How to dress a child in winter?

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Here came the cold. Summer is over and it’s high time to think about warm clothing for the baby. Nobody would argue that one of the major elements in the child’s winter wardrobe is a children’s winter hat. A variety of models on the market, on the one hand pleases, but it is very easy to get lost in this abundance and choose a practical and fashionable new clothes. As for practicality, the main thing is to take into account the size and material.

For the beginning let us dwell on size. Perhaps you have decided to go shopping without the baby. Then pre-measure his head circumference with a centimeter tape. It would be great, if you would know the depth of the desired model. To do this, you should measure the distance between the ear lobes through the top. Your measurements and the same measuring tape would help you as accurate as possible to guess the size. But if the young trendy or fashionista would accompany you to the shopping, then it would be very easy to try on this or that model.

Please do not forget that children’s hat should cover the ears and forehead. The important role plays the material. Pooh, artificial or natural fur, wool – is that from what is now sewn and knitted winter hats for children. Mothers often prefer fluff. Fluffy hats are truly warm, but you should keep in mind that fluff can cause allergies. Knitted hats warm well, but they do not work for cold and windy weather, as they pass the wind. The best choice for our weather it is perhaps fur hats.

Now let’s speak about the fashion. Animal hats – bears, bunnies, rabbits and other fairy friends of our children are relevant in this season. Ears, noses, mustaches, tassels and bells would delight your baby and the visor could be a practical addition. Such child’s winter hats would never look dull. Also in fashion are classical models and all kinds of hats with earflaps. As well as in previous seasons, the designers offer a set – a hat, scarf and mittens. As for the color, the fashion is not stingy – plain, colorful, patterned, with appliqué and embroidery.
how to dress a child in winter

Fashion clothing for girls.

The Fashion dictates famous fashion designers and the children’s fashion is not the exception. Let’s look at what they have prepared for our children:

  • Dolce & Gabbana returns fashion on leopard coloring. This may be a leopard dress, skirt or blouse, in the collection there is even shoes. Or they can be used as a decorative element: applications on blouse or drawing. Look stylish leopard inserts on shoes or clothes.
  • D & G also offer to use in clothes for young fashionistas the contrasting trim, including the outer wear. Look very stylish the suite which combine off-pink and gray colors – the most fashionable trend of the season.
  • Moschino transforms the classic combination of black and white in a very cheerful and naughty image. On the fashion children’s clothing printed cool black and white geese. This outfit would certainly attract the attention.
  • Also in the collection present black and white cell. In combination with a bright red outfit it will not be boring, whether it is clothing or accessory. Moschino proposes to use in clothing cranberry or magenta colors. It can be a coat, a warm winter jacket or animal hats with scarves. These colors would very well complement the image, even as small details such as hair ornament, belts and bows.
  • An unusual and original set for girls offer D&G and Sonia Ryrie – this is a dress and coat, the lining of the coat made of the same fabric as the dress. A girl in such an outfit would not leave unnoticed.

Very beautiful are the collections of children’s clothing winter 2012-2013 presented by the more democratic brands: Zara, Gap, United Colors of Benetton, so, the parents with different financial capabilities could pick up fashionable clothing for their children. Beautiful and elegant clothing would allow the little fashionistas to feel like a real lady. Mother should teach a girl to concentrate on simplicity and tenderness in the image.

Let’s dress boys fashionable.

As for the boys, the designers offer a classic as well as sporty style. By the way, in many collections of famous designers observes the image of naughty boy and a bully. To achieve this you need to add to the style a little negligence, comfortable sports shoes and a good mood.

The main rule is that the things should be comfortable and convenient. From outerwear it is better to choose phony jackets, down jackets and leather jackets. Fur trim in children winter clothing is very popular; it’s nice and very warm. Sheepskin would be very fashionable this year; it can be used for collar finishing or cuff flaps or as padding.

So, it is high time to make a choice based on your own preferences and perhaps a taste of the baby. Children, like adults, like to look fashionable. They with pleasure would like to put on bright beautiful clothes. At the same time the child forms its own taste and not indifferent attitude to his appearance, what is very important for the development of a small person. They deserve the best!

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