Is it possible to buy cheap jeans of good quality?

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Jeans – it is the excellent clothes for every day, for work and even holidays. Today many manufacturers make jeans for every taste, color preference and style, but when choosing jeans do not forget that one and the same model can look completely different.

In youth everyone wants to dress brightly and stylish, experiment and change clothes every day. But in order to look stylish you need to spend a lot of money on clothes and accessories. Therefore, the logical question arises – where can one buy cheap clothes, relevant for young people?

You can buy cheap jeans of high-quality in such popular youth stores as: Gloria Jeans, MODIS, OASIS, Bershka, H & M, TERRANOVA, Jennyfer, NewYorker, Pull & Bear, Uniqlo, Shuringa, Incity, Froggy, fashionable cuts, Concept Club, Reserved, Urbanoshop , BeFree, DESAM, Cropp Town and YOURS. Performing the description of these clothing stores, the attention was paid to such things as the range of youth clothing, prices, quality and convenience of the location.

But above all, we want to distinguish the modern fashion trends of this season. This summer very popular will be military style and any nautical theme. Do not go out of fashion and the favorite of all the young people – skinny jeans, which can be decorated with lace and sequins, beads and embroidery, appliqués and ribbons. The cost of these jeans in the period of great sales may reach 30 dollars in such fashion stores as: NewYorker, Gloria Jeans and some others. In the period of the new collections the cost for women’s jeans starts from 50-60 dollars and 65 for men’s jeans (the shops: Hennes & Mauritz, NewYorker, Uniqlo Kiaby). Large selection of low-cost and high-quality jeans clothes, as always, offers the shop “Gloria Jeans”: the cost of the women’s and men’s jeans is 30-45 dollars.

cheap jeansWhen buying cheap designer jeans, first of all, you should check the accessories – buttons, rivets and zippers. They should have the company’s name and designation YKK (and no other). Accessories for branded jeans are made of metal but no plastic. Zipper should be with two catches, only on the classic jeans “Levis 501” the clasp can be on five buttons.
The next thing to do is to check the seams. Jeans should not have breaks and delays of threads, distortions and curved lines. Ideally the rivets on jeans should not have crossed stitches, but it is not always achievable even by the branded jeans.
The label should be made of leather and evenly stitched around the perimeter (the fakes labels are often made of cloth or leatherette). The inscriptions on the accessories and label must exactly mate.

On the inner label there should be information about the product: how to take care, the size and the ten-digit code. The “real” companies spare no effort to make the label look decent; unlike photocopied fakes, they use high-quality polygraphy.

The special attention should be paid to the material in order during the washing not to get a nasty surprise in the form molted, just purchased cheap jeans. Today, for painting, the companies use the unique technology “overdye”, but the clothes of poor quality is painted in a single layer, so, as a rule, molts during the washing.
In order to test how the jeans are colored, you need to conduct with the slightly moistened match on the inside of the pant leg. If the match colored, it is better not to buy these jeans because they would clearly lose its color.

High-quality jeans are made of cotton material, so they will be quite heavy. When folded, the two pant legs should not produce wrinkled effect; otherwise, it means the bad cutting out. Branded jeans can be easily identified by turning them inside out. In this case, the fabric should be of the gray color and the texture similar in pattern to herringbone. All the threads should lie on the diagonal.
The fabric may have “diagonal” and “herringbone” intertwining. The fabric in “herringbone” less stretches on the knees. The fabric should not have delays and irregularities. Turn the jeans inside out and look at the outer side seams. If on the edge of the fabric there is the red thread so, you have purchased the cheap designer jeans, not the fake.

Each brand of jeans has its own logo. It should be stitched on the pockets. The brand Lee has the letters S, horizontally inverted and symbolizing the buffalo horns. In the brand Wrangler it is the initial letters of the company’s name – W.

When buying cheap jeans online.

cheap jeans 2Today’s youth often use the online services when buying clothes. Such internet stores are famous for their low margins. They can afford it, because the cost of the rent, staff salaries and utilities are not as high as at the ordinary stores. It is worth mentioning that jeans are one of the most purchased goods. There are three dimensions, which with the help of the tables in the same Internet, can be converted to the desired size. But initially you should choose them.

The fabric, from which the formal jeans are made, should not much crush and lose its shape, that is, the fabric should include cotton or something like that. When buying jeans, it is not necessary to pay the special attention to the length, but when buying sports jeans, the length can be important, as they can be made with an elastic band at the bottom so, it will be harder to shorten them.
In any store, you will not be able to see and explore as many variants of jeans, as in the online shop. Therefore, the probability of the correct choice is greatly increased. Well, a few words about the non-standard figure. It is in the Internet you can find jeans on such a figure. Here very clearly itemized jeans sizes and properties of tissues and of the products themselves (stretch, preservation of the form, the effect of water and chemicals to clean), that only makes the choice easier.

Be vary attentive when buying cheap jeans online? Even if you have not done this before, to make the first purchase will be not a problem. In case of occurrence those or other questions, you will be able to solve them with the help of support services. If the store is qualitative, the question of this support will take a few minutes.

By the way, do not fancy the buying process as completely carefree process. To pick up the optimum thing you will need to choose the right size and it is quite difficult, as any thing you can not try on. Fortunately we have the couple of variants. The first one is that you go into any store and try on the similar model. In this case, there is the risk of buying the wrong size, but it is minimal. The second one – contact the support, let them know your size and ask them to choose the best variant. If you have determined with the size, be sure to check out the quality. It is better to buy the better product, even if it is more expensive. Be careful when choosing. So, if you have quite thin figure, do not buy too tight fitting jeans. The same can be said about the owners of magnificent forms. Look carefully and for the length of the jeans. For example, if you wear high heels, then, depending on it, you will have to find the optimal length.
Surely, it is better to shop on the tested sites, in products of which you are confident. In order not to fall into the hands of fraudsters, you may also not only send the wrong thing, but it cannot be send at all, so, before buying cheap jeans you should read reviews about the particular stores. As a rule, if you will purchase in popular and well-known shops, you will manage to avoid a lot of problems. In addition, you will be able to get the goods quickly, as these stores have clearly established links with the delivered services.

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