How to combine long cardigan with other clothes?

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Fashionable, cozy and beautiful cardigan is not just another whim of fashion but an indicator of a good taste. Its main advantage is its versatility. This jacket will not only help to diversify your image and hide some figure disadvantages. To find out with what it is better to wear cardigan, first of all we need to understand what it is and what in the new season propose us famous brands.
Cardigan in itself is a knitted jacket with buttons. Its main peculiarities are the deep V-neck, the absence of collar, fitted silhouette and the presence, in some models, of patched pockets. You should not confuse it with a jumper, as the last one is a model of cardigan without buttons. The absence of a collar is easily explained. Originally this part of the wardrobe was exclusively male. It was worn under the uniform by English soldiers. Its popularity in the fashion world cardigan obliged Coco Chanel. She created the first model of cardigan of free silhouette with wide armholes and large patched pockets. Today cardigans are widely represented in the collections of many famous brands and each of them tries to bring into the usual model something new, unusual and bright.
Every woman would like to ask a question: how to wear a cardigan? To answer this question you need to remember a few simple rules:

  •  do not zip up cardigan on all the buttons;
  •  it goes well with almost everything that you have in wardrobe;
  •  it should necessarily be complemented with all kinds of accessories (belts, scarves, brooches, pendants or necklaces);
  •  with cardigan you can wear any shoes: high heels and on a flat sole (including gym shoes).

how to combine cardigan with other clothesIf to speak about the fashion trends of the season, we can say that beach cardigans which are worn over a swimsuit or shorts with tops, beach dresses became extremely trendy. Also on podiums of leading fashion houses continue to lead striped jumpers and with all kinds of bright prints. Very popular this year will be short and long cardigan of bright colors. The trend of the season became blue sweaters. This universal color can help to hide the drawbacks and highlight the advantages of the figure and the richness of shades will add originality.
With what it is better to wear blue cardigan – a question that requires an individual approach in each case. We can only note that the bright blue sweater good harmonizes with yellow, orange, red, purple, crimson, bright green and black. Thus you would be able to stand out and attract attention. If you want to look elegant and restrained, for example, at work, it is better to combine blue with more muted colors such as peach, white, silver, light blue, pink, lilac, blue, blue-green and dark blue.
With what to wear cardigan also depends on the image you want to create. If you prefer a bold youth style it is better to choose models of bright colors and various prints. If you use a cardigan with zippers, you can leave it unbuttoned or wear it with the belt and thus emphasizing your figure. You can complement your image with the help of T-shirt or top, shorts, jeans, leggings or a short skirt and, of course, do not forget about the accessories such as youth watches, scarves and chains of different lengths or pendant of a “hand-made” type.
Long models of a dense knit are often worn with T-shirts and leggings. Long cardigan of thick big knit will warm in the cold winter days. In addition to them you can pick up fashionable accessories, such as wide belt or a stylish scarf.

Even more simply creates the image of negligent relaxation. You can use almost any color scheme, model of any length and silhouette. For example, slim and tall girls would fit knitted volumetric cardigan of medium length with pockets or without them in combination with a light chiffon blouse and leggings. A girl with excess weight it is better to choose lightweight short cardigan with dark vertical stripes and shape which visually narrows the silhouette. If you are not very tall, one of the variants suitable for you is a shortened cardigan, but do not pick up the contrasting low, it can visually cut the figure and make it even shorter; trousers in tone and high-heeled boots will add a few inches. Diversify your image with a thin belt at the waist and large jewelry.
Extra long cardigan can be made of wool or cotton, large or small knit, the texture is not important, the main thing is with what it is best to wear such cardigan. It looks best with a short skirt or a skirt-midi. It’s just like a short, can be worn with a narrow leather belt. Long cardigan can be worn instead of coat in the autumn.

If you are a lover of romantic and feminine style then knitted cardigans from fine fabrics in combination with light flying dresses or maxi skirts will perfectly fit you. Choose pastel shades or small floral patterns. You should necessarily complete the image with a beautiful brooch, a pendant on a long chain and underline the waist with a belt.
In especially cool weather stylists advise to combine cardigan of the classic colors – white, black or blue, with turtleneck of bright and trendy shades. It is quite possible to wear a turtleneck with long or short sleeves. Stylish jewelry and skinny jeans would complement the image.
And finally, if you want to look elegant and stylish, choose ultra short fitting cardigan of dark colors with or without zipper and put it over a little black dress or any evening dress. In addition, you can decorate it with a thin belt and wear a pearl bracelet or a gold necklace; it will look very impressive and stylish. You should not wear long cardigan with a knit dress, it looks boring and visually makes the figure heavier.
The leaders in the fashion world are black cardigans, as they are universal, fit any outfit and are combined with any shoes, look great and in the office and at the party, in the circle of friends and during the journey. With black cardigans go well chocolate and other discreet colors. Also looks great knit cardigan with bright prints and decorated with ethnic patterns. In order to prettify gloomy classic black cardigan it’s better to wear it with bright lush skirts, denim shorts, funny t-shirts, dresses with floral prints, interesting accessories and colorful leggings.

And if you want to conquer everyone with your image try to wear a cardigan back to front and hang in front a large pendant.
And remember, with whatever you’re wearing your favorite cloth; the main thing is that you should feel comfortable and pleasant in this manner. After all, only you are the creator of the style and it is as unique as your personality!

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