How to buy clothes online?

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Throughout the world there are absolutely identical people. We all differ from one another not only with physical characteristics, but also the tastes, interests, attitudes, psychology, after all. However, there are things that are equally important for all of us – the desire to be on the top. The spirit of competition is given the human by nature, and if earlier it was embodied in duels and fights among the men and in needlework and cooking art for women, today the eternal competition for the championship of people moved in a completely different sphere. Now the fashion online shopping is the primary and strangely powerful weapon of modern man. And it is the same for both women and men. These are the requirements of already “advanced” civilization: who attached more attention and has managed to stand out from the crowd – is the winner. And how would we did not like it, we have to adapt to the criteria of time, fashion and style.

So, one of the most important tasks for the modern man – to buy clothes which will emphasize his dignity and hide weak points, exposes him in a good light capable to understand the surrounding status and interests. However, it is difficult to do it. And the reason is not in the problem of choice – the shelves are full of things, we, the potential customers, in stores, do not want to (or can not) spend clothes onlinetime and effort to find the right product, to stand in line in front of the dressing room and at the box office, to explain obsessive staff that we do not need consultations etc. Clothes online shopping – helps to make choices knowledgeable and exacting customers.

From the half a billion of users on the network, the majority at least once made purchases online. In England, America, Japan and Germany this are doing more than 80% of users. In Europe, there are over 2.5 million fans of virtual shopping and the official online stores – a few thousand. According to the company Gemius, every third person that has the access to the World “web” uses the services of online shops. Such popularity causes the continuous growth of Internet sales. This year’s increase is projected at 90%. Why the clothing stores located in the virtual space, causes so much attention, curiosity and debate? Let’s try to understand.

What attracts the customers in the online store?

Answering this question, we will miss the technical details and look at the most important for the buyer benefit. So, what attracts the customers in the online store?

clothes online 2The price. Quite logical is the fact that the product in the online store is cheaper: the owner of the site does not have to hire a large number of employees, rent a huge room and pay for its repair and maintenance. Respectively, there is no need to raise the price.

  •  The diversity. Despite the fact that every man has his own taste, the internet has everything. Starting from the chewing gum and ending, for example, the car.
  •  Save time and effort. For all the variety of products and services to buy clothes online does not require much of your time and effort: it is enough to sit at home or work behind the computer and type in the search engine Google or Yandex the search phrase such as “to buy bathrobe” and before you will be the list of Internet stores that sell the gowns. While you will be able to shop at any time of the day.
  •  The rights of the consumer. The law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” on the network has the same legal effect as in reality.
  •  The information. Full description and characteristics of the product, its image, the customer reviews and the cost – all these is an integral part of the online store.
  •  The convenient method of payment. You need not, as in the regular store, carry with you, just in case, a lot of money that might not be enough. You determine the amount of your purchase and can pay cash upon the receipt or bank transfer (bank transfer, electronic payment systems, payment cards VISA and MASTERCARD).
  •  Free shipping throughout the country. While in any way: by courier, mail or one of the many transport services (Autolux, Intime, Gunsel).

Some useful tips:

  1.  Be careful with the choice of the store.
  2.  It is much easier and more convenient to buy clothes online, if the site has the good and thoughtful clothing catalog and the search engine – so you can save even more time and effort.
  3.  The size often cases doubt even in the most experienced shoppers. Be careful, the dimensions vary depending on the type of clothing: shirts, pants, suits, underwear, outerwear, and from the manufacturer. Therefore, study in details the proposed store size charts. You can also take advantage of the serious online stores – delivery of goods in two sizes.
  4.  When ordering show the maximum attention and if you will have any questions, please contact the store manager at the same time you will be able to clarify the good’s status.
  5.  If you order in the first time, it is best to provide yourself with extra security. First off all, choose the courier delivery, and secondly, pay when receiving.
  6.  Service courier delivery is available if you’re in the same city, where the clothing store is registered. This delivery is very rapid and convenient, while you receive the goods, check it out and then just pay and put the signature on the receipt.
  7.  Remember: if you do not fit the size of the ordered clothes, you have found any defect, or you just do not like the product you have the right to return the product but not later than 14 days. You may also request the proof of the purchase.

Designer clothes online – sounds great, does not it? It is thanks to their advantages and convenience the internet shops with confidence strengthened in our lives, creating additional comfort, to which we all aspire. The potential of the Internet industry continues to surprise analysts and statisticians. Not surprisingly, if in the future the usual shops will become simply the memory.

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