Jogging. Advises for beginners

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If you are planning to lose weight and improve your overall condition, but thus feel not prepared to visit group trainings, we advise you to do jogging. This will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for more complex exercises. But even if you would never decide to attend fitness studio, the results would still be very noticeable. We want to propose you some valuable tips for beginners.
Sitting and reclining lifestyle that we lead today mostly adversely toll on our health. But what is working capacity? This is not only good health and the development of immunity, but the advantages at work and in business. More active, cheerful and fit person would much easier achieve success and career growth, attract clients and customers, than a sluggish and painful man.
The most simple, accessible and cheap way to stay always in form, to be active, healthy and slim is, of course, jogging. It will reduce the emergence and development of many diseases, from the common cold to serious health problems related to the heart or muscle system. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and lose weight. Jogging outdoors in the morning can also help in dealing with stress that constantly haunt us. But if you can do only race walking, because of some health problems, well, it is also fine. In this case you have to choose running flats. So, are you ready for our classes on jogging?

Shoes for running.

joggingThe right choice of the running shoes is an important part of preparation for trainings, because the incorrectly chosen shoes can create a feeling of discomfort and perhaps provoke injuries. In our publications we have already talked about jogging and choice of footwear, so, let’s remind the main points.
The choice of sports shoes is very wide and diverse but you need to choose only one that fits your needs, so do not look for beauty but for comfort and functionality. For example, you can choose not only sneakers but gumshoes, such as Nike. Shoes or gumshoes must be only for running and for anything else; they should fit your running style. 50% of your success depends on properly selected footwear. Do not choose running flats, they are made only for walk. People, who have decided to jog, rejected this idea complaining on pain in the feet, knees and spine. On this basis they decided that running is contraindicated for them. But it is not so, once correctly chosen running shoes would solve all the problems.

If you want the sneakers will serve you for a long time, use them only for running and for nothing else – on walks, picnic or to the country. First of all it is your health. On average the sneakers of any company are designed for 400-500 km. After that, you should buy the new one even if they look good, in any way you can wear them to the cottage.

 Clothes for jogging.

You will need a sportswear of free cut. It is also important to choose the right material. You should avoid cotton fabrics because it is too quickly absorb moisture and become wet and heavy from sweat. Choose the material that would be able to keep you dry, but do not prevent sweating and evaporation while preserving the warmth of your body. To find such sport suits is very easy, by the way, they are not too expensive. Do not try to dress warmly during the jogging, even if the weather is cold. Even if at the beginning of jogging you would feel warm and comfortable, in 5-10 minutes of running it could be too hot and uncomfortable.


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