How to buy the stylish women’s bags?

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The women’s handbag is an essential subject of clothes. It is also the accessory, which is the subject of women’s envy and pride, and the mystery to many men. Fashion design houses do not tire to invent new and original models of women’s bags, for which the ladies from all over the world are ready to give a lot of money. The handbag can complement or ruin the created image, so the choice of should be approached with great care and responsibility. Every girl and woman is trying to find the model that is in addition to its functionality and capacity will match the latest fashion trends.

First of all, we recommend paying attention to the color. In this season it dictates the fashion of the bag. You can safely choose any bag of any color, but not black. Black handbags today are under the ban. It is not fashionable and even considered to be the bad manners. However, minor exceptions are allowed, but only for the models in nylon with perforation or fancy models.
How do you think whether the size of your handbag depends on your height? Yes, of course. The larger the figure, the larger should be your handbag. Very funny will look the petite woman with a big bag, especially if the bag is made of the patent leather. To such women would be more suitable the medium-sized bag with short handles. The tall woman will look somewhat awkwardly with a bag on short handles. In this case, the large size bag is handy. If you are a full lady, the small bag is not for you. It will focus on your fullness. The medium sized bag will be suitable in the shape of rectangle or elongated. If you have the large breasts and shoulders you should not wear the small bags, especially under the arm, it is better not to focus on the major parts of your figure, in this case, suitable will be the bag with long handles.
If you have the large hips, bring attention to the upper part of your figure, take a medium-sized bag with short handles or the handbag that you will wear under your arm. In addition to the need to take into account the figure, you can add the following recommendations:

  •  Nothing is so decorated your toilet as the well-chosen mix of shoes and bags. Some women seek to have a lot of bags for all occasions; others have to commensurate desire with the possibilities. But in both cases, you should have certainly one of the classical types.
  •  Pay attention to the big sized models. They are typical for energetic and active women. The classic shape is proposed for the active women, but at the same time elegant and graceful – for sophisticated.

It is worth remembering that only the bride’s handbag or an elegant evening bag, which wear stars on the “Oscar” ceremony, can be very small! Since in such cases, it has only the decorative function and all the necessary things carry the accompanying people. For the rest cases you need the model that easily accommodates the mobile phone, makeup bag with cosmetics, for example, mascara, lipstick, the purse and other necessary items on hand.
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Thinking on how to choose the bag, do not forget that the modern woman should has everything she might need for the day: wet wipes, documents and the house keys. Even the handbag that you are going to take on an evening walk should not be tiny. But do not fall in the extreme and buy the huge women’s bags that will remind sack and with difficulty will suit your wardrobe. And to find in the big handbag the necessary thing is rather problematic task.

The convenience.

It is not the secret that some models are very heavy and bulky. A huge layer of leather, as well as the massive metal buckles and fasteners – not all the women will want to wear such a long variant, even half empty! Therefore before choose and buy, weigh it in your hands, then try to go with it. Despite the size, it must be comfortable, because you will constantly use it.

To choice of the handbag is a real science.

First let’s define the material – leather or imitation leather? There are prevalent the two points of view. On the one hand, the leather bags show the income level of its mistress, they are durable and as a rule well made. The price of this bag, however, is much higher than its counterparts from imitation leather, and even leather products require careful maintenance. But the models made of artificial materials are more varied in the range and colors, do not require maintenance. Yes, they are less durable, but not become boring, such a bag is not a pity to throw and to buy a new one.
So for the formal events and important meetings, it is better to buy the respectable leather handbag of the classic style and in the spare time you can express yourself and choose the option that you like, even if it is a backpack with hares.
Also, in order to choose the right variant, you need in advance, before going to the store to determine the colors and style of the future accessory. Otherwise, you can go to buy the strict bag for the office and come home with something incredible – with violet feathers and rhinestones. In addition to purpose of buying, you need to consider with what you will be wearing your purchase. And it happens that the wardrobe then have to expand specifically for the new bags, which, in general, it’s nice, but not always economically feasible.
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What you should pay attention to?

When buying stylish women’s bags you should pay attention to the material, seams, size and design.

  •  The most popular bags are those that contain metal chains of white or yellow colors. They looked very organic with the feminine lace dresses from the latest collections of Dolce & Gabbana. However, they can be easily combined with fashionable tunics, which are also very similar to the short-cut dresses.
  •  In fashion are as the leather small bags as well as textile.
  •  If you know how to knit, do not miss the chance to get the fashionable “hand-made” bag- more over the hand knitting is now in a special price. From the decor you can choose the leather and textile flowers, however, the skillful needlewoman may well make something similar from threads.
  •  Most often the bag should be made from the lightweight and soft materials. This accessory is quite capacious, but it does not take up much space and frees your hand. However, despite all the convenience, not everyone knows how to bring into your wardrobe this universal model.

If you prefer to buy the bags online.

Some people prefer to use large business bags to put in it all the needed accessories. For such people practicality is very importance. To this list can be attributed and those who whom work and career are at the first place. At any internet store you can choose inexpensive leather bags. The spacious modern models have become very popular among the business women. Nevertheless in a small bag one would not fit all the needed documents or necessary things. Other women appreciate the ease and elegance. Usually these are the girls with high self-esteem, who prefer to wear only stylish women bags. There are so many places to purchase this stylish accessory. Someone prefers to buy cheap bags online on the Internet, while others prefer to buy them only in the exclusively branded stores.
One can order online bag at any time. There is no need to spend time to get to the store, look for the appropriate model, finally do not find it and come again and again. On the Internet you can order your favorite model and get it after some time. To purchase the things over the internet is very easy and much more convenient than buying them in the traditional stores. After all the online stores have several advantages: the opportunity to see the proposed goods, which are not available now; a very wide range of the models; the minimum time to choose the model; free delivery. Very often the online stores put up the bags for sale so that everyone will be able to please yourself with a stylish accessory.

If there are no strict requirements you should be guided by the following rules.

  •  First of all, the bag should be comfortable. In the store walk around with it in your hands, wearing on the shoulder. Are you satisfied with its handles, its length – because you have to wear it for several hours. Model of the bag itself, especially if there a lot of metal parts can be simply overwhelming.
  •  Secondly, it should be quite capacious, better – with several compartments in which you can organize all of the content. Because in female purse is stored just an incredible amount of items and they are all just very necessary.
  •  Thirdly, better choose more classic models than anything too trendy with very original design, an abundance of embroidery, crystals or braiding, of course, if you do not choose the handbag for one season.


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