How to look stylish?

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Every woman aspires to look stylish, fashionable and beautiful. But not always, the term “fashion” and “style” means the same. You can buy clothes, do her hair and makeup according to the latest fashion trends, but still the image will seem preposterous and you couldn’t look stylish. The term “style” – is a competent combination of various items of clothing, where in the image must be present any highlight specific only to you. Style – is a kind of self-confidence and how you feel yourself.
There is an opinion that in order to look and dress stylish, you have to buy expensive, fancy stuff. But it is not always the case. You can dress and look stylish and absolutely cheap. To do this, you need to learn to combine original all the things and think through your image to the smallest details.
Talent and a mystery of a woman are in her ability to present herself. Gorgeous dresses, shoes and handbags, exquisite jewelry … Evening dress – a special outfit in the wardrobe of every woman of any age. Clothes for public events should be fashionable and beautiful: it is an axiom. It is important that it should sit perfectly on the figure and correspond its type, emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of possible drawbacks. But to find such dresses – is often a big problem.

Recently, at the Fashion Week in New York, such famous designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Nicole Miller and Max Azria presented their creations to the demanding New York audiences and the press. The majority of experts are predicting that in the coming season black color will be again in fashion. Truly, it will be diluted with one extra color – probably red. Almost all the leading designers will present in their collections a series of black dresses, black trousers and black jackets. In addition, according to the fashion critics, in spring 2013 there will be some deviation from the universality and minimalism typical for past seasons.
The designer Max Azria changed the perception of fashion of many American women. BCBG dresses caught the imagination of the American fashionable women. This Frenchman born in Tunisia came to the U.S. to find himself in the world of fashion. Great competition in the fashion world does not bother him; he wanted to sell the stylish things at affordable prices. And this policy glorified him all around the world.
how to look stylishMax Azria was born January 1, 1949 in the city of Sfax, Tunisia. In 13 years, he and his family moved to Paris, where later he desided to become a fashion designer. In 1970, Max Azria released his first collection of women’s clothing in France, but it was not quite successful. In 1981, he left for United States. There, an interesting business idea came to his mind: he bought American jeans and reworked them in the French manner. A year later he opened his network of boutiques “Jess”.

In the late 80’s Azria with his darling Lyubov Maciejewski founded the “Fashion House BCBG”. Its own unique style combined with the hard work of the founder glorified BCBG throughout the world. The brand name is an abbreviation of the phrase «bon chic, bon genre», translated as “great style and excellent manners”. In this phrase boast Parisian elegance and style.
Despite the fact that the brand BCBG has been existed for 20 years, it is still considered a newcomer to the fashion-industry. The innovative hikes, as well as creativity of designers make us believe that the brand has recently appeared and offer a new world of fashion and bright solutions. Thanks to the creative approach to the creation of clothing, BCBG dresses are popular among celebrities. The fans of this brand are: Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Drew Berimor, Katie Holmes and many others.
In 1989, Max Azria released the first women’s collection under the newly created brand. Creating a line, he drew the inspiration from the image of Audrey Hepburn, which is considered to be a style icon.
Every year the fashion house BCBGMAXAZRIA is growing and pleases fashionable women with new available collections. For today the corporation BCBG Maxazria Group has about 10 brands, including BCBGMAXAZRIA, Max Azria, Herve Leger, and BCBGeneration.
Gorgeous models and design solutions are available to the masses. Excellent quality at affordable prices, the combination of innovation and bold solutions – this is what makes the brand BCBG so famous and that is why queues lining up for the models of its collections.

Today BCBG releases not only stylish dresses and other clothing and accessories (shoes, belts, bags). According to the founder of the brand Max Azria – “Our advantage is the reasonable prices for clothing in comparison with other fashion houses. And the quality of our products is comparable, and sometimes even exceeds global brands”.

2007 was a triumph for the trading house. This year’s a collection of US-Tunisian brand has been marked by numerous awards and delights of critics. The founder of the label Max Azria was named A Designer of the Year. Assortment of the fashion house BCBG Max Azria is not limited to clothing, but also includes shoes, accessories and a full line of fragrances. After a deserved recognition, reputation of the company has improved significantly. Regular fashion shows attract more and more fans.

Brand especially follows the pricing policy, because its motto – “Style – French prices – American”. The company has successfully expanded thanks to competent management. Stores with brand products are now in more than 20 countries. You can buy BCBG evening dresses and other clothes even in Ukraine due to online shopping.

At the recently opened New York Fashion Week there was a show of BCBG by Max Azria (Fall 2012), where were presented outfits gathered from contrasting color “blocks” and decorated with fur collars.

How not to cross a line between fashionable “stylish” look and “tasteless”?

First of all it is important to find a harmonious combination of clothes with your lifestyle. If you work at an office, it will too much to recolor in purple your hair and to wear a dress with apples. Clothes should be comfortable for you.
One Chinese artist and poet Tin Nun said: “Drawing a branch, you can hear how wind whistling”. Think how right he was! Putting on a particular clothes, you must listen to yourself, it is unnecessary to give the impression blindly follow the fashion.
If you are confident, your eyes shine – it will attract the others, and the clothes just emphasize your personality. Be fashionable, but know the measure.
A tasteless – this is when pink color is in fashion and most women begin to wear the clothes of this particular color. If you want pink clothes, let it be unusual shade or only some detail. For example, a pink scarf. Remember, mass – is the main threat to preservation of personal style.

If the woman is joyful and sporty, but the profession requires adherence to the dress code, how to look fashionable and stylish?

To do this, sporty cut and practical texture must be balanced by conservative elements. You can wear cardigans, jackets with turtlenecks or tops of high quality knitwear. Choose colors inherent to the conservative style, discreet and classic accessories. Or try to order clothes at the master, capable to come up with style just for you – the suit have to be very comfortable.

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