Fashion cardigans for men, sweaters and pullovers

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Famous fashion houses annually produce many collections in which certainly could be found cardigans for men. Coming winter more and more often reminds us to warm. In clothes shops there is a great variety of men’s cardigans from various materials: solid-colored and multi-colored, voluminous and tight-fitting, long and short men’s fashion cardigans 2013 would fit well in almost any chosen image and give the opportunity to feel fashionable and stylish in any situation.

Warm men cardigans 2013.

Now cardigan is a stylish type of clothing appreciated by modern girls and boys, and once it was a part of a military uniform of British officers. Its existence is associated with the name of British Lord Cardigan, who invented this warm knitted jacket with buttons to wear it under uniform of soldiers as a heater. Namely the need to wear a cardigan under uniform explains the absence of collar in this type of clothing.

Cardigan became extremely popular due to its versatility. In the 20s of the last century it came to taste to the British as it was very comfortable clothing to play golf, tennis and cycling, and then it firmly settled down in their wardrobes as casual wear.

Men’s cardigan with buttons for many years considered to be the most practical and convenient type of clothes. Fair to note that men’s knitted cardigan does not lose its popularity just because it has never been very popular. It rather plays a supporting role, but with this surprisingly easy combines with any style of clothing.

Cardigan is a universal thing and will fit well almost any style. It will successfully fit the set for both work and leisure. Stylish cardigan without decorations can compete with the classical jacket, if it is combined with a business shirt, for example, a plain strict cardigan of calm color goes well with a conservative shirt, thin tie and classic trousers. In such outfit you can safely go to the office or on a business meeting.

Cardigan is a symbol of ease and relaxation, therefore on outing, friendly meeting or a party cardigan will look very appropriate in combination with jeans, T-shirts or polo shirts. On your holiday you can afford to wear cardigan of the most bright colors and bold styles. Although the cardigan is a very universal thing, yet there are activities for which it is not accepted to put it on, for example, do not wear cardigan for a solemn reception.

Elegant men’s cardigan with buttons will decorate any man with any complexion and growth, fit well in almost any chosen style and image. With correctly chosen cardigan you can emphasize your dignities or hide some figure flaws. For example, for men with lean physique it is better to choose volumetric knitted men’s cardigan.

Multi-layering, which is created by a combination of cardigan and a shirt, will help to make slim figure more masculine and add solidness and impressiveness. To a fat man will better fit slightly slinky cardigan of thin flowing fabric, this will help to hide the extra weight thus making the figure more slender.

Due to its versatility, cardigans for many years are an indispensable attribute of clothing for most modern men. Elegant men’s cardigans 2013 will come to taste to any man, and will help out in the winter and cool summer evenings. It gives a feeling of freedom, comfort and ease.

Warm men sweaters 2013.

Sweater is a comfortable and universal element of men’s clothing that is suitable for almost all occasions. Men’s fashion sweaters autumn-winter 2012-2013 offer a variety of models and manners to wear. For example, a sweater can be use instead of a shirt under the jacket, it is fashionable to tuck it into the trousers and some models of elongated cardigans for men can be worn instead of outerwear.

Among the models of autumn-winter collection 2012-2013 very rare are sweaters with collar-pipe. Most often can be found pullovers, sweaters and cardigans. In addition to traditional, in fashion are not completely standard for men’s sweaters forms of filler, for example, “schalke”, “boat”, V-neck with a wide elastic collar and a cut with a stretch effect.

fashion mens sweatersOn the first place in this season are sweaters with original patterns, in Scandinavian and ethnic style. On the second place are sweaters of bright colors and with various prints – geometric, abstract and holographic.

Men pullover: diversity of fashionable clothes.

Pullover is an obligatory thing in the men’s wardrobe. This indispensable thing would warm in the cold, give comfort and warmth. Thus it is not hold down the movements. Among the all man’s wardrobe it is difficult to find such a comfortable and at the same time stylish thing. Only qualitative sweatshirts can compete with pullovers.
Pullover has a soft silhouette, so it is perfectly hide the figure flaws and highlights its advantages. This thing fits for almost everyone regardless its size.

Fabrics for qualitative men’s pullovers and chosen especially and very carefully. They should well keep warm and still be flexible and lightweight. At present, in the textile industry are used special technologies. With their help are created warm and comfortable things, designed for all seasons and on different weather conditions.

For the fall and spring seasons pullovers are made of lightweight and fine fabrics. For winter period more suitable will be thicker pullovers. But this is not the only variety. There are plenty of popular silhouettes and models.
Whatever style dominates in your wardrobe there is always the possibility to buy a fitting men’s pullover. Wide range will help you to pick up the model that will be ideally combined with other things and become a stylish addition to your wardrobe. There are sports and classic models with buttons and zippers, with hoods or without them. The choice is wide, so there is no need to limit your aesthetic requirements.

Do not forget about the color preferences. Diverse color scale allows you to choose the color of the pullover to match your dress or shirt. You can always purchase a thing that is in perfect harmony with other things.

Pullovers are produced by world famous brands. This allows not limit yourself in the quality of things and select only high-quality good. Models are updated each year, as well as the fashion does not stand still. Every time you can find something new, that can emphasize your individuality and dignity. Do not be too conservative and refuse from modern fashion variants.

New models.

It is recommended to combine warm things in this season with both practical jeans and strict business kit. In many cases, knitted sweaters and cardigans are used as substitute outerwear. For example, in the collection of Giorgio Armani was presented a stylish black coat.

Also very attractive are men’s knitted things, which replace the traditional coats and jackets, can be found in the collections of Louis Vuitton and Lacoste. Incidentally, in the latest collection also were present men’s knitted hats-mitts.

No less interesting are sweaters with a stretched neck which were demonstrated at the fashion catwalk by Burberry Prorsum. Stylists recommend combining such models with white shirts and a narrow tie. Other men’s sweaters 2013 from Burberry Prorsum are decorated with a variety of animals, as well as laconic geometric prints.

Popular in this season leather is not spared the men’s fashion. World fashion gurus advise young people to try on leather jackets, coats and trousers. Today are also very popular knitted men’s cardigans and cape, supplemented with leather inserts. Such models can be found in the collections of Roberto Cavalli and Yves Saint Laurent.

Models of male cardigans fall-winter 2012-2013 are very diverse. In addition to classical, in fall collections are present cardigans with the belt, with asymmetric zip, as well as long and dense models that can be used as light man’s coat.
Interesting variants on how to wear sweaters were offered by fashion house Phillip Lim. Perhaps, the producers decided to stake on multilayer and the combination of different fabrics and textures, demonstrating knitted sweaters and cardigans for men 2013, which can be put on top of transparent shirts, t-shirts and jackets. Moreover, they can be worn not completely, but only partially, one arm curled over on the opposite shoulder.

Colors and prints.

Favorite of this season is black color. On the second place are shades of gray, brown, sandy and white. Knitted things for men of these colors can be seen in the collections of Lacoste, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton and many other prestigious brands.

Some designers have decided to abandon the classical shades and prefer very bright, even provocative colors. I do not know whether there is somebody who would buy these colorful things, as they look really very strange on the representatives of stronger sex. Although, it is possible they will fit for any unusual (very, very unusual) case.

Among the most popular prints are still geometrical: the traditional checks, stripes and rhombuses decorated the men’s fashion sweaters 2013. There can be found pullovers with animalistic and Norwegian patterns. Also still in vogue voluminous, relief carvings in the form of braids, cells, and various abstract weavings.

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