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An integral part of the woman’s wardrobe is the wool jacket. At the same time, it is not only the office clothes, it is the successor of dress coat and the tuxedo which skillfully emphasize the woman’s body and are designed to hide its drawbacks. It is very hard to spoil the prestige of the jacket, as the main thing is that it should look like a man’s jacket.
And even all the famous designers have long been left the jacket into free work on it, so to say – “to float freely.” And what new and unusual prepared for us 2013? First of all, it is truncated models of the jackets.

The most fashionable jackets of the season.

These jackets in such a way visually lengthen the legs and correct the proportions of the female body. These jackets may be worn with skirts and trousers. This type of jackets can be worn as for business meetings and for everyday wear. Jackets are made mostly of wool so, therefore, it is the most popular material.

Very popular in this season the military style of the jackets. These jackets are made of leather, as well as of fabrics of unusual colors: olive green, khaki, dark green and black. The obligatory attributes of such things are – expensive small pockets, buckles on the buttons, large belts and buckles.

Fashionable in this season is the jacket, made in oriental style. Chinese or Japanese style is shown by the young designer Jason Wu. These jackets can be made without a collar, narrow lapels and with blind fasteners. Very popular has become the model without fasteners and quite shortened.
And for romantic persons the skilled designers have developed many beautiful wool jackets with the ruffles and sequins. The color of these jackets remained fairly harmonious: white, brown, gray and green. And only here and there in jackets can be found a variety of wool jacketcolors: red, green and blue.

Very popular are the jackets made in men’s style. After all, from where came to the women’s wardrobe so interesting and practical things? Yes, yes, just from the male! Such jackets have a strict and discreet look. This is just a classic! As a rule, they are buttoned on one button, or made with narrow lapels. And only its form-fitting will speak about its belonging to the female wardrobe. In no case do not hesitate of direct, strict shoulders of the jackets, even in such a thing you can look feminine, independent and fine.
For women, who choose the clothing in a business style, the designers offer many different wool jackets. The following tips will help you to make the right choice.

What you need to do:

  •  In the autumn-winter season  very popular will be jackets, which were in vogue in the 90’s – it’s white, maroon, green with slightly rounded shape, the combination of white and black, shiny fabrics.
  •  In the new collections of famous brands you will find both plain black and gray suits with long jackets and blazers of freer cut, that look more like warm wool jacket.
  •  Very popular in 2013 are woolen jackets of gray, black, purple and blue colors.
  •  Jackets in military style of dark colors give to women the special expressiveness. At the same time fashionable belt accentuates its gracefulness. In combination with a fluffy skirt the outfit becomes unique and suitable for the office or for a business event.
  •  Shortened jacket, made in dark colors, buttoned or completely unbuttoned.
  •  Fashionable and romantic are the shortened jackets. They are suitable for women of all ages, refreshing them, making slimmer and younger. Especially if such a jacket is equipped with feminine peplum.
  •  The jackets look elegant and unique, if made of the caged or striped woolen tissues.
  •  The charm and gentility add the jackets such interesting elements: the shortened sleeve and complex design. Gold and silver colors emphasize the sensuality and originality.

wool jacket2It is important to choose the right jacket not only being guided by the fashion trends, but also considering the individual characteristics of the figure.

For example, the jackets of straight cut in the Chanel style with contrasting vertical finishing visually narrow the shoulders and thanks to the length distract from the wide hips.

What you need not to do:

  •  Do not carelessly approach the tone of the skirts and pants which you are going to combine with the wool jacket or cardigan. Use skirts or trousers to match in order to prevent horizontal division of the figures in color.
  •  If a woman is frankly corpulent, she should not choose short jackets. It is better to choose the jacket with such a length which would cover the problem areas. These jackets are usually of straight cut and in the single breasted style. If the buttons are placed in two rows, be attentive these rows are as close as possible to each other, otherwise there is a risk visually add a few pounds.
  •  The most expensive jacket is worthless if it fits poorly, but even inexpensive jacket which perfectly fit the figure might look like in a million. Therefore, you should carefully try on the jacket and after the purchase it is desirable to visit the tailor.


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