How to correctly choose the black sunglasses?

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Proper black sunglasses, first of all would protect your eyes from the sun, secondly – prevent the appearance of expression lines. Thirdly, it is a stylish accessory that will complement your image. And finally, since the last year has increased the number of optical stores with a good assortment so, the seasonal discounts began to spread also to the sunglasses.

Is it worth saving?

Never buy cheap glasses from the street stalls, in the markets or even at the mall. Darkened plastic has no special coating and creates only the illusion of protection from the bright sun, but actually works the opposite way. The apple of the eye with a darker light expands and transmits more ultraviolet radiation than without glasses.

Fashionable frames or the choice of style.

First of all, the frame should be comfortable and fit snugly to the nose and ears. When choosing the glasses just pay attention to whether they do not press on the nose and temples, because the slightest discomfort can cause constant headaches in the future.
Plastic frames are not as reliable than metal but somewhat easier. In contrast to the old soviet glasses, they can be adjusted thanks to the integrated metal core placed inside. It is better to select the frame in specialized stores. There, you can immediately get medical advice and choose the one that probably has passed hygiene certification.
Well chosen sunglasses would protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Cosmetologists also recommend since the coming of spring to use light sunscreen for additional skin care.

Glass or plastic.

Besides the good frame, of great importance is the quality of the lenses. The thickness and the material from which they are made, depends the amount of solar light.
Glass lenses are more transparent, but at the same time, because of their fragility, can be dangerous to the eyes. In the U.S., for how to correctly choose the black sunglassesexample, health insurance is not paid if a person hurt her eyes by shrapnel. And in Hungary glass lenses are prohibited from using in children’s glasses. That is why the majority of modern sunglasses are completely plastic. They are much lighter, less hurt the nose bridge but at the same time more scratch.

Do not forget that the black glasses should protect from the sun not only the eyes but also the sensitive skin around them. Therefore doctors do not recommend buying glasses with small lenses. They are not only passed on UV-exposed areas but limit the field of view of the person. And it once again loads the retina and tired the eyes.
When choosing glasses (with glass lens) it is worth paying to the marking of the glasses. «UV-A» and «UV-B» (ultraviolet) shows the percentage of protection from ultraviolet rays and the type «B» is considered to be the most harmful. You can also see the designation “400 nm”, which means the maximum length of the waves from which it protects. If the number will be less than four, then, nevertheless, some part of the rays will be skipped.

According to international spectral standards, sunglasses are:

  1.  Cosmetic. Miss from 50 to 100% of UV light. Suitable for cloudy weather or inactive sun;
  2.  Universal or general. Miss 18-50% of UV radiation. The best option for the city in the middle lane;
  3.  Special protection or high UV-protection. Practically do not miss UV rays. Designed for mountain skiers, climbers, travelers in hot countries and the Far North.

Do you have vision problems?

how to correctly choose the black sunglasses_2In this case, before buying the sunglasses, you should consult an eye specialist. Most likely, your doctor will advise you to buy black sunglasses with diopters.
Photosensitive or photochromic glasses, the so called glasses “chameleon” which change the intensity of the shade depending on the brightness, are intended exclusively for those with poor eyesight. One should choose them considering the following factors:
• the blackout should be perfectly smooth on both lenses;
• under the influence of direct sunlight and even the electric light, the lenses should darken simultaneously and uniformly.

Especially for you!

How to choose the right dark sunglasses for your profession? Different types of glasses are best suited to some activities associated with particular stress on the visual organ.
The glasses with mirror coating, except the fact that they look quite effectively, have the additional protection factor and are comfortable enough for the eyes.
The gradient coating is ideal for drivers – the upper part of the dark lenses protects the eyes from direct sunlight when you look at the road and the lower light provides a comprehensive overview of the dashboard.
Also, for the drivers are recommended the models of black sunglasses with anti-reflective coating. Sports glasses are made of more durable material and more tightly to the face, which is ideal for extremely mobile activities.

In order to select the ideal sunglasses you should know a few simple rules for their purchase:

  •  they should be bought only in reputable specialized stores;
  •  Check the quality of darkness, the white color and in glasses should look white but not rainbow. Consider some small object with glasses and without them, all the parts should look the same.
  •  The colored lenses only add the shade to the outside world, if they have radically changed the image – you’re holding a fake.
  •  Glasses should be comfortable! The bows should not tight and rub, and when tilting of the head the points should not change the situation – do not roll down and do not slip off the face.
  •  The lenses should be large enough to protect not only the apples of the eyes, but the skin around the eyes. This is a good remedy for premature wrinkling.

How to distinguish a fake?

It is very simple to check the origin of glasses. It is worth comparing the brand name on the label and on the inner side of the earpiece (very often this name is printed directly on the lens). Please note, if the label indicate the country of manufacture, the name of the company, its address and telephone number. If you really need the sunglasses and not just as a fashionable piece of toilet, buy them in the stores with a proven reputation. All the stickers can be easily forged, so when buying glasses, you should ask the certificate.


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