How to correctly choose the leather straps?

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The strap – one of the symbols the real man, his style and status. Glancing at the interlocutor strap you can instantly appreciate his wealth, the mood and even the character. Therefore, you should choose this accessory very carefully. Let’s start with the fact that there are costume and casual models.

  1.  Leather straps have a width of 3 – 3.5 cm and strict classic design intended for business suits.
  2.  Casual straps for jeans are wider – 4 cm, and are usually equipped with a massive buckle.
  3.  The straps, which are equally suitable for trousers and jeans, can be considered as universal. Their width is usually 3.5 cm.

The decent belt should be of high quality genuine leather, slightly rounded at the edges (the so-called squared edges – the perfect combination for suit trousers) and with good colored edges. The buckle is usual made from a one-color metal. The liberty of the recent years allows the combination of two metals, but it is better to allow only the thin strip of a second color, emphasizing the main tone. And even the third millennium did not affect the number and location of belt loops in the most classical of the belts. There are still two: first fixed near the buckle and the second moves freely.

The quality strap – what does it mean?

When choosing the quality model pay attention to the material, from which it is made, its designs and stitches. The costume strap has front and back sheet, it also can have the bulk laying between the layers to give the smooth curvature in relief. If there is a bulk liner, ideally, it should be made of leather of about the same density as the top. But many, even the most well-known brands at this point, leather strapssave and use a kind of elastic stockings cardboard. Unfortunately, it can not be determined visually. The fate of this strap can not be cloudless.
When buying the new costume strap first pay attention to the thickness and quality of the top and underside. The good belt is thick and thin, in the crease surface does not leave any trace of crease from the front or from the wrong side. The belt that is stitched around the perimeter will always be stronger than glued, and sooner or later will exfoliate. Now, many design and clothing brands produce single-layer costume belts. Perhaps this is a violation of the canons of the classic men’s clothing, but this belt is more practical than the two-ply. And yet, for the summer trouser the belts are easier, respectively, for the F/W – heavier.
When choosing the belt, make sure it is stretched horizontally. Considerable tension indicates that the subsequent wear holes for the buckle will unravel and at the back will be formed a wavy line. If the belt does not stretch at all, this can also cause discomfort. The ideal stretching is 0.5 – 1 cm throughout the belt length. The most difficult is to manufacture the straps with the possibility of bilateral use. The master of this technique is HERMES. The Italian masters make good popular everyday belts, single-layer with an abundance of decoration.
Virtually every designer label, with rare exceptions can boast a good quality. However, one should afraid of polymer films. Very often the ideal surface of the leather straps – the surface resin coating which in a year will be wiped and flaky, especially the models in black color and from simulated exotic skin. Cool women belts of the snakeskin can be of different widths and colors. In this case, there are so many combinations to create and almost all of them will be harmonious. In the best case, if the coating is very durable so, in the process of wearing there will be light flaking on ledges. It is unlikely that it sometime get off completely.
Sooner or later the strap will require to be cleaned. If the belt is of excellent quality, it generally can be immersed in soapy water and washed. Then it should be rinsed in a weak solution of citric acid. Unfortunately, not all the straps are of perfect quality. For cleaning, leather straps 2you can use special means to care (for example, the French brand SAPHIR).

How to correctly wear a strap?

The properly selected strap should be fastened to the third (middle) hole. If the strap length is too long, it should be shortened to a normal length. In any case it is not necessary to pierce more holes. The hole punctured, usually the first got to hand tools, reduces the mechanical strength of the belt. In addition, these holes look very unsightly.
In the buttoned condition the strap should be put through the first belt loops on your pants. It is desirable to choose the color in tone to the shoes, bag or briefcase. The decent companies sell shoes and belts in the set and to match the structure of the leather and color.

You should not use the strap in casual style with a suit.

Men’s leather straps made from the snake’s skin may well fit the pants and jeans. Due to the unusual pattern and color, the straps made of crocodile skin, python or snakes can be a wonderful addition in the wardrobe.
If you are not so categorical you can choose the colored strap. All the same quality requirements, but to the suit in dark gray strip you should wear the dark gray belt and the mouse-colored hat. Then you can not feel any remorse over the fact that the shoes are traditionally black. In summer, with a light linen suit and moccasins on bare feet the classic peg strap of ivory color may be very appropriate.
The men’s straps are made of various materials. The stylish belt from durable synthetic fabric is no less respectable. It best suits to jeans. Jeans, despite its apparent simplicity, also require the special belt. Usually it is wider than the classic, but often stitched at the edges, has a massive buckle – usually peg and the metal tip. The color palette and there is insignificant – with blue jeans go well and trouble-free black and brown, and red.

Are all the straps made from the single piece of leather?

No, not all. There are two production technologies: one-piece and splicers.
As the name implies, for the manufacture of one-piece leather strap is used the whole cloth. Sometimes the visibility of the whole cloth can be achieved by skilful camouflage seams. But this is applicable only for low-cost belts. Naturally, the price of the single cut is higher.
As for the handmade leather belts, their value depends on two factors: the quality of the material and difficulty of weaving. Exclusive hand-braided belts can cost much more expensive than the single cut.

What is the fundamental difference between the men’s straps from the women?

The men’s are different from women’s belts with clear lines and restrained colors. The width of the women’s belts has a lot more variation than men. For example, the male straps can not be narrower than 3 cm while women belts may be quite narrow 0.5 cm. Until recently it was believed that the accessories for men’s belts should be modest and not flashy. Now is allowed the incrustation of the men’s belts with rhinestones and trim. Although, the male straps on the variety of accessories are far away to women.


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