Fashion trends in a variety of women’s leather jackets

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Women’s leather jackets are an incredibly popular trend of the season. Leather jackets look very elegant and expensive and by practicality almost as good as the jackets of the most modern materials produced in high-tech equipment. Leather jackets are very warm and they do not get wet, they fit perfectly the figure and with the time take the ideal form, exactly follows every curve of the body. Furthermore, leather jackets are long life and very strong, these clothing will last for many years and will not lose the spectacular appearance.

The manufacturers vying offer the girls a huge range of leather jackets in a variety of styles, colors and lengths. On the internet you can find many catalogs of leather jackets and easily update your wardrobe with a stylish leather jacket, bought on sale at a very affordable price. In such catalogs are presented the classic jackets-coats, sports, glamour and casual-models. We hope that among the many interesting designs you would be able to choose the leather jacket that is perfect for you!
Thus, businesswomen, who like to wear fashion things, will always be able to pick up the model of women’s leather jacket black or dark brown, in some variations complemented by fur collar.

Fashionable women’s leather jackets.

Female leather jackets are obvious the favorites offseason. Women are happy to choose leather jackets that effectively emphasize any style from sporty to glamorous and allow looking stunning. Choose stylish models from top brands and designers at affordable prices. You can choose the classic model, black leather jackets and bomber, elongated jacket, jacket with a collar or a bright jacket up to the waist. By adding the fashionable shoes and original accessories – you will always stand out from the crowd and feel the beauty of the womens leather jacketscover. The most fashionable leather jackets of this season are black leather jackets, quilted jackets, colored short jackets, white jackets, jackets with prints, for example, reptile and the jacket with short sleeves.
The solution for the fans of strict style will be leather jackets without unnecessary accessories, these models are ideal for business meetings and negotiations. If any of the fair sex would think that classic brings gloom so, you can always look at the models of colored leather. The jackets in such colors like sunny orange, navy blue or the call of the red would help to perfectly complement your image. Many will find original the variants of women’s leather jackets with inserts of colored kidskin leather, each insert of which consists of a large number of colored elements. It is believed that the more colors are used in one jacket – the better. Undoubtedly, it is in this fashionable jacket you will not go unnoticed.

Very popular are also jackets made of synthetic leather with original art prints. For those who chasing the fashion, the fashion designers offer jackets that are adorned with rhinestones and sequins, these accessories do not go out of fashion and are always extremely popular. You can easily make dramatic changes in your unique image with the help of silver and gold sequins and rhinestones, while preventing any frills or vulgarity. It is enough only to choose the appropriate palatine, silver or gold, and wear it on top of your jacket made of leather. As the fashion accessories-supplements you can choose the fur, usually in the form of decoration or fashion collars. These fashionable women’s jacket hit the spot not only fashionistas and fans of the original and classic style, but also the female fans of the biker style. The models which are manufactured with plenty of rivets, pockets and zippers are very popular among the active girls.
For today very popular are the models of shortened jackets with maximum cut, but you should remember that short sleeves require such supplement as long leather gloves. If you decided to purchase a stylish leather jacket, then you should pay special attention to how it fits you. There should not be the feeling that the new thing hangs ahead or slips back, these are the drawbacks of the cut and such jacket is not worth buying. You should test whether there is a freedom of movement, it is necessary to raise the hands up, take them back and forward. Do not forget that the main rule of the reputable company is that there should always be the label on the product, which shows the information of how to care for leather products. The absence of such label should be the sign of the fake. Be very attentive and buy only qualitative clothing made of leather!

The color.

The designers in the new season offer to pay special attention to colored women jackets: beige-brown color, bright and even white. The womens leather jackets2last one is advised to wear with colored clothing, and the whole image can be diluted with white accessories or footwear. The fashion does not disregard the girls who prefer bright and rich colors. The undisputed leaders are women’s red jackets which were presented on the shows Dsquared 2 and Loewe. With such a thing you would easily achieve attention from others.

The texture.

Rather important point for fashionable jacket is not only its color but also the way of processing of the material. Trendy variant of the texture is the “matte luxury”, which gives the clothes a light antique effect. However, it should be taken into account that the other things have to be perfect, so that your appearance does not look sloppy and careless. Particularly popular are the women leather jackets that simulate the skins of exotic animals: snakes, crocodile and python. The trend of the season 2013 is the predatory print and the applications on leather jackets from various scraps of fabric, ornaments, chains and rivets. Blumarine in his collection richly decorated the leather products with fringe and stones, making the biker style incredibly feminine and attractive. Metal spikes placed the emphasis on the collar, sleeves and shoulders.

Black leather jackets.

Speaking about the leather jackets, it is impossible not to recall the famous black leather jackets. As the name suggests, this jacket with a scythe zipper, form-fitting, would perfectly fit the figure. Zippers and straps are the classic decor. These things can be easily supplemented with leather pants of various colors.

Styles of the jackets.

Popular military style continues to march down the runway. The special attention should be regarded to leather jacket bomber or pilot. It was inspired by the image of the legendary pilots – Amelia Erhardt. The modern bombers differ with bulky trapezoidal collars, concise cut and fur trim. Warm leather jackets with a hood from the rough, tanned skin are ideal for the climate variability. The most popular colors of pilots are dark green, black, brown and burgundy.
The style of 70s also remains on the wave of popularity. In the trend are the women’s leather jackets of caramel, red and camel shade, as well as typical for that time pockets and wide belts. Generally, accessories play an important role in creating the image. Do not forget to pick up to the jacket the leather gloves and belt, wide or narrow. Very interesting look the models with slightly extended shoulders and three-quarters sleeves.
In order to create a light, romantic image, under the cute leather jacket should be worn thin turtlenecks, cashmere sweaters or blouses with puffed sleeves. Do not forget about such an important thing as the long gloves! Another new fashion trend has become quilted leather jackets with a hood. The shape of the stitches may be quite different from the usual rhombs to bizarre combinations of various geometric shapes.
Properly chosen leather jacket will not only accentuate the figure, but also hide the drawbacks. The bolero jacket is ideal for cool spring weather. Shortened leather jacket is a great variant for going to the club. No less popular is the outerwear which resembles the man’s jacket. Elongated, form-fitting and with a collar – they would help visually lengthen your silhouette.
Spring leather jacket can be worn to work and for a walk, by combining with any clothes: straight pants, pencil skirt, floral dresses and even shorts! Women’s jackets of high-quality would help you to feel not only stylish and elegant, but comfortable in any weather. Properly placed accents would help you to complete the image and thus stand out from the fashion crowd.

Popular elements of the cut.

Broad and voluminous shoulders with the effect of “slipping” down – is one of the greatest attractions of the popular women’s leather jackets. They are present on ultra models, which barely cover the waistline, and elongated as in Mulberry.
The designers choose the configuration of the sleeves entirely consonant with the shoulder line. Long sleeves have the form of banana. They do not have any texture seams or intricate accessories – everything looks very simple. The only conceptual element of such approach to the sleeves is the laconic cuff.
Spring and summer models of leather jackets often have short sleeves up to the elbow. They look very wide and immediately evoke associations with Japanese kimono, hence follow that for leather jackets, as well as for fashion coats, became noticeable breath of oriental style. By the way, one can see it in attempts to abandon the traditional fasteners: some of the models do not have zippers or buttons.

How to correctly choose the women’s leather jacket on the sale?

It is not difficult to get lost in the huge variety of different products. All women’s jackets are so beautiful and attractive. One model seems to you sexual, the other – graceful and feminine, and the third – luxurious. What to choose? The reputable designers advise to choose the model that can highlight your personality in the best way. Do not buy the jacket just because you like the way it looks in the photo. First off all try on and imagine with what you will wear it. Terms of the purchasing of the products in the online store allow you to try on some models before make a purchase. It is very convenient for the shoppers and the online shops are going to meet them in this, especially if the thing is quite expensive.
When buying the leather jacket, be careful to check the quality, whether it treated with the water repellent treatment. Otherwise, the thing would not serve you for a long time. It is very simple to test it – you need to drop some water on the surface of the skin. If water would absorb, leaving a dark trail, refuse to buy it. Leather jackets do not require the special care, very rarely one would need to give them to the dry cleaners and in general, the leather products are unpretentious.


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