How to choose an affordable evening or cocktail dress?

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Since ancient times, the dress considered to be the most feminine attire. The main purpose of the dresses – emphasize adorable and feminine attractive features of its owner. The dress will always decorate a woman, whether it is a weekday or a holiday. But still, for special occasions it is required to have a special dress. Such are cocktail and evening dresses. Today many boutiques and shops offer a large selection of affordable evening dresses.
Evening dresses during its entire existence underwent many changes, as fashion is not standing still. However, the main criteria regarding evening dresses will always be the same: elegance and lack of vulgarity. While choosing an evening dress, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure. For today, many styles of evening dresses are actual, but still, we should remember that in fashion is the model that perfectly suits you.
There are rules, according to which, a balance must be observed while choosing an evening dress: the more open one part, the more close the other. For example, if the dress has a deep neckline in any case there should not be a cutout on the back. As for colors, in addition to classic colors, today are relevant gold and metallic shades. It is not necessary to stop the choice on bright colors, although red evening dresses in strict style still remain relevant.
Cocktail dresses first appeared in the early twentieth. America is considered to be its birthplace. It was the Americans who founded the tradition of cocktail parties. During these period cocktail dresses were of golden shades, had a knee-length and quite frank décolleté.

evening or cocktail dress
Thanks to Coco Chanel, everyone’s favorite “little black dress” appeared in the mid 20-ies of the XX century. This woman managed to change many canons of fashion, combining in one outfit incredible femininity, elegance and simplicity. And today, the style of Coco Chanel does not lose its relevance. Modern lady, when choosing a cocktail dress, certainly select the “little black dress” for the various evening activities and festive receptions. It should be noted that they are the most affordable evening dresses. Coco Chanel believed, that to be a magnificent woman it is not enough to have stylish clothes – “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.
Modern cocktail dresses characterized by diversity patterns, styles and colors. However, the most popular dresses are still remaining those of straight design, average length and classic colors. We should not forget that retro stile is again in fashion, so jolly silk or satin sun-flared is a perfect choice for any celebration.
Ladies with curvaceous, should pay their attention to cocktail dresses with flowing skirt, with the help of it you can hide some particularities of your figure. In this case, you can emphasize your strong points, such as busts. But do not choose a model with too deep cleavage. Otherwise you risk looking vulgar.
But the main thing, when choosing an evening or cocktail dresses is your preferences and wishes. Stop your choice on that dress in which you are feeling like a queen.

Winter 2012/2013.

Elegant dresses of this season are of more discreet coloring in comparison with the last year, but that does not mean that they are less beautiful. For its sewing uses fabrics with metallic and shimmering strings, expensive lace, heavy velvet, fine draping and pleating, airy fabrics, deep cuts, to open not only the breast and shoulders, but also the back, as well as original asymmetrical cutouts.
As for the color, the stylists offer to women all the luxury of precious stones. Instead of intentionally bright neon shades, came color of precious stones – emerald, ruby, amethyst, garnet, turquoise and sapphire. You can say that such evening dresses are unaffordable for ordinary girls. But it is not so. Today everyone has an opportunity to buy a luxurious evening dress at an available price. It is only a question of time and strong desire.
The most topical model of this season is peplum; it is the cut that implying the frill at the waist. Especially attractive in such dress look tall frail girls. If this stile doesn’t fit you – don’t worry, you can draw attention to the hips and in the other ways, for example – with rhinestones, embroidery and other decorative elements.
Many details of fashionable dresses not just draped but even kinked! This may relate to both the skirt and sleeves, and even bodice. This feature gives a fashionable toilet special refinement and elegance.
As an accessory fashion designers offer fur – bags, capes, boas, boa, ornaments and even shoes made of it.

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