How to choose the men’s shoes? A variety of models

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The correctly selected men’s fashion shoes should perfectly complement and at the same time accentuate your style, to be the indicator of wonderful taste and personality of its owner. Surely, listen to stories about that not fine feathers make fine birds, while saving on a decent men’s shoes, it is good, but to look great and invoke enthusiastic feminine looks is not the same.

Unfortunately, most men when choosing the shoes are guided by one single rule, which can be formulated in three words – “I came, I saw, I bought”. Only one phrase is left say that characterizes the men’s shoes – “pulled on”.
Men’s shoes are a thing designed simultaneously with securing conveniences to highlight its beauty and the owner’s taste, the ability to create your perfect look. Lets recall of so frequently heard in movies from the mouth of beauties such charming phrases like – “this guy has a taste,” or “what a stylish man.” All this is about a man who can, in particular, choose decent men’s shoes.
So, what are the main points that should be taken into account when choosing the fashion shoes, and that should become an open book for us. You can not believe, but the secrets of selection of the men’s shoes are pretty simple.
Firstly, for the purchase of high-quality men’s shoes use the services of specialized stores. This rule is so simple that it is unnecessary to dwell on. In a specialty store the seller would offer to you the quality, quantity, the original models and a guarantee on men’s shoes. Any other outlet can boast with similar advantages.

Adding to this the opportunity to get if, of course, necessary a professional objective view people who value their reputation and your opinion about the level of the service and quality of the sold shoes, and you would certainly get the proper location of the men’s shoes.
Secondly, pay attention to the material from which it is made Chase away the thought of buying men shoes made of suede, synthetic leather and other achievements of the modern chemical industry.
how to choose the men's shoesWorthy men’s shoes it is leather, and only leather. And you should not wonder. Leather men’s shoes would perfectly emphasize the chosen style giving it an element of luxury and exclusivity. The material of the men’s shoes, this is first of all, the point on which it is not necessary to save the money.
Thirdly, the material of the sole must not only harmonize with the men’s shoes, but also make it comfortable and very practical. In this case, there are two main variants to choose the right shoes. Leather sole and the sole of the men’s shoes, made of modern synthetic materials, are so liked by the leading manufacturers of men’s shoes.
Leather sole is not the most practical solution for stylish men’s shoes because this material is subjected to rapid wear. The modern artificial material due to its good wear resistance ensures the durability of the soles of the men’s shoes, without spoiling its decent appearance.
When choosing the men’s shoes, pay attention to the fact that the sole is not too thick, especially in the case when the model of the selected shoes with leather soles. This sole can significantly heavier the men’s shoes, which affects the rapid onset of the leg fatigue during the walking.
The sole of the men’s shoes made of artificial material has the quality of lightness with optimal thickness and therefore is without the above-mentioned drawbacks.

Since you opted for the liked model of the men’s shoes with the leather soles, do not deny yourself in pleasure to buy it. In the shoe shop you can attach an extra durable sole surface which would much prolong its life.
Fourth, when choosing the fashion shoes, you should pay attention on color of the chosen model. Typically, the leather is painted in a natural brown, black or its shades. Men’s shoes of light colors are also produced. Your choice in this case much depends on the style of clothing for which you are looking for your shoes. There no perfect recipe, but the optimal variants is light to light and dark to dark might be a universal rule when choosing the men’s shoes.
Fifth, the type of model or style of the men’s shoes is also an important detail. The choice of a particular style and the model depends much on your personal preferences. Therefore, to give advices in this sphere would not be quite reasonable. Wide range of models of the men’s shoes would allow you to find stylish solution.
For those who are not in a hurry with fashion trends and prefer the classic style, the ideal solution would be to purchase such men’s shoes, as low shoes or sneakers. Bolder variant is to purchase the original moccasins. Depending on the intended use, you can buy quite popular and comfortable light shoes for walking.

how to choose the men's shoes2Original fashions boots are ideal for lovers to combine business and casual styles. These men’s shoes would look good with a business suit and with jeans. When it comes to winter men’s shoes, it is advisable to opt for the classic strict models incapable to shock others with their size or the abundance of laces, buckles, and other unnecessary for the classic style elements.
Sixth, when choosing the men’s shoes a significant role plays its cost. Men’s shoes should not have a lower price, because what is cheaper – can not provide the proper quality. It is not worth saving money on men’s shoes, as it is, at least, unwise. The price of chosen shoes must match the value of your clothing. You should follow this simple rule when choosing the men’s shoes.
Seventh, when going to buy a pair of men’s shoes, do not forget to check its quality by simple manipulation. The material of high-quality men’s shoes must have a sufficient degree of elasticity. The elasticity of the material is responsible for maintaining of its shape for a long period of time, which naturally increases the period of impeccable service of the shoes and a decent look.
Take the selected fashion shoes and push with your finger on its toes and then on the heel. If the dents did not disappear easily put off these shoes back. The elasticity of the same material, on the contrary shows the good quality of the selected men’s shoes.
Of course when choosing the men’s shoes, there are many special nuances. For example, the selection of the shoes for the bride has its own characteristics, which would primarily be dictated by the color and the texture of the wedding dress. Therefore, if your bride would complain on how she was tired of salons and wedding dresses, do not rush with jeers as the upcoming selection of shoes for the wedding for you would also be not easy.
These winters in fashion are strong and stylish men. This means that the place of small handbags will occupy heavy winter boots. Decent collections of men’s boots for winter were presented by Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Ermenegildo Zegna, Dior, Joop and Gucci.
Fashion now wants to see our feet, so boots are worn on the pants and not much delayed. This again may be Doc Martens or noble variant of Dior with a white stripe at the bottom of the decorative. Looks great the combination of boots with very long woolen socks in dark colors – brown or dark green.
While in the men’s boots dominates black patent leather, high heels and fashion processing, the number and variety of models is large, which allows each man to find fashionable shoes to each taste. For fans of sports-style, there are variants in the form of fashion sneakers or fashion combat boots.
If you want to have the possibility to additionally warm the shoes then buy a little larger boots. In this case you can wear socks or put an extra insole. By the way, when buying the shoes look under the insole – the heel on the boots should be fastened with nails and 1-2 screws.
Ideally, the soles of the boots should be quite elastic. Inflexible sole has a much better chance of bursting. The height of the men’s boots it is a matter of taste of the owner. High boots provide some ankle lock, which would help in winter to avoid stretching or save from the falls.
If you are going to spend a lot of time in the cold, we recommend you to pay attention to the fashion combat boots. It is, of course, not at the peak of popularity, but it is very warm and safe.
With whom you would go to buy the men’s boots, do not forget that your friends can help to choose the appropriate appearance and quality of the shoes, but the comfort of wearing is only up to you.

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