Dresses for formal occasions

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The person, who is going to the official celebration, can not do without the knowledge of social etiquette. It may be a visit to the closed nightclub with a strict face control, the semi-official dinner at the pompous restaurant, charity event or reception at the embassy. Such events are usually accompanied by a wish or even the requirement to dress in accordance with the certain dress-code, indicated on the invitation.

With what you may face?

Formal dresses are designed for very special occasions. For example, they can be worn on the formal reception at the embassy, court ball in a European country-monarchy, the awards ceremony – “Oscar” or “Nick”, etc. It may be necessary for any official reception, ball or presentations. In many contries the probability of being at the event for which you may need these items of clothing are not high. If during the trip abroad you will receive an invitation with, for example, dress-code, ask the staff at the hotel. You will be given their own rental service formal wear or redirected to the special company.
If you go to the theater in the evening, remember that dresses for formal can not be worn in the morning – if you can not change, it is better to go to the theater in a business suit. We must not forget that the dress is not the main thing, it is necessary to take care about the hair, shoes and stockings, check out the neatness of your toilet. We do not randomly stop at such elementary things. Watching the audience in the theater lobby, it is easy to see how important these little things in order to look good are. In the guise of well-dressed people, they are particularly noticeable. Not mention how important the ability to hold on, gait, gestures, everyone wants to see the dresses for formal occasionsfresh face, immaculately coiffed hair, neatly ironed dress. And very important are the legs: tightly stretched thin stockings and polished shoes. Taking care of these things is required. Only then it makes sense to talk about the aesthetic appearance of a person as a whole and, in fact, about the clothes.
The dresses formal should be of the very clear form, ironed and well made. It means – it fits well and looks modern. The complex can be the cut of the dresses, which serves to create the desired silhouette, but it is usually not evident. Indeed, in modern dress, any line is not applied “just so”, all items are subordinated to the single creative idea. Usually only women show partiality to the figured cuts, patterned buttons, intricate lines and decoration. If they can not find in the magazine or simply dream up unprecedented, ornate detail that they think original, and then they consider your toilet unsurpassed. Meanwhile, if it really is “unprecedented,” that usually affects the bad taste, and not new, since the shape, as a rule, is primitive and the details of it does not harmonize.

What should be the business dress?

First of all, the business dress differs with restraint cut and simplicity: no bows, frills, bells and whistles, high neckline or deep neckline. The best option would be the dress-shift or the dress-case: elegant, but at the same time simple cut will make any type of the figure more beautiful.
Secondly, one of the most important criteria when choosing the dresses for formal is the color. The daily business routine does not involve any experiments with bright and vivid colors. Even the red color is risky for business dress, although many believe that the red will allocate the woman from the crowd in comparison with the standard gray business suits, bright red formal dress will look most likely vulgar. When choosing the dress, you should pay attention to the classic shades, its simplicity do not mean the lack of attractiveness: the traditional black, pearl gray, the shade of mustard, beige, discreet shade of red-brick, and for the warm summer – bright, eye-catching colors. Every such dress can be purchased at a low price or with a discount.
Thirdly, it should be remembered that the formal dress can make more beautiful, or vice versa spoil the accessories. In this case it is dresses for formal occasions 2worth looking into elegant jewelry: beautiful belts, feminine shoes with heels.

What styles are suitable for formal dress?

Looks great the dress-cases, dress-shirts. Little black dress is also perfect for the formal style, especially if you will put on the jacket on the top in the men’s style. The usual form of the cut-out for the dress: not deep V-shape, round or square. Suitable are 3/4 sleeves, short and long.

Midi variant.

Midi length does not pose any special solemnity, so it is suitable for quiet formal events. Typically, these evening dresses are more concise and are less high-minded, but still with the twist. For example, Nina Ricci in one model of her new collection added to the waist the bow of the same fabric as the dress itself, to the other – the flowers of the fabric along the edge of the collar.

The color of the formal dress.

To some it may seem like the business dresses for 2013 are boring. But it is not so! Simply choose the appropriate color and stylish accessories. All shades of red are very fashionable in this season. Of course, they have to be sustained and not “acid.” Beige, light gray, classic black are the favorite colors of the designers. Summer brings its corrective amendments. Peas and print out of geometric shapes, gentle and low-key colors will help to look fresh and appealing. And in addition the colored handbag as the bright accent!

The indispensable accessory.

The fashion trend of this season – to emphasize the waist with a thin belt. Such approach, we can see in the collection of Gucci, from the well-known brand Donna Caran and D&G. The colors of the collections are mostly gentle, like “blurry in the rain”.

How to choose the business dress?

Let’s not save. Instead of “a lot and mindlessly”, it is better to have a couple of dresses, which will perfectly fit and made from natural materials. Well, if you are in the office, you do not want to come home as soon as possible in order to put off the dress! The feminine resourcefulness will tell you what to add to your wardrobe, what accessories to buy, that it was not the same outfit. With the right approach, the dresses for a formal will help to advance in the careers. After all, the stylish, dealing in fashion trends woman is worthy of attention and praise! And the closed business dress, like a puzzle, and the slight hint of sexiness, will attract the male part.


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