How to find affordable bridesmaid dresses?

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Friend’s wedding is a great reason to buy a new dress and have some fun. It does not matter whether you are a witness or are among the bridesmaids, the question “What to wear to a friend’s wedding?” will be important for you all the time before the celebration, until you decide what to dress. Surprising, but the choice of for the bridesmaids dresses is as important as the bride’s. How to create an image not outshining the bride, but at the same time to be a noticeable person among the guests? Ideally, this question should be solved together with the bride.

Recently, we borrowed the Western tradition to dress bridesmaids in the same dress. It is very convenient, especially for the most brides, because it is enough to find a dress that will suit her and will be a perfect balance with the wedding dress only once, and then ask all the invited bridesmaids to buy it. The only problem can be that not all the girls would agree to spend much money on a new outfit. In addition, there can be not all the sizes in the shop. It is an important factor that bridesmaids may be of different physique. The bridesmaids dress should be affordable. The way out of this situation is to make a collective order in the atelier before the wedding. Such purchasing will be cheaper than in the salon, and the master will adjust the style for any figure.

Don’t worries, if you are still unable to compromise and choose only one dress, you can find the way out of this situation. For example, the first two bridesmaid dresses can be bright red; the next – bright pink, pale pink, and color of the witness’ dress may be flesh-colored. You can certainly choose a white dress for bridesmaids, but in order to not distract the guests and not mislead those guests who see the bride’s face for the first time, white dress can be decorated with colorful belts or bands, or shaded with other toilet of bright colors, or flowers that carry bridesmaids, white bridesmaid dress will look simply wonderful especially if the celebration will take place in a room decorated with flowers and herbs, or in the garden, on the background of greenery and trees. Never the less, it will be better to avoid white color!

Fashion for cocktail and evening dresses of dark colors have under it firm footing. Firstly, these colors favorably emphasize any figure and are suitable for almost every girl. And secondly, the little black dress – will forever remain a classic and does not lose its relevance. And the practicality of such dress needs no proof. We can surely say that they are the most affordable bridesmaid dresses.

ill  be a bridesmaidWitness’ dress can be both long and short. Décolleté is acceptable. However, we need to balance the openness: the shorter the dress, the closest the top. And vice versa, you can afford a deep neckline, if the dress is long. By the way, according to the rules of etiquette, it is allowed to wear long evening dresses only on those activities that are not earlier than 17-19 hours. If the registration of a marriage is planned for daytime – the floor-length of the bridesmaid dress is desired. As for the “cocktail” dresses, they can be put on at any time. If you want to comply with all the rules, then buy a cocktail dress. If you can afford, you can buy two dresses.

The structure of bridesmaid dress tissues looks better in harmony with the material from which the bride’s dress sewed. For example, if the bride has chosen for a dress sleek satin, bridesmaid should not buy a dress of thin muslin or lace. Her dress should match the bride’s dress in style and degree of formality.

Recently, one of the big trends of bride’s fashion in Europe is having each bridesmaid select a dress that works for her. You can still have a classy effect without putting the girls in the same ensembles as well as each dress is of the same color, length and tissues. Many shops use the same tissues and shades in their clothes for each season, so this is too easy. You may go shopping all together and let each bridesmaid find a dress that fits her figure and her budget. If you all shop as a group, you can find affordable bridesmaids dresses that look and feel great on each girl as well as the whole group.

If you have a small budget but you want to look gorgeous, the only way out is to rent a bridesmaid dress. Today, bridesmaids can also rent a dress for the celebration and this perhaps the easiest way to score cheap bridesmaid dresses.

After the dress is selected don’t forget about the accessories.
Shoes – here is a complete freedom of choice, the main thing is that it have perfectly balance with the dress. And still do not forget that in this shoes you will spend the whole day, will have to walk, stand and dance. Therefore, it’s better to stop the choice at a convenient model, and possibly reduce some of the desired height of the heel in favor of the convenience.

Handbag should be small, and appropriate to the dress. It will contain the “rescue service” of the entire wedding. In particular handkerchief, a few disposable sponges – tears at the wedding is a common thing, you will have to correct mascara, perhaps not only herself, but the bride and her mother, and of course the mirror, face powder of matt neutral color, lipstick.

Bridesmaid can decorate her hair with flowers or even to wear a hat – it’s quite possible, as well as the presence of shawls. Do not forget about jewelry, different bracelets, pendants, watches. This will give your image more glamour.

To sum it up, we can highlight 4 golden rules that should be followed to choose the perfect dress for a bridesmaid:

Rule number 1 – “Bad taste”.

Having a strong desire to stand out among the other guests and boast of a gorgeous dress, remember that it is the prerogative of the bride; after all it is the main heroine at the wedding. Therefore, rule number 1 for a bridesmaid of all the times – do not outshine the wedding dress of the bride! Otherwise, your desire to “shine” would be a bad tone.

Rule number 2 – “White color – taboo!”

Even if the majority of white shades suit you well, and you look in this luxurious pearl-white dress absolutely compelling, this color on your friend’s wedding is a taboo for you. Do not forget that traditionally white color belongs to the heroine of the occasion. If you still going to stand on your ground and you don’t want to reject of a white bridesmaid dress, be sure to coordinate it with the bride. In this case, it is recommended to choose a shade of the dress, which will differ from the bride wedding dress.

In this season it is recommended for the bridesmaids to choose bright dresses with rich colors that will not only allocate you among the other guests, but also look great in photos, harmonizing with the wedding dress of the bride. At the top of the hit parade of colors for affordable bridesmaid dress – pink, blue, green, silver or gold.

Rule number 3 – “Know the limit!”

You need to know when to stop, as in the choice of colors, as well as in depth of the dresses’ décolleté. For example if you have decided to wear a dress of deep dark blue, brown or black color make sure that the accessories were bright and beneficial fitting such a dark color. Challenging “mini” dresses or too deep neckline would be appropriate for a hen party, but not for the wedding! Therefore, make sure that the dress is not too frank and strict. Look for a middle ground!

Rule number 4 – “The second pair holds in stock”.

As a rule, the wedding – is first of all a funny and stormy celebration, accompanied by a pleasant, playful turmoil. So, get ready for moving a lot. You need to think in advance and to pick up to the dress the most comfortable shoes, such with the average height of heels or wedge heels. For those who do not intend to abandon the 20 centimeter heels should hold in stock a second pair of shoes. You’ll see – it will be very useful!

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