How to identify a fake?

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A leader on the footwear market considered being Italian shoes; at least, this trend is very popular among the women. But it is only real shoes from famous manufacturers and not a fake.

By the way, the statistics exist that more often the most famous branded shoes are being faked. The same shoes can be met and in the exclusive store as well as in a small shop in the middle of the market, by the way, in the store it would be much more expensive.
It is very difficult to identify the qualitative fake, even for an expert in this area. But during the wearing the fake anyway would make itself felt. Soon after purchasing of discount boots the heel or the sole can fall off. Of course any shop proposes you a guarantee but in majority of cases to prove that it is not your fault is rather difficult. After all, the sellers can find a wealth of arguments not to return the money. And there is nothing to do but to buy a new pair of boots.
If you prefer to buy only Italian branded shoes, in order not to “run into” a fake you should pay attention if there is a trade name on the sole or the lettering “made in Italy”. But the fakers use different tricks to attract customers and avoid problems with the law. The most common trick is a change in the name of the brand only one letter. Therefore, when choosing shoes, be very careful. Before purchasing, it is better to visit the network of the company, which shoes you would like to buy, and write down the name of the brand on a piece of paper or try to remember the correct writing.
Clandestine China factories operate without interruption, creating copies of shoes that do not conforms to established standardization. Shops and counters are overwhelmed with such products which enter the country both legally and illegally. Very often, online retailers tout the customers with the help of great names of famous brands which are not related to this product. If you face the discount women’s shoes with a cost up to $ 200, you can be sure it is not the original. The real price of this Chinese product should not exceed $ 20.

The signs of sites with the faked products!

As it was already mentioned, the first thing is the price. Faked shoes cost always cheaper! There should be the address of the store and any symbols of the legal entity. If there is any, do not risk! You have the full right to demand the copies of the certificates of conformity and sanitary paper on this footwear. The sellers involved in a legal business would surely fulfill your request. Those who sell counterfeit goods are as a rule forged documents. They show them very unwillingly.
You may be surprised with the cost of the proposed shoes in the online shop in comparison with that from other stores. Do not worry; it’s very simple to explain. The owners of retail outlets should pay a lot of costs from rental cost to firefighters. The purchasing in the how to identify a fakeonline store allows saving money and you would get the goods exactly of the same quality.
If for any reason you entered to the regular store, forgetting about the Internet shopping, and you liked some discount boots, be very careful – do not buy a fake!

How to identify the copies of the shoes?

The first thing to do is to smell the good. The smell will tell you everything about the shoes. When the seller would bring a box in the hall, do not open it at once and only have a look and feel the flavors. Too harsh chemical smell or lack of odor of the skin means that the product is not worth your money.
The box, in which the Italian shoes are packed, looks as neatly as the main product. Dense cardboard, relatively heavy weight, white color from inside, lamination, rich colors and clear images – all this must necessarily be. The shoes inside the box should be offloaded with the paper in two layers of the same snow-white color and packed into bags. Faked shoes usually have nothing, but low-grade paper and a package with absorbent material to avoid covering with mold.
As a rule, Italian shoes fortified from inside only with thick paper and very rarely one can find sulky polyethylene or polyurethane foam. If it is used, so there should be writing – “Made in Italy”.
So, you face the Italian discount boots. Take a look at the sole. It should be leather with the exhibition of rubber or entirely made of high-quality rubber. Women’s shoes are often produced without prevention. Firm and shiny soles – be sure it is a fake. To determine the true leather on the sole is very easy. It saves the traces of the nails or nicks, there is no shine and it is warm. The front part of shoe is flexibly and inside is commonly used the protective steel supinator. The presence of the mark in the form of animal skin with the inscription «VERO CUOIO» and «made in Italy» is required!
The fake from the real Italian shoes can be also distinguished according to the seams. Real Italian shoes have perfectly straight seams. Pay attention to the leather, it should be very soft. By the way, leather shoes should not have folds and cracks. If during the first wearing there appeared wrinkles – it is better to choose another model and at another store. On soft shoes may appear only a small fold but it should smooth in some time. The design of Italian footwear has an important feature with the help of which you can distinguish a fake.
Everything is made for our convenience; the Italian women’s or men’s shoes are specially manufactured with raised socks, but only for about 5 mm. This would provide a comfortable walking. Trying on shoes, pay attention to the convenience of the heel. But do not how to identify a fake2forget about the price, because the really Italian shoes can not cost a penny. As a rule, it cost even in boutique is higher at least in the half than the cost of competitive brands of other countries. The exception is the Italian winter shoes. The market leaders are Germany and Finland, namely the winter footwear manufactured in these countries are more expensive.

Today, there is an opinion that it is better to choose the light in weight shoes. How in this case to identify a fake? Thick and robust sole made of leather, a lot of qualitative components can not be weightless! And remember, the richer interior of the shop, the more expensive are the shoes. So everything is up to you: online stores with nice prices, sky-high price tags of the shops or Chinese consumer goods.

How to identify a fake on discount boots?

  •  Look at the cut of the material. There is no real leather on a textile backing, what can not be said about the fake.
  •  Put your palm on the product. Real leather would become warm and for some time would keep it. The fake would remain cold.
  •  The qualitative leather product would absorb a drop of water and the area would become dark. Fake leather could not manage to do this task.

Why sales outlets sell discount women’s shoes? Many owners of the shoe companies care only about profits, so one of the best variants for them is to purchase counterfeit products, because it costs less and the profits from sales increase in several times. In order to wear shoes for a long time, it is better to buy it in specialized stores. Overpaying, you would get a really high quality shoes that would serve you for a long time and even in two seasons would look like new.
Of course, an important role of importing into our country a wide range of faked shoes, plays and our Customs Code and the tax system. In order to avoid the income of such goods, one should take national measures of protection of consumers. And while they are not accepted, everyone should care on their own about purchasing of quality products, and ultimately about the health.

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