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Perhaps the actress and singer Jessica Simpson has not achieved some outstanding results on stage or in the mastery of transformation, but has established the successful fashion empire that has fans all over the world and brings its owner a huge income. Under her brand name are released the comfortable Jessica Simpson shoes and stylish handbags, nice clothes and even jewelry, sunglasses, hats and perfumes. And quite recently the witted girl has launched the line for pregnant women. Despite the skepticism to the stars work, it should be noted that the Jessica Simpson products are of good quality and relevant to the hottest trends.

Every model of the Jessica Simpson brand differs in interesting design and high quality. Most often the collections represent products of completely different style and many other things in the style of casual, cropped blazers, for example, in men’s style, basic T-shirts and tank tops. Jessica Simpson shoes – it is the pride of the brand. Beautiful, eccentric and stylish – each pair will perfectly fit any resident of the city. The collection of Jessica Simpson shows the quintessence of originality and creativity of the singer.

Some history of the brand.

2005 year was very successful for the actress and singer Jessica Simpson, the film “The Dukes of Hazzard” was released with her participation, which brought $ 110 million in global box office, she has become one of the 100 sexiest film heroine by the magazine Empire, her records were actively bought up and songs always sounded on all radio stations. The singer has decided that there has come right time to launch her own line. In 2005, the brand Jessica Simpson Collection presented the collection of shoes, created in cooperation with the famous designer Vince Camuto. The shoes, bearing the name of Jessica, did not need additional advertising and instantly found many admirers. It came to taste not only the fans of the singer but also to all admirers of feminine glam style. Later in 2005, Jessica Simpson divorced her husband, actor and singer Nick Lachey.
The films, in which she acted, have failed at the box office. The celebrity loses her shape and increasingly has been criticized. However, this does not affect the success of her brand. On the contrary, with every year her company has just expanded. There was the jessica simpson shoescollection of clothes and then handbags, accessories and even suitcases.

In 2009, the bikini of her collection was chosen for the photo shoot of the Miss World. In 2010, Jessica Simpson presented in the New York City her debut collection of jeans – Jessica Simpson Jeanswear. By December 2010, in the U.S. alone, there were about 650 outlets of the Jessica Simpson Collection, including large network stores such as Macy’s, Dillard’s and Belk. In 2010 the brand brought $ 750 million of the profit.
In 2011, there was presented the sports line – Jessica Simpson Sportswear. The singer says that she always wanted to make clothes for the sport, which, in her opinion, should be not only comfortable, but also stylish and a little playful.
If to speak about the shoes, it has a comfortable shoe made of good leather or suede and presented in various color palettes. The latest collection includes Jessica Simpson sandals and shoes. All these models are ideal for supplementing the original images for the hottest part of the year.
The shoes are decorated with floral prints and leopard spots, as well as such interesting decorative details as bows and staves. Adherents of classics will find in assortment monochrome black and white models, and fans of experiments – rich crimson and turquoise shades. Another striking element is the dainty of the shoes with abstract patterns. These shoes look very feminine and original in any style. But one should know how to wear them while unskillfully chosen clothes can turn its possessor into the clown and it is an unenviable role. These shoes will look better in combination with the clothes of the same print but of a larger size, or only one element of clothing can be with print, for example, top and for it you can pick up the plain skirt or trousers.
The beautiful branded shoes this is the thing before which can resist any woman. Looking into the wardrobe of any fashionista, you can see more than one pair of sandals, shoes or ankle boots of the famous designers. Some women are ready to spend all the money on the pair of leather shoes from the new collection of their favorite brand. This new thing can give the woman a lot of fun, make her sexy and confident.

jessica simpson shoes 2When choosing the new pair of shoes or sandals, you need to pay attention not only to visual appeal but also the convenience. The leather Jessica Simpson shoes –it is the perfect combination of unique design and comfort. The models of this brand embody the individuality and emancipation of the style. According to Jessica Simpson, she aims to create the versatile, comfortable and fashionable footwear for everyday life, filled with various events. In the design of the brand can be traced the latest fashion trends.
One can purchase the sandals or shoes by Jessica Simpson on the most favorable conditions. In the range of the brand any fashionista can find: stylish ballet flats, elegant high-heel, platform and steady heel. Models of bright colors with lots of jewelry are the great variant for parties and social events. For everyday use there are leather shoes on the platform. Elegant shape, elaborate details and colors give such models sophistication and style.

High heels symbolize sexuality and femininity.

They are easily combined with any clothing, making the silhouette slim and sexy. Jessica Simpson sandals with heels will help you to win the hearts of men. In this footwear your feet will look simply irresistible! It is very easy to pick up the sandals of this brand.
Each pair of shoes from Jessica Simpson is unique in style and incredibly comfortable. Your feet will not get tired even after a long walk in such shoes. Well-designed shoes and insoles, stable heel, high-quality leather and the perfect design – these are the main differences between models of this brand.
In the new spring season, she recommends us try the bright colors. In her collections one can find bright yellow shoes and ballet fuchsia flats.

One should pay attention to the brown color when choosing street shoes, ankle boots and boots. This color is first off all not easily soiled, secondly fit any outfit, and thirdly, and most importantly – very fashionable and popular in this season. If you find the solid color a little boring, you can select the leopard in brown tones or the combination with gold detailing.
Jessica Simpson is sure, that the studs would never leave the fashion catwalks. Every woman has in her wardrobe at least one pair of shoes with stiletto. In the coming season the stud is still relevant and the designer experiments with the original form of the stud, for example, in the form of the snake or intricately curved. Very popular hit will be the shoes with trapezoidal and rectangular heels of lacquered or artificial crocodile leather. These Jessica Simpson shoes are appropriate not only for dinner party, but also for an interview or a business meeting.

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