Fashionable winter boots, new models

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Back to the past.

Actually, the trend toward retro style forms the foundation for some of the fashion models of winter women’s designer boots  – back in the 70’s. These shoes are practical, comfortable and more massive and are suitable for all ages.
The rounded nose and a thick steady squared heel of the model would allow wearing them even during the periods of strong icing. Bootleg is wide enough insulated with fur and hugs the leg tightly. Such tailoring even in severe frosts will not allow the legs warm.
Finishing of boots in retro style is rather modest; mostly it is various clasps and sewn straps. The color varies from classic black and brown to dark green and dark blue.

The original solution of the winter 2013 fashion high-cut boots.

The most prominent part of the winter  boot is bootleg. Fashion trends for 2013 are not confined to its length and the designers create models that impress with its uniqueness. For example, the original ideas of Givenchy, which was embodied in the form of fashionable boots with shapeless shafted, reaching to the knee or mid-thigh.
Yes, it looks very defiantly but even in such an unusual design decision is a definite plus – your feet would never freeze. Givenchy in his creations uses natural leather and calm tones, mostly brown and black.
In addition, this model of fashion winter boots  has a minimum finishing which is limited to a few straps and, in rare cases, a pair of buckles.

A variety of materials of winter boots.

Fashion winter boots of this season are remarkable not only with unusual variant of the boot form, but also with a variety of materials. Dries Van Noten, Ferretti and Louis Vuitton offered their collection of velvet.
fashionable winter bootsTheir finishing is luxurious and diverse. Different length of fringe, straps with buckles, elegant embroidery on bootleg, tassels decorative buttons – all this, of course, will be eye-catching. A variety of colors, mostly bright red and pink.
However, there are calm – dark blue and black colors. However there is one negative point – for the harsh winter, such models would not fit. However, for cold weather in the end of November, they would be a perfect solution.
But not only is the velvet so popular in the winter season  2013. Very popular are designer boots made of crocodile and other reptiles.
The vivid example of this is a collection of Jimmy Choo, which differs with the dressing under snakeskin. These boots are densely fitting the leg, emphasizing its most graceful curves. Traditionally do not go out of fashion the leather boots, moreover the design of these boots can provide colored leather inserts of various shapes and pretty catchy colors: orange, blue and red.
By the way, the statistics exist that more often the most famous branded boots are being faked. The same boots can be met and in the exclusive store as well as in a small shop in the middle of the market, by the way, in the store it would be much more expensive. It is very difficult to identify the qualitative fake, even for an expert in this area. But during the wearing the fake anyway would make itself felt. Soon after purchasing of boots the heel or the sole can fall off. Of course any shop proposes you a guarantee but in majority of cases to prove that it is not your fault is rather difficult. After all, the sellers can find a wealth of arguments not to return the money. And there is nothing to do but to buy a new pair of boots.

A few words about the fashion winter boots with heels.

As in vogue is the practical style of the 70’s, and the elegance of thin studs are still not willing to surrender its positions, the season of winter boots represented the most diverse heel length and configuration.
Thus, practical models have a wide and low heel. It allows maximum unload your feet and spine during prolonged walking. Of course, it has no grace, but it is stable and reliable – just what we need for our harsh winters.
However did not remain unnoticed and just pin high and stable heels. Christian Louboutin presented a collection of designer boots with unusually high heels. They are elegant, feminine and tight-fitting. In short, they have everything for a sophisticated female nature.
Most likely, in case, if you are bored with heels, there is a collection of winter boots, created by Alexander McQueen. His models do not have this essential part of women’s winter boots. The balance is held with the very high lift and long soles. Of course, it looks very unusual, but once and forever you would solve the problem of broken studs and periodically washable heeltaps.

The finishing touch in fashionable winter boots.

fashionable winter boots2The final stage in the creation of any model of the shoe is, of course, the finishing. The collection of winter boots  is represented in a wide variety of models.
Belts and buckles for strict and practical models; fringe, embroidery and decorative buttons for elegant and romantic – this is especially important in this season. Very important is also the decoration and the trim with the fur, for example, in the above noted models without heels – which produce the works of the English designers.
Leading direction in the decoration of winter designer boots is lacing. Pleasant to the eye, but somewhere in the bizarre forms, it is present on long and the truncated models of winter collections. It can be located along the whole length of the boot and sometimes only at some separate small area.
Fashionable boots winter 2013 and the fashion for them is under the banner of the struggle of practicality and elegance in women’s winter boots and it with no doubt pays off: masterpieces are created, which can then enter a long time daily use.
Designer boots in the online shop.
You may need a pair of new boots absolutely unexpectedly. And sometimes vice versa – you know the date to which it is needed. But in all good shops fashion boots are so expensive. Yes, they are beautiful, well fit, but it is sometimes hard to tear off half of the salary for a single event. To cheaper things we treat a lot easier. Is it possible to designer shoes online? This is the question that worries all the girls.
Nowadays the modern woman at work and at home has to carry a huge number of deals. It is very difficult among them to find time on watching fashion magazines or a going to the boutiques. It also happens that the shoes still retain a decent look but they have already went out of fashion, and their owner does not know about it, because she has no time to follow the trends. In this case, the online stores are very good helpers. In ordinary shopping center there are always too big crowds of people or the seller may be impolite. In the virtual store you can be the only one client, no one pushes, and the consultant is always on duty on the phone and is ready to answer all your questions. It turns out that if you would prefer a virtual way of shopping, you can save a little bit of nerve cells.
To be a modern woman means being able to drive, afford yourself to spend the weekend with friends in a trendy place, manage to freshen up for half an hour, and thus compete with models and TV presenters, and much more. And, of course, every modern woman knows how to deal with His Majesty – the Internet. But how else, when exactly with it help you can designer shoes online with teacher’s salary or scholarship of the third-year student, for example, buy quality and affordable underwear, shoes, cosmetics, and with all this, spend a minimum of time! Online shopping for modern ladies – is a matter of course, the prose of life. And have you ever thought why the Internet-shops of women’s clothing sell things, for example, at affordable prices, with the quality of products no worse than in products from the metropolitan boutiques? There is no catch!
The thing is that the Internet shop of women’s clothing, for that matter, and any other clothing shop – is not nothing but a warehouse, from which the things are being sale through the Internet. That is, the provider does not rent an office, does not employ salespeople – consultants, cashiers and accountants. Warehouse is operated by one or two people who are responsible for the timely delivery of clothes. They process the incoming orders, coordinate the customers and send dresses in different cities. Thus, the online store of women’s clothing saves on its content, allowing the customers using the benefits of civilization order inexpensive clothing of high-quality.

If you are not shortened in time, try to plunge into the world of online shopping. It is very easily to find an inexpensive store and to buy fashionable things online. There are so many of them. The main disadvantage, perhaps, is that you can not try on the things. When buying boots online you may have some problems with the size, because in many countries there are others markings. You need to correctly identify the size of your shoes, guided by your own size and the size chart listed on the website. For example, your size is 38th and then on the European dimension table it will be 39, by the U.S. – 7, and if the shoes from the UK – choose 5.5. Do not be in a hurry at this stage. You should carefully determine the size or later you would have to exchange this pair on another time. This procedure would take time and your nerves. The main thing is – do not to reduce your size. You will only regret about it.

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