How to choose an outfit into a nightclub?

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Saturday night, many people spend the same – after work and school week they relaxing in the entertainment establishments. And every time before going out arises the same question – how to pick up an outfit to a nightclub. There are some simple rules that can help you make the right choice and look good anywhere and anytime.
Let us remember that in any self-respecting club, there is a certain dress code. So, if you want to spend a pleasant evening, and not to be disappointed, try to follow the rules of the club, you’re going to, or you may put on classic club attire that will be universal in any situation.


There are nightclubs with very specific requirements to the length of the dresses – it must be very short. But in many cases the correct length is welcomed, style and fabric is your choice. Usually in nightclubs it is hot, so do not wear too closed dress from heavy fabrics. In addition, you will move a lot, so – the body needs to breathe. Light flying styles, layered skirts with a beautiful finishing, rhinestones, sequins and lace will attract attention to you.
how to choose an outfit into a nightclubIf you have decided to wear a very short dress or a dress with a flared or heavily layered skirt, pick up a pair of thin leggings.


In pantsuits girls look very impressive, and even in club this attribute of office style is appropriate. Dilute the business suit with feminine details: luxurious fancy brooch, silk scarf, long, large earrings and jingling bracelets, pot on a silk shirt with lace trim – and everyday costume becomes a seductive outfit.


Working clothes of American cowboys has firmly taken a special place in modern wardrobes – jeans have virtually everyone. For going to a nightclub any jeans are quite appropriate and comfortable – from design models to the usual brands. You can wear it with club tops, T-shirts in a pair with jackets, or with interesting shirts. Complete the outfit with large bright belt, large beads and clips. But the main thing – put on studs, and your image will immediately acquire charm and sexuality.

Jeans + top.

Nearly every fashion girl has in her wardrobe a couple of trendy jeans that can be worn with all kinds of tops, elongated or form-fitting shirts and even regular t-shirts. Over any light blouse you may put on a jacket. When deciding what to wear to a party, you will choice a narrow jean – do not forget about the shoes or boots with the stud (depending on the season).

Skirt + top.

Such a variant of clothes at discos and parties looks perfect. If you have a mini-skirt, you can safely wear it with a bright blouse with open or closed shoulders, adding the image with stylish jewelry. You can also wear to a party a multi-layer skirt with a beautiful knitted blouse. An excellent variant would be a combination of not too short and not unduly narrowed skirt and fashionable silk or chiffon blouse.

Shorts + top.

Choosing shorts as a party outfit, you need to know, that you can wear them only in case your legs do not adorn with bruises and abrasions. It is appropriate to wear shorts with tunics and elongated club tops, made from expensive fabrics, such as silk or velvet. Do not be redundant and sexual lace.


If you are bored with routine – indulge yourself and your friends with unusual attire. Now are popular voluminous skirts, pants and dresses of nonstandard cut, bright colors, handbags and unusual accessories. Suitable is everything that distinguishes you from the crowd. However before going in this outfit into a nightclub – make sure that you will be able to pass face control at the entrance.

Thematic parties.

Clubs often hold themed parties, if you know about this unusual event, try to dress appropriately, but do not go to extremes. Outfit, in the first place, should fit you, be comfortable and bring joy.

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