How to choose the best wallets?

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Nowadays, almost every woman is trying to show her own style with fashion accessories and chic wardrobe. If you belong to such women, then this article is for you. The wallet is one of the most important accessories, which constitutes the general opinion about your taste and style. It is also a great gift for loved ones, family and friends. But there are some specific factors to consider when choosing the fashionable one. The best wallet should be chosen according to your temperament and tempo of life. Let’s find out, how to choose the right and fashionable model:

  1.  Choose the standard wallet in the style of checkbook. This model will store the bank notes, coins, credit cards, discount and gift cards. It is well organized and has a lot of slots that will keep your cards in the order in which you feel comfortable. However, this wallet is more appropriate for busy businesswoman.
  2.  The expensive accessory looks stylish. Most women simply can not resist the fashion accessories of famous designers and the wallet is no exception. If you can, you can buy the fashionable and stylish model from such well-known names like Gucci, Prada, Raffaello, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Versace.
  3.  The wallet with removable handle. The great choice for any woman. This wallet gives the impression of compactness, as well as some women use it as the stylish, small clutches. It is perfect for any outfit from your wardrobe. The model in this style is more common with zipper, followed by the hidden compartment for banknotes, slots for credit cards, as well as the compartment for coins.
  4.  The model in retro style. This type has the solid foundation or rectangular shape, and the metal zipper. They usually have a few slots for credit cards and the compartment for paper money. You can find these models in many manufacturers and made of different textural fabrics, decorated with various figures that resemble the style of the time.
  5.  The French wallet or pocket billfold. These models are more suitable for women that do not have too much space to put them (for example, at work). They are usually folded in half and zipped. It also has many compartments and slots, which will store a lot of things. The wallets come in a wide range of prices, so you can select as the budget option and expensive.
  6.  The variant, where the bills are placed without being bended. This model is the most functional and is suitable for daily purchases and for an evening out. Depending on the designer they are made of artificial or natural leather. If you need to attend any celebration or an important event – feel free to choose the variant decorated with elements that will perfectly fit to your outfit.
  7.  The bright and cheerful variants for teenagers. The models of various colors, such as polka dots, floral prints and geometric patterns – are ideal for teenage girls. Following the taste and style, choose the flat, rectangular wallet with pink tiger coloring, with large peace or the checkbook with unusual pattern.
  8.  The stylish billfold. It is considered one of the classic models of the wallet. They can be folded two or three times and have many different compartments and fits easily into the jacket pocket or jeans.

The rules for selecting the men’s wallet.

best walletsThe modern men’s wallet – is not only convenient and practical accessory for storing money. The qualitative model can be compared with the portable organizer with lots of compartments and pockets. One can keep not only money but also credit cards and various checks. The leather models are different from women’s with more relaxing colors (usually black and brown), strict forms and the minimal amount of decorative elements, or their complete absence. This accessory is an integral part of the business style. The best wallets are always made of leather, for example, of the British brand Paul Smith is the most solid and practical accessory.
Despite the limited color palette and severity of the forms in their selection one should be guided by the certain rules. For example, it should not stand out from the general style of the men’s clothing. The most win-win situation is to pick up the model, which will be in harmony with the bag. So, if you go to work with the classic black briefcase, then pick up the appropriate billfold. High-quality products can be found in the German brand Braun Buffel. If in everyday life you carry the bag, for example brown, and then choose the purse of the same shade. Moreover, a small variety of colors does not mean that there is nothing you would choose. The brown scale can include the variety of colors, for example, cognac, chocolate and coffee.

As for the material, that is, of course, the best wallets should be leather, as this accessory should look respectable. Apart from the usual leather there are popular snakeskin with natural patterns – such purses look original and a little extravagant. When choosing the purse, pay attention not only on the quality of the material, but also on the hardware and the threads quality. The most convenient models are of the small size, without decorative elements, with compartments for large bills, trivia and credit cards. Such accessories can be found in the collections of Gianfranco Ferre.
best wallets 2If you want to pick up the variant with lots of sections to store not only money but also cards, credit cards, photos, then it is better to use the organizer.
The shabby wallet with broken clasp or other traces is not suitable as an attribute for the business person. If you have an old one even though it is the memory of the past – all the same you have to purchase the new and quite expensive, and at the same time rigorous, of the well-known company.

The size matters.

The size matters when choosing the male and female purses. If men’s billfold with bills and cards just has to be always on hand, it is easily placed in the inner pocket of the jacket or back pocket, then with the choice of women’s wallet there are some trouble. The woman should know what she is going to carry in her purse so it was not too small or too large. Think about what you use the most – paper money, cards, coins or weather you carry a small valuables in the form of earrings or rings – all these can be the determining when choosing the size and the shape. There are models with compartments for credit cards, keys, driver’s license and passport, plastic little window for a photo. It is naturally increases the size of selected products, but allows you to carry everything you need compact and structured.

The material.

If the style of the best wallet – it is an element of your style so, the material from which it is made – the guarantee of the safety of your money. Both female and male models today are made from such materials:

  •  The textile – comfortable to touch and can have the stylish, interesting variations, but thus is short-lived. It’s easy to get dirty, wet or tear. That is the most budget variant of the material that will serve you no more than six or seven months. If the textile wallet still has your attention, try to make sure that it has the special water repellent coating or impregnation.
  •  The nylon or vinyl – it is durable synthetic material that is often water-resistant. Usually it is used for sewing youth or sports models. Interesting enough and inexpensive.
  •  The imitation leather resembles genuine leather but extremely loses it in durability and practicality. Can quickly lose its salable condition, covered with cracks, scratches and abrasions. Its advantage – the cost. The “imitation leather” cheaper then genuine leather in several times.
  •  The environmental leather – the pleasant compromise between genuine and artificial leather. It is the fully synthetic material, pleasant and warm to the touch, like leather and looks a lot like it. Better than leather and not as expensive as natural, the eco-leather is not as susceptible to damage and can last several years of good service, without losing an attractive appearance.
  •  The genuine leather is still unsurpassed in its appearance and durability. The best wallets from genuine leather do not need require the special care and long retains its appeal. At the same time there are some nuances when choosing the leather wallet, if you want to be sure of its genuineness.


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