How to choose an appropriate bridesmaid dress?

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One of the most beautiful and memorable events in life of every woman is wedding. No wonder that little girls love to dress up as princesses and brides, playing the romantic story from a fairy tale, where at the end beautiful girls always get married a noble prince. Adults though less believe in princes, they either want a memorable wedding. And what a wedding without a bridesmaid?

To perform the honorable role of the bridesmaid at the friends’ wedding dream many girls, but do not forget that this is not as easy as it seems. Being next to the bride, the bridesmaid gets nailed of the guests. So the dress should be chosen very carefully. If you have the honor to be a bridesmaid, choosing a dress for the celebration you have to consider a few tips:

  •  Having a strong desire to stand out among the other guests and boast of a gorgeous dress, remember that it is the prerogative of the bride; after all it is the main heroine at the wedding. Therefore, rule number 1 for a bridesmaid of all the times – do not outshine the wedding dress of the bride! Otherwise, your desire to “shine” would be a bad tone.
  •  Even if the majority of white shades suit you well, and you look in this luxurious pearl-white dress absolutely compelling, this color on your friend’s wedding is a taboo for you. Do not forget that traditionally white color belongs to the heroine of the occasion. If you still going to stand on your ground and you don’t want to reject of a white bridesmaid dress, be sure to coordinate it with the bride. In this case, it is recommended to choose a shade of the dress, which will differ from the bride wedding dress. In this season it is recommended for the bridesmaids to choose bright dresses with rich colors that will not only allocate you among the other guests, but also look great in photos, harmonizing with the wedding dress of the bride. At the top of the hit parade of colors for affordable bridesmaid dress – pink, blue, green, silver or gold.
  •  How to choose an appropriate bridesmaids dress?You need to know when to stop, as in the choice of colors, as well as in depth of the dresses’ décolleté. For example if you have decided to wear a dress of deep dark blue, brown or black color make sure that the accessories were bright and beneficial fitting such a dark color. Challenging “mini” dresses or too deep décolleté would be appropriate for a hen party, but not for the wedding! Therefore, make sure that the dress is not too frank and strict. Look for a middle ground!
  •  As a rule, the wedding – is first of all a funny and stormy celebration, accompanied by a pleasant, playful turmoil. So, get ready for moving a lot. You need to think in advance and to pick up to the bridesmaid dress the most comfortable shoes, such with the average height of heels or wedge heels. For those who do not intend to abandon the 20 centimeter heels should hold in stock a second pair of shoes. You’ll see – it will be very useful!

The color of the bridesmaid dress.

Pastel colors – the best choice for a wedding. Ideally, the wedding dress of the bridesmaid should be monotonous, without the saturated image. Blue, pink, green, pale gold or silver – are the most appropriate colors for the bridesmaid dresses 2013.
Wedding dress of good quality assumes considerable financial investment. The bridesmaid dress is also a serious cost. But whether you will wear the embroidered dress with a train after wedding – is the big question.

If you do not want to buy a bridesmaid dress, so you can rent it. In the wedding salons you can hire any evening dresses. By the way, it is very convenient, if the bride and the bridesmaid buy dresses in one salon, they can see how they will look together. Ask the seller to make a couple of pictures for you to assess your appearance.

The most common and successful colors for bridesmaid dresses – blue, gold, pink, pastel, silver, light green, purple and other soft colors. If you have chosen a dark dress in order to play on the contrast, it is worth considering, because the wedding – is joyful holiday and a dark color is not very appropriate. However, if you can not afford to put on a light dress, it is necessary to dilute the dress with light accessories to liven up the image. If the wedding takes place in autumn, a great option for the bridesmaid will be dress in red, orange, green, yellow, brown, chocolate, olive and gold shades.
The structure of bridesmaid dress tissues looks better in harmony with the material from which the bride’s dress sewed. For example, if the bride has chosen for a dress sleek satin, bridesmaid should not buy a dress of thin muslin or lace. Her dress should match the bride’s dress in style and degree of formality.

If you have a small budget but you want to look gorgeous, the only way out is to rent a bridesmaid dress. Today, bridesmaids can also rent a dress for the celebration and this perhaps the easiest way to score cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Knitted dresses for the bridesmaid: winter trends 2013.

Knitted things will never go out of fashion. The outfit of the bridesmaid, who will take part in the autumn or winter wedding – is a beautiful woolen dress. Knitted bridesmaid dresses 2013 are bright-colored. The fashion trend of this winter is a plain knitted dress. Fashion designers also suggest wearing the kits of sweaters and mini skirts. The main thing is that the color of thread should be quite bright, for example, red or ultramarine, as in the collection of Stella McCartney. You can complement the bridesmaid dress with accessories or other clothing of contrasting colors. Here you have to rely on your own taste.

The tendency of winter 2013 – dresses and long sweaters of a smooth knitting and threads of muted gray tones – from dirty white to shades of the wet asphalt. Beautiful, multilayered dresses we can see in the collection of the brand Yohji Yamamoto. To such a dress the bridesmaid may not wear accessories because the dress is self-sufficient. John Galliano offered quite festive pantsuit that combines a dirty-white sweater and black pants with white embroidery.


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