How to choose an evening dress?

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On the eve of the holiday every girl can premeasured all her wardrobe, and in the end, make a helpless gesture. We’ll show you how to choose the right evening dresses, and how to choose beautiful evening dresses.
Of course, it is necessary to choose an evening dress and not the dress, which then you can use in everyday life, at daily walks or at work.
To choose an evening dress is not as easy as it seems. But thanks to our helpful tips you will be able to make the right choice. At first you need to consider what type of a dress you want – a stunning floor-length or classical short cocktail dress. Do not forget that for such a dress you need an outerwear, in winter warm fur coat or coats, and in the summer – light translucent shawl.
It is easy to hide a cocktail dress under everyday clothing. It was invented specifically to quickly hide under your outerwear an evening dress from the police during Prohibition.

Choice of a dress is a rather complicated procedure, because in this dress you should not just look good, but literally shine and attract all the male gazes at the party. It is also should highlight all of your female dignity and hide minor drawbacks, if any.

How to choose an evening dress on your figure?

In order to seem higher it is better to choose a dress with a high waist, with the end just below the breasts and thin light bottom to the knee. The bottom of the dress should be thin without ruches, and not thickening your silhouette. Thus the fabric will stretch your delicate silhouette with horizontal lines. You should wear such a dress with high heels.

how to choose an evening dressTo look thinner it is better to choose a dress that will encircle your figure starting from the breast. This highlights the slimmest part of your body. At the top of the dress should be a deep sexy cutout “cape”, which should emphasize the broad shoulders and make a torso little slimmer.
To emphasize the delicate feminine bends, a dress made of light thin fabric on the straps and skirt, cut along the bias will fit the best. Bare shoulders will attract the eyes to your delicate figure. You can wear a magnifying bra to visually increase a small breast.
To make hips slimmer it is better to choose a dress with a wide bottom. It should encircle the waist, hips, and at the widest point of the hips start to grow. But do not overdo it; a dress too wide at the bottom can give you more weight, to make you thicker. Top of the dress should be with low-cut or strapless.

To make your shoulders seem less broad, you can choose a chiffon dress with short undulating sleeves. To make the broad shoulders less noticeable you can not left them naked. Ideal choice – light air tissue. The bottom of the dress should be well designed.
To make your full hands seem thinner choose a dress with long sleeves. Thus, you will hide disadvantages but still look sexy. You can choose, for example, a dress with an open back or a large décolleté. Flared sleeves can even add subtlety to your hands.

How to choose the right color of the beautiful evening dress?

Color of the dress – crucial part in choosing the dress, improper color can underline your main drawbacks but not sexuality, and divine beauty.

Girls with a glamorous appearance – light pink skin, beautiful green or blue eyes, and red and bright honey hair – more suitable will be light and delicate colors: pink, yellow, blue, peach and beige.

For the girls of summer type with white skin, blue-gray, gray-green, and brown eyes, with the color the hair from blonde to dark-ash more suitable will be blurry color.

Bright colors like red or yellow categorically not work. Girls with the dark eyes and hair best suited the color with cold shades: black, gray and red, blue, purple.

Some useful tips to choose a right dress:

  •  You should wear underwear that you plan to wear with this evening dress;
  •  Try on a dress with the same hairstyle that you are going to do that holiday evening;
  •  It is better to try on a dress with jewelry and accessories at once, they sell at the same salon, and you don’t need to buy them there;
  •  Buying a dress, count on your figure, and not on that figure that you are planning to have for the holiday evening, because you can not lose weight in time.


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