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When choosing at least one trendy piece of the wardrobe spring-summer, look for such fashion accessories as the woman’s bag. Whatever you choose: sports backpack for active walks, small clutch for the party, comfortable bag for everyday wear or universal box – this detail can amazingly complement your outfit in an instant. Any accessory, what ever you choose, will display the fashion trends of the season spring-summer 2013: minimalist and classic shapes, bright or pastel colors, avant-garde ideas or the new textures. In order not to be lost in such a variety of options, we will try to find out what offer the world’s fashion designer.

Many would agree that Americans are known worldwide for their desire for convenience and comfort. That is why at New York Fashion Week were offered bags from the leading designers of the country, with minimal trim and simple geometric shapes. But at the same time, all the collections of bags look very beautiful, bright and stylish by unusual colors, textures and fashion finishes.
The collection of handbags for spring-summer  from fashion designer Victoria Beckham is done in neutral colors: white, black, beige and gray. All these are comfortable clutch bags that can be easily folded or rolled into a tube, like the paper folds (by the way, there are similar models in the collections of Reed Krakoff), as well as bags of rectangular classical forms.
Designers of the global importance of the fashion house Chanel has once again proved that they are able to blow up the world community, as they presented their new and unusual collection of handbags, which are inscribed in a circle. First of all, these accessories surprise with their unusual size and design and only then conquer anyone. And it is no surprising, since the circle is the ideal classic shape.

Fashion handbags from the designer Jason Wu were demonstrated in the variety of classic geometric shapes: circle, rectangle, square and even the actual shape of the season – the trapezoidal or rectangular bag with splay angles. Original rectangular clutch bags created in the underlying colors are the highlight at fashion shows from the fashion house Calvin Klein.
fashion accessories spring summerAll the benefits of the modern technology was skillfully demonstrated by Ralph Lauren, who created the handbags with amazing design, laser cutting through the skin, which has turned its products into true masterpieces of art.

In Paris at Fashion Week the designers demonstrated the handbags from the original for this accessory material, complemented with fashionable prints. It was immediately noticeable that Paris have prepared for the upcoming warm season. There comes the time to purchase the colored bags which can be of different color with shoes or clothes. Prada – the manufacturer of the romantic current, introduced the new collection of fashionable women handbags that have naive floral pattern, made annually. Many fashion accessories from this collection were made of unpainted linen, very much resembling the grandmother’s vintage bags.
The event in the new collection by Luis Vitton became the checker board. It began playing with new bright colors in the collection «Damier», by adding cells of neon colors: bright yellow, acid orange and bright green to the classic colors of traditional checkerboard Luis Vitton. In turn, Chloe decided in the warm spring-summer season 2013 to introduce their own versions, so he used, topical this year, fur and reptile prints.

Neither fashion show of the new season was hold without another trend of the spring and summer season 2013 – the transparency. The transparent bag was demonstrated by Stella McCartney. The special attention of the public have received the clutch bags of glass from Gucci, which resemble the huge diamonds and luxury models from Valentino, decorated with precious stones and crystals. In his collection it was impossible not to notice the small fashion handbag in the shape of the butterfly, which has become the true masterpiece.

On fashion shows in the British capital has returned the classic English style. In the new season will be popular the old-fashioned styles of handbags that have come at the beginning of the last century: various boxes, knapsack, pyramids, cylinders and picnic baskets. The hit of the new collection by Alexander Wang has become the usual shopping bag.
The bags from Celine remind us the paper bags that can easily be turned into the normal roll. Burberry presented the spring-summer collection 2013 in a variety of classic plump bags made of colored but transparent plastic. Roksanda Ilincic, who created the collection of handbags in the sports style, offered the shapeless large bags. Mulberry presented in a wide variety the large and comfortable bags for office in the trapezoidal or rectangular form of pastel colors.

Hermes designers decided to support the Oxford style, so they returned in fashion the leather backpacks which were met with thanks and by the other famous designers. The reason is simple – what could be more convenient and practical than the backpack?
Missoni, in turn, also contributed to the fashion spring-summer, therefore proposed original cylindrical bags on thin straps, which must be worn on the back. This accessory is a bit like an extended tube for an artist or the cover for a musical instrument. The big hit at the Milan Fashion Week were the handbags made of shiny metallic material.
As the holiday of a lifetime, Italy meets the new season of fashion which was displayed and on the collections of Italian designers. Gold and silver bags occupy the first place in the collections of many fashion designers, for example, Philip Lim and Yves Saint Laurent. Unusual texture and shiny material became truly the feature of the new fashion handbags from Fendi, Dior, Ermanno Scervino and Balenciaga.

A distinctive feature of the bags in the collection of Roberto Cavalli became the riot of colors, embroidery with beads and sequins and chic handkerchief patterns. But the most fashionable colors for bags  are: mint, blue, yellow, orange and red.
The hit of the coming season will be the large bags but with short handles. The most common form of these bags is the rectangular with rounded corners. They can be found in the new collection of Burberry Prorsum. Such bags are made mainly of textiles and leather but there are a variety of options and no limits.
The large bags – the choice of many women because they are very functional and roomy without losing its stylish look. The perfect large bag for the spring-summer  is of pastel shades, decorated with exquisite embroidery, decorative stones or chain.
It is hard to find a business woman, who does not love fashion bags. Perhaps that is why many designers in this season have paid particular attention to the creation of appropriate models for business women. In the new collection Fendi presented the capacious rectangular bag with short handles and of muted colors. Donna Karan also allowed herself step back a little on the strength and add a little coquetry and sophistication.
Christian Dior bags of the rather simple form promise to be popular. They are characterized by rectangular shape, with short handles, rich finishing and solid hard ground. They look very restrained and stylish. Office lady should also take a look at the huge fashion accessories spring summer_2selection of various portfolios and diplomats, which came to us from the man’s wardrobe.

Any woman does not do without the bag. The designers pay the special attention to this part of the woman’s fashion accessories and in the new season offers many exciting models for every day. For example, Marc Jacobs, Burberry Prorsum, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli and Valentino pleased the fashionistas with bags of variegated colors and interesting shapes. Very popular will be the solid models with short handles. In summer will be popular and the handbags in military style of sackcloth, khaki or beige color.
Tiny handbags that more resemble the purses will be in demand in the coming season as well. They are not as functional as the big bags, but are ideal for the night out, for example. Among the most popular materials for fashion handbags spring-summer  it is necessary, first of all, to mention the matte, patent leather and reptile skin. Suede and textile will also be relevant. Trendy decor of the bags will include metal chains, buttons, rivets, zippers, appliqués and decorative stones.

Fashion bags for the evening events are usually quite small, but richly decorated and have beautiful prints and bright colors. In the next season, Alexander Wang suggests wearing small bags of elongated form. Most fashionistas were surprised by the brand Dolce & Gabbana, which presented the new collection of beautifully decorated, elegant and stylish handbags. The fashion world Emillio Pucci also pleased with their tiny handbags of colorful tones, which are traditionally worn on the shoulder.

For creation of everyday and business fashion bags spring-summer 2013 the designers used primarily smooth genuine leather. No less important are suede, leather and patent leather, reptile leather. For more festive outs were invented the handbags of metallic leather. Steel gamma, gold and silver, bronze as the trim or as the base material also welcomes. Bags for everyday use are decorated quite modestly. Zippers, intertwining and firmware are the main decoration here.
But the evening bags are decorated richly and bright, and look like jewelry. The abundance of gold and metal inserts, sequins and stone trim, fur and textile combination, brooches, medallions, key chains and tassels – all these and many other decorations will add your evening bag glamour and luxury.
Summarizing, we can say that the trend of the coming spring and summer season are that in the fashion will be the handbags mostly of large sizes and various color solutions.


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