whatever your choice, any cardigan will fit to the skirt, dress and pants. But you should carefully consider the following tips!

  •  Elongated cardigan looks good with skirts, dresses or tight jeans, and even with shorts.
  •  If you have a plump figure you should avoid volumetric details when choosing cardigan, but you can shift the focus on other vivid details of your attire (bags, necklaces, bracelets and scarves).
  •  Girls with a slim figure will look nice when over the light blouse they would put on a cardigan of a free cut; it can also be worn with a belt. The bottom of such attire should be of this kind: skinny jeans, leggings and boots.
  •  Cardigan sweaters for women should be of bright colors, this year especially trendy are eye-catching shades.
  •  For office you can wear cardigan under a white blouse and with a pencil skirt.

Knitted accessories: gloves and bags.

Nothing would look so original with winter clothing as knitted gloves and a bag made of yarn. In the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 handmade gloves in no way inferior to leather gloves. But the main trend of the season became mittens with winter pictures and patterns of the bundles.
Very popular are knitted bags, but they should be made in one style with the basic clothing. Especially fashionable look models of yarn, supplemented with abundance of decoration in the form of chains, stones and other items.

Knitted scarves and hats.

In autumn we can do nothing without a warm scarf and knitted hats, while fur things are still waiting their turn in the wardrobe. Almost every designer offers us his interesting and unusual models, among which you can always find something to taste.
In the autumn-winter collection 2012-2013 can be found as plain discreet models that would perfectly match the classic image, and extravagant, to create a bright fashionable style. Originally look berets and hats with pompoms.
This season, the scarf has to be long; you can wrap the neck or simply throw it over the shoulders. Some designers recollected about the fringe and used it in many models with colorful ornaments.

Such are trends of knitted fashion autumn-winter season 2012-2013. Dress warmly and do not get sick!

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