How to choose a men’s cheap shirt?

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How to buy qualitative, fashionable and stylish clothes, not overpaying for it – this is one of the pressing issues which worries modern man. It is not a secret that to the price of goods is also included the quality of the service, personal touch and the convenience. Modern man is obliged to look fashionable and stylish to maintain his status in the society.
Shirt is the most popular part of the male wardrobe, but to choose the right one can not all the men and more over, not all the women. In order the shirt was comfortable, well fitted the figure and costume, you need to know a few simple rules and use them when choosing this part of your wardrobe. When choosing a shirt you should definitely pay attention to its quality. The best are shirts made of natural cotton; shirts made of silk are only suitable for special occasions and not for everyday use. Synthetic shirts often look bad, they are uncomfortable and it is hard to wear them in the heat or cold, they does not absorb moisture and therefore are not very popular.

Fabric of the shirt you like should be dense and pleasant to the touch. If you choose a shirt with cotton content 100%, be ready that it will be quickly wrinkled, but these shorts look great.

You may choose any color of the shirt. It is important that it should harmonize with the color of the suit and tie. Business shirts tend to be of light colors, not flashy. Shirts designed for holidays, parties, special occasions, can be white, black or bright. Brown and black shirts are not suitable for the office – they may give the impression that you are always in mourning.

Business shirt can be with patterns – a thin strip, small cells or ribbed. This patterns shall not be repeated on the suit or a tie, it is usually very difficult to correctly match the same pattern on different parts of clothing, so do not risk. The pattern may not be eye-catching, because the shirt is an addition to the business or ceremonial outfit, not its foundation.

how to choose a mens shirtPay attention to the collar. It can be of any shape – modern fashion allows almost everything. The only thing you should know – a tie collar is not suitable for the butterfly, and vice versa, so be careful when choosing a shirt.

All the buttons should be strong, well if they are pearl. If this is a business shirt, the top button has to be buttoned up. So trying it on, you have buttoning all the buttons. If you feel comfortable, the shirt is for you.

The cuffs on the shirt can be buttoned or with cuff links. They have just a little peek out from under the sleeves of the jacket, rather than hiding under it. If you like to wear a shirt with cuff links, it is better to choose discreet, small. For each day you may choose and gold cufflinks, but without precious stones and other jewelry.
It is believed that the ideal shirt should not have any pockets. Business and parade shirt usually do not have it, only cheap shirts for men may have it. If there is the pocket, then it will have to be the only one and small, at chest level. Pocket on the shirt does not assume any practical use, so do not put there money, phones, keys or pens.

When choosing a shirt, watch the seams. Good smooth double seam is a sign that you’re holding a qualitative thing. Many expensive shirts are sewn manually or presuppose the possibility of manual adjustment to the figure. Such shirt would be ideal in the office, and at the reception, and you can be sure that it fits perfectly. If the seams are not swept, diverge in some places when you pull the fabric, if threads are sticking out and there are many irregularities, you should not buy this shirt is – it could literally disintegrated when you will sit or bend over.

You have to buy a shirt in specialized stores but not in random places like transitions or trays. This reduces the risk of purchasing low quality goods. Cheap shirts for men can be made from synthetic materials of insufficient quality. They can molt, change its size after the wash, you will not wear this short for a long time. Handmade shirts are much more expensive and are considered elite.

Before purchasing men’s shirts, you have to learn everything about their types and the appointment, as it’s a very important element of the male wardrobe.

Types of men’s shirts:

  •  Classic shirts belong to the office dress code, as its official and elegant overlooking highlight the status of a man who put it on. Such shirts imply a business suit and tie. If all the elements are chosen correctly, then the man will give the impression of well-secured and successful person. It is necessary to choose a shirt of a very good quality and expensive fabric. And do not forget to pat the shirt correctly! Sometimes men wear shirts with or without ties, or under a sweater. Then it is important that the colors of the shirts and sweaters fit each other and well harmonized. White shirt is an everyday office version, which is suitable for almost any occasion, but the shirt of dark shades in many countries considered to be a manifestation of bad taste. The various collars may emphasize the face features or vice versa, underline the weak points and defects of the appearance. If you want to look elegant at work, then you need to choose the fabric, color, pattern, collar, in general, look closely to all the little things in order to look stylish.
  •  Stylish men’s shirts can be form-fitting or polo. Form-fitting look good on men who have an artistic taste. Such form-fitting cheap shirts for men highlight a good figure and men’s physique. You have to choose a narrow tie to these shirts. But the polo shirts are an element of sports apparel and «casual» style. These things are the classic combination of comfort, style and sports officialdom. Plaid shirts are also considered to be very stylish; they are a symbol of independence and determination. But be careful choosing the coloring, it is important that the cell is not repeated on a tie or suit.
  •  Jeans shirts appeared in the middle of the XIX century and were used as overalls for cowboys and gold miners. Today it is the most relevant, comfortable and convenient variant of clothing in everyday life. Very popular are black jeans shirts in the informal society of young people who are against the imperfections of society. Jeans shirts can be combined with any style of jeans, both classical and sports.

Everyday or festive, warm or summer, colorful or plain, with short or long sleeves, European or other brands – you can choose what you want, that will fit for a specific event or just for a walk in the park. The choice is much more varied than it might seem at first and even second glance. And the most important thing is that the shirt is the most versatile element of the wardrobe and often the most expensive and valuable. However the shirts can never be too much, as well as shoes for woman. Even if you have a couple of suits, but a dozen of shirts – every day you’ll look in a new way!

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