Fashion trends of the best sunglasses

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Fashionable glasses, as at all times, will be an indispensable accessory both secular society and just resting on the beach or walking in the park person. And, of course, you should pay the special attention the choice of this accessory. The best sunglasses without difficulty would help you to make the right choice.
The coming year will not be an exception from the general rule and there will continue to be present trends of the past years, but in entirely new colors which will give the well-known brands such as Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli and many others, models of glasses which constitute fashionable glasses.

Fashionable sunglasses  – catlike eyes.

So, let us start with the most famous form of the glasses – catlike eyes. These fashionable glasses  have appeared quite long time and are still the main trend of the new season. Comfortable and eye-catching glasses, as if say about its owner, the fact that by nature she is “predatoress.” The variety of colors and decorations for the rims will surprise you in the new season with its freshness and originality.
If you wish to stand out from the “gray mass”, then you should definitely purchase fashion eyeglasses the catlike eyes.

Massive round and rectangular fashionable sunglasses.

Massive round and rectangular glasses, thanks to new technologies and materials, again rush to the peak of fashion in 2013. The inherent echoes of the sixties, will give the rectangular glasses charm and grace. Fashion eyewear 2013 will fit any of your style and help you create your unique image. They also will be appropriate for business meeting or for a romantic date, having chosen eyeglasses, you will always remain in plus. Minimalism and ease of this form of the glasses will win billions of fans all around the world.
And if you cannot choose the model for the next season but you want to go up with the times, then choose the best sunglasses  namely of this form, as they are suitable almost to anyone even with not ideal type of person.

Fashionable sunglass frames.

What frames should be regarded as the most fashionable? The greatest popularity won the frames with double nose bridge but in the new version. In fashion is the sports style that represents a sort of macho man, who is always confident and a little bit cynical. The best polarized sunglasses in the “aviator” style with a strict frame are always in fashion.
Some glamour models of sunglasses which personifying the style of urban dude are back in fashion. Here you can choose more vibrant colors, finishes with precious materials, such as leather, wood, plastic, more original design. And it does not make man look like the fairer sex; however, this style nowadays characterizes the man as virile, not devoid of romantic notes.
Also very popular is dandy style. This style involves showing special attention to its own person, deliberately over-expressed in the the best sunglassessame grooming. Glasses with round frames of wide variety of colors just match this style. If you are supporter of this image, the fashion  is together with you!

Fashionable sunglasses  without the frame.

Fashionable glasses without the frame are the novelty among invariably constituents of the fashion form of the glasses. Designers have paid a special attention exactly to this form and for those who follow the designer’s novelties, know that the glasses without frame  should become the most popular form. This style will not fit to everyone and there are not so much fans of this style. But to its owners, the fashion eyeglasses without the frame, will become “close” to the soul and the eyes and will please every time with only one sight.

Aviators – the fashionable sunglasses.

Fashion sunglasses  are also complemented with well known model as aviator glasses. Drop-shaped form of data glasses and their brutality is the achievement of military pilots and the company Ray Ban.
Aviators are worn with pleasure by both men and women, as they fit any face shape. Like the other sunglasses, the aviators, because of its militarism, fit almost any image. They give aggressiveness and boldness in look and causing tenderness in many of the stronger sex. The best sunglasses aviators, already throughout the century, are in demand and will definitely be present in the designers’ collections of fashionable glasses.

Fashionable colors of the glasses.

According to statistics of the passing year, the best-selling color of the lenses were clouded lens, gray or brown, this year is not going to be an exception so, the fashionable glasses will be also released in a pragmatic promise colors. Such turnover also gaining the so-called «gradient», lens with unusually lightens the lower part, the color does not change at once but step by step, for which they are so called.
«Gradient» colors give freshness to the face. Glasses are also added with new color trends. Lens of the blue shade, exactly this color is emphasized by the designers, is the innovation of the new season. And having chosen the fashionable glasses  with blue lenses, you need to understand that they are not suitable for all styles and colors of clothing.
Today it does not take much to buy fashionable sunglasses, at every step there are stalls with a large selection of sunglasses. But do not be so careless when choosing this useful accessory. It is better to buy them in the specialized and varied in their choice of optics stores or Internet sites and in any case do not scrimp when choosing the glasses. After all, health is more important than fashion and if you will have bad experience so, maybe in the future you will not need this fashionable accessory.
The girls, who are accustomed to look at the world through the rose-colored glasses and purple prism, will be pleased to know that the best sunglasses  with gradient color come to the peak of popularity. Christian Dior and Gucci have prepared to women of fashion the model in various colors – there is plenty to choose!

Flower motives in sunglasses.

This season the famous designers have turned their attention to the flora – flirty details of the sunglasses’ frame have become a welcome addition to the feminine image of 2013. Flowers are present at Ann Sui and Prada. These models will compliment the dreamy and romantic lady and eccentric lady, who want to make an unforgettable impression on others.

Fashionable sunglasses: decoration.

the best sunglasses_2In the next season, finishing with rhinestones are not welcome, but the original made swirls and figures – would be rather appropriate. For example, Chanel decorated the frame of one of the models of sunglasses with lady in a hat and pearl thread, the glasses Tsumori Chisato resemble the colorful porthole, Kenzo decorated the earpieces of the glasses in the form of the company logo, Anna Sui added only the modest flowers – one on each side.
The lovers of the technical innovations would certainly like the innovation from Diane von Furstenberg – glasses with a camera and player. The girls will look like the main characters of fantastic blockbusters and exactly draw to themselves the dozens of curious eyes.
What else?
Still remain popular the sunglasses with mirrored lenses and contrasting frames, eye-catching. The famous designers not just the first year change the shape and size without changing the color of bright wide frames. These glasses will surely become a wonderful addition to your outfit, the classic or extraordinary.
The optics with mirrored in gold and silver colors lenses look very effective, and considering the fact that they are the “must have 2013”, the “hunting” for such accessories should be started right now. It is simple to combine the mirrored glasses with bright tops, shorts, dresses with tropical prints; they will look bright and spectacular.
When speaking about the women’s fashion sunglasses of the summer 2013 one cannot but mention the new technical innovation –the best ski goggles, which were demonstrated at the Diane Von Furstenberg show.
In 2013, there should be no compromises in the choice of fashionable medical glasses. Let them be completely invisible on the face or rimless glasses, or, the best variant, catchy frame of bright color with original decor. Laconic strict glasses that say nothing about their mistress, except that she is conservative and works in the office, should be put for the time in the case. Now is the time of bright solutions.
One of the most popular forms which does not lose its relevance from the 60 years of the twentieth century is the “cat’s eyes” or glasses-chanterelles with coquettishly raised corners. By the way, this form is repeatedly used in the collections of sunglasses 2013.
Fashionistas who love bright and flashy jewelry will be thrilled by fashionable glasses in unusual rims of saturated colors or with the original prints. Designers recommend not to be shy and to wear the glasses with bright decorations, for example, with long earrings. Of course, the bright glasses can easily get bored, as they are too expressive. But if there will be more than one pair, you will have the opportunity to change the frame and get a completely new model.
In fashion 2013 are also the female models of big glasses which can cover the face in half. In this case appropriate would be any color: black, brown, white, gray, purple, red, green and body beige, pale pink and so on.
Men are more conservative and therefore the designers cannot limit them in the right to wear the classic frame. There are many variants: rectangular and oval glasses in the thin metal frame. The best eyeglasses – “aviators” are back into fashion, which look at the same time strictly and sporty and most importantly fit almost everyone.
Are not going anywhere and rimless frames, they can be attributed to the classics. Another thing is the men who can show imagination and originality in the selection of glasses. Incredibly trendy for them in 2013 is retro-style: to make the right choice, it is necessary to remember what glasses were worn by men in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s of the twentieth century, for example, round glasses were liked by Lennon, Jobs and Gradskiy.
The scientists have developed the best polarized sunglasses for drivers that are suitable also for people with bed eyesight; they also can be used during fishing to protect the eyes from the flares of water. Lenses that have polarization properties absorb and reflect the rays of glare. Polarized sunglasses have photochromic effect, which protects the eyes from the rays of the ultraviolet. For drivers who prefer driving at night or in cloudy weather the best variant is glasses with yellow, orange or light brown lenses. Dark brown or gray-green lens glasses are suitable for driving on a sunny day.

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