How to choose the style of the bride dress?

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It’s not a sensational discovery that through clothing you can beneficially present the advantages of a figure as well as to hide the drawbacks and highlight the different physical characteristics.
Before setting off for the dress, consider your figure once more in the mirror. Determine the type of your physique: “hourglass”, “pear”, “apple” and “inverted triangle”. This is very important to know because you want to look at your wedding perfect! Determine where you want visually add volume, and where – to reduce.

By the way, you have to define clearly with the size. The point is that one of the mistakes made when choosing a brides dress – buying a dress 1-2 sizes larger. Remember that only your size dress accentuate all your beauty!

Further, if you are in the “delicate” position, look for special dresses for pregnant brides or order a dress according to your individual measures. Or just buy a dress for a few days before the wedding.

Fashion trends for autumn-winter 2012-2013.

First of all, your dress should be fashionable! In the cold season 2012-13 will be very relevant luxuriant wedding dresses of classic white and cream color with airy wide skirts of tulle, chiffon, silk or organza with floral ornaments, belts decorated with rhinestones, large bows and flowers. As an example serves the collection of Vera Wang dresses “White autumn 2012” with the decoration of ribbons and flowers.

Today many stores of wedding dresses often offer to their customers a mermaid wedding dress, but in the fashion collections it has already lost its popularity. Nevertheless, the defined silhouette – even the most fashionable – can not look the same on different figures. So the next thing to consider is …

Style of the wedding dresses.

How to choose the style of the wedding dress?If you are a lover of classics, then the tightening corset, fluffy skirt with crinoline and an open top – this is your style. Princess wedding dress looks great on any figure thanks to magnificence and elegance of its materials from the bows or lace.

If you have a good figure and a penchant for shocking, then the short wedding dresses – just for you! This style is ideal for extraordinary and energetic brides who want be in the center of attention.
Dresses for pregnant women considered as a special category of bride dresses. Straight silhouette and overestimated waist – in such a way the dress empire will make your outfit fashionable, beautiful and very comfortable, as it is important for the bride in the “interesting position”.
Beautiful shoulders and breast will successfully emphasize the Greek Wedding dresses: the open top, floor-length and strict silhouette. Especially relevant in this season a variation of Greek style – a dress with a plume.

Style of the bridesmaids dress.

Style of the bridesmaids dress should be selected according to the bride’s dress. So it is possible to achieve a harmonious combination, including the photographs. You should also pay attention to the fabric. It is desirable that the texture of the fabric matches the wedding dress of the bride.

Best wedding dresses of the world brands.

Many fashion houses produce a collection of wedding dresses and even underwear. Sure, if you have the opportunity to purchase a wedding dress of the world famous fashion house. It is worth mentioning the bride dresses from the collection of Vera Wang: they are stylish, fashionable, and the cost of them can surprise you. For example, prices in the latest collection of Vera Wang White range from 500 up to 1,500 USD for the most difficult cuts. The best models of this season were presented by:

  •  Enzoani: different and elegant styles of the wedding dresses, manually decorated with crystals, pearls, embroidery and contrasting details;
  •  Alma Novia – emphasis on the waist, skirts of the tulle, brooches, lace, ruffles, drapes – the beautiful wedding dresses emphasize the femininity, gentleness and romantic image of the bride;
  •  La Sposa – styles of the wedding dresses are very different, expensive and high-quality fabrics, manually decorated with exquisite decor unite them together.

If your chosen dress is too expensive – do not worry! For today the bride dresses can be virtually rented at any boutique or salon. And even more economical option – buying dresses at online stores. Not every of us will decide to buy a dress online, but the low prices, the availability of reviews and the ability to fit a dress on the figure – compensate for the risks.

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