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The advices of professional designers are very important for every girl or woman and they tried hard to meet their requirements in order to look fashionable. So, that’s how the women arranged. For this reason, we decided to tell our beloved readers with what the coming year will surprise us and how we should look in order to remain stylish image.

General fashion trends. Jumpsuits and shorts.

Many fashion houses offer modern women to pay attention to such colors as neutral, black and white palette, rich turquoise, fuchsia and yellow. Fashion clothes for women will be decorated with jewelry, prints and sequins, so that during the whole year you will be accompanied with the festive mood. In 2013, will also return the fashion on suits and it will not be regarded only as the manifestation of youth style, but it is quite suitable for evening gown, all thanks to the fact that it will be made of soft shiny fabrics and very elegantly tailored, for example, during the presentation of the collection of fashion house Ralph Lauren.
Wildly popular in the coming year will be the shorts, which became the full replacement of the short dress. These shorts can be seen on the shows of such fashion designers: Vivienne Westwood, McCartney, Louis Vuitton.

The elusive fashion.

The dress will be very fashionable  and the summer models will be also made in the maxi style, like the previous year. Such models were presented on the court of the women of fashion by designers of the fashion houses Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior, Hermes, John Galliano, Valentino. Their textures will be very interesting because the fabric is so soft and tender made in pastel shades that it can hardly be seen.
Also very fashionable will be to wear things made of such materials as: romantic lace, light transparent chiffon or thin natural silk. All these materials are ideal for the hot summer and thanks to their flying invoice you will look extremely tender and sexy. Festive version of the dresses should also be made of silk or guipure of any length. Fashionable will be everything, especially with geometric pattern, colorful stripes or print.

fashion clothesSewed dresses, blouses and skirts – it is the great idea for the hot summer. Thin cotton in all times was valued of the weaker sex for its convenience. And if the cotton fabric is decorated with embroidery, it looks so soft and elegant, that the woman of almost any age and body type looks elegant and tasteful. Sewing is the versatile natural material, which is the basis of many styles and in the summer wardrobe is simply irreplaceable. The fashion designer Louis Vuitton proposed to wear sewed dresses women of al the ages.
In the new season, the flowers have blossomed on dresses, skirts and even on shoes. Flowers and women are almost inseparable concept so, in the brightest time of the year – in the summer, the floral prints are especially important, while creating the perfect harmony with nature. Red roses and chrysanthemums, irises, tulips and other flowers will be presented by the designers in the summer season. In fashion are the floral prints. Luxury flowers scattered on the tissue on the white and black background – this is one of the main trends of the season. The use of coupon fabrics with floral pattern is the sign of fashion women’s clothes.

Elegant fashion.

In 2013 the designers of the entire world remind the fashionistas that they should not rely on other people when choosing the clothes, because what suits one person is unlikely to fit the rest. Be unique and create your own image, without becoming the common imitator.
The fashion designer Ralph Lauren also remind the young ladies that it is very important to maintain the integrity of the image, because the current fashion is simply terrible critical and will not forgive you any deviation of the created image, and one ridiculous mistake will immediately vomit you of the “fashionable” pedestal. This is especially true to the solemn image. So, in order to look really stylish and fashionable you should carefully select the special outfit, shoes and accessories so that the image looked like the perfect symphony.

Lace fashion.

Again this pretty material breaks all the records of popularity in the fashion Olympus. The thing is that no one material emphasizes the women’s sexuality as the lace. According to the latest fashion of the coming year the evening dresses have a little of this “vulgar” material and then you will definitely be irresistible lady. Speaking in one sentence, the fashion can be called “the year of outrageous fashion clothes 2feminine”, no more, no less.
The lace can be quite different in color and texture and you should very carefully choose shoes and accessories, it is extremely important this year.

Clothing with polka dots.

Again, this trend has returned to the world’s catwalks and now the polka dots will appear not only on clothing but also shoes and accessories. And what’s more, it will be quite different-sized and the most fashionable variant will be the combination of all its sizes in your image, so go for it!
Women in spring  can safely use the latest fashion details and popular colors to attract attention. You can wear dress-trapezoid with bright geometric patterns in order to look like the young slender girl from 60th. At the peak of the season is the very short mini-skirt – the length “super-mini”. Tight and flying, different colors and shapes – the skirt will not leave you unnoticed and the admiring glances of others are guaranteed! T-shirts or dress with flowers. This summer, the flowers will blossom not only on the lawns. Large floral prints were appreciated by designers of different brands. Hurry to evaluate it because the summer is so fleeting! The designer experiments by mixing male and female led to the creation of stylish tuxedo. Do not be confused by the excessive severity of the fashion clothes for women: it is stylish and as never relevant.

Squeak of a fashion  – the leather.

As in the men’s fashion the world designers advice female sex wearing leather everywhere and it will be like leather suits, dresses for walks, evening variants and scandalous youth variants. Moreover, this “leather boom” will be focused completely on all sizes and age limits.

Fashion clothes for women on the internet.

One of the most important tasks of the modern woman – to buy clothes which will emphasize her dignity and hide weak points, exposes her in the good light capable to understand the surrounding status and interests. However, it is difficult to do it. And the reason is not in the problem of choice – the shelves are full of things, we, the potential customers, in stores, do not want to or can not spend time and effort to find the right product, to stand in line in front of the dressing room and at the box office, to explain obsessive staff that we do not need consultations etc. Fashion clothes online – what more can desire the today’s fashionista.
From the half a billion of users on the network, the majority at least once made purchases online. In England, America, Japan and Germany this are doing more than 80% of users. In Europe, there are over 2.5 million fans of virtual shopping and the official online stores – a few thousand. According to the company Gemius, every third person that has the access to the World “web” uses the services of online shops. Such popularity causes the continuous growth of Internet sales. Therefore, if you have any doubts – it is better not to buy clothes online, especially abroad. Otherwise, then it will be extremely expensive and long to send thing back and return your money back.

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