How to choose the right best sneakers

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Jogging has a beneficial effect on health. But when starting for this important occupation you have to find the right shoes. Sports shoes should be of high quality. Your feet, as well as the whole body, during the running undergo a considerable strain. If your shoes picked up incorrectly then joints and intervertebral discs would have a constant strain, thus slowly but surely destroy. We want to give you a peace of advice how to choose the best running sneakers.

  •  The most important quality is the ability for depreciation. It reduces the vertical impact forces on the body and helps to repulsion during the run. Accordingly, increase the running speed in these sneakers. These shock absorbers are usually under the heel and toe. They reduce the pressure and stress on the foot. In the role of shock absorber, as a rule, apply special spring or airbag.
  •  Sneakers for jogging should be comfortable and easy. But we must not forget about fixing the heel and foot. Therefore such sports footwear must be laced. It is undesirable to apply sticky bombs and zippers, though they seem to be very practical.
  •  Special footbad is a must for good sneakers. It has a small hump, which helps to distribute the weight on the feet correctly and reduces the workload on the spine.
  •  When choosing running sneakers it is necessary to determine on what surface you will run. If you are planning to run outdoors, choose sneakers with more aggressive outsole that has burrs, protruding patterns that would increase traction. For running on the asphalt, choose shoes with a grooved outsole.
  •  It is better to choose the sneakers made of natural materials such as leather and cotton. An excellent variant – leather inserts on cotton sneakers. Because the material for sneakers should be strong and soft. Besides foot in such shoes should “breathe.”
  •  Having decided to jogging, choose sneakers a little more of your usual size to benefit the ventilation. It should be taken into account that during the day the foot is slightly increased in size. During the jogging blood moves faster through the body and it increases its inflow to the legs. In order not to cause a discomfort, you need running sneakers of a bigger size.
  •  Possessing useful features running sneakers should be also beautiful. Because beautiful things cause positive emotions. And surely you have to jog in a good mood.

how to choose the right running shoesDuring the running actively involved in the work all the muscle groups, but the main burden falls on the foot, knees and spine, therefore, to reduce the burden choose a soft inside and light shoes. Check if there are damping elements – air cavities under the heel and toe inside of the foot. The latter, in turn, must have a sufficient thickness, elasticity and flexibility, to be tilted forward and raised in the heel area.

The height of such sneakers is small, below the ankle. It is better to choose synthetic mesh as the material for the top, which allows the foot to breathe. Relief of the sole should be ribbed to avoid loss of traction with the ground and from awkward fall. All these qualities, for example, have the models of Asics GEL-Nimbus 9, Mizuno WAVE CREATION 9. There are “studded” models of the best running sneakers, for both short and long distances: Nike ZOOM RIVAL S IV, Mizuno Osaka.

Caring for sneakers.

So, after all searches, you have finally purchased a coveted couple of sneakers – we can congratulate you with the excellent choice, and say a few parting words about the caring for them. Do not be surprised, the sneakers also need a good service, if you want them to serve longer for you.

After a workout in the gym or on the street, you need to wash off the shoes of synthetic fabric dust or dirt with a soft sponge dipped in soapy water, or if it is leather sneakers – to handle with special means such as shampoos or impregnations, but do not put your sneakers in the washing machine! It is possible that you will hear on this account different opinions, but we strictly advise you to desist from washing machine as there is a high probability to damage both the sneakers and the washing machine. And the both are worth a lot of money, so why to risk losing two essential things?

If the inside of the sneakers steamed up or has absorbed the moisture due to the weather conditions, you have to remove the laces, bend the tongue outwards then remove and dry the insole, you may fill the sneakers with newspaper, it is a good absorbent and would not ruin its shape, and then place it in a dry place but not hot. Do not try to dry it close to the heat source (over burning stove, a radiator or heating system) in order to avoid cracking of the shoes. Some even manage to dry it in the oven or in the microwave. Well, it is not surprising if, instead sneakers, they would get a mixture of fabric and rubber.

We have to disappoint the lovers to dry the shoes wit the help of hair dryer, as the sneakers are the wrong kind of shoes, which can subjected to such heat treatment, so put aside your hurry and better dry them properly.

After drying, the sneakers have to be processed by the protective means, and if you are unsure what to choose for this, the store seller can help you and give the appropriate tool.

So, you have to be very careful if you want to purchase the best running sneakers. As you already understood it is not very simple to make the right choice. Follow our advices and you will succeed.

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