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Fall is around the corner and it is time to think about warmer clothes than we wore in the summer. And first of all it’s time to think about the dress and perhaps not one, because what fashionable woman will do without this, the most feminine part of the wardrobe. But here it is important know what dresses are in fashion in autumn 2012?

The urgency of this fall is a dress with lacy elements. Lacy can be a skirt, sleeves, inset on the chest, etc. Such dresses look very stylish and beautiful on a plump woman. Also very popular will be a “dress-case”. Such clothe is very feminine and more fits to plump girls, whose size is no more 54. In fashion are dresses in the empire style. Such dresses visually enlarge breast and draw the figure, making it more slender.

As for the fashionable colors, this fall at the peak of popularity will be black. Blood-red, coral, soft red, mustard, turquoise, blue and purple are also fashionable. All these shades in combination with dark colors will look organic and fashionable.

fall 2012For the autumn, many American women’s clothing designers have already prepared a small collection of plus size dresses. It is well-known designers such as Michael Kors, Donna Ricco, Adrianna Papell, Suzi Chin, Donna Morgan, Kalvin Klein, Rashel Pally and others.

Adrianna Papell evening dresses of American brand of women’s clothing are crazy in fashion now. This brand was founded in 1970, by the Berkman family in New York. For almost 30 years it is one of the world’s most respected brands. The key to the success of the brand is the fact that the brand offers modern fashion at affordable prices. Company President Jayne Berkmann remarked – “It was and continuous to be important to create beautiful attainable dresses for women to enjoy”. It is now widely known for its diversity of dresses for a special occasion. If you are looking for an extraordinary elegant and luxury dress, then, perhaps, you will choose these dresses. This brand – is associated with glamour, the brand offers affordable luxury for real women by wearing everyone from the bride’s mother to the prom queen.

Adrianna Papell plus size evening dresses are both beautiful and elegant. Whether you’re planning for a night on the town or attending a celebration, you’ll want the most beautiful dress you can find.

This season Adrianna Papell presented a collection of casual dresses and proved that to look good is not so difficult and all you need – it is to choose a dress on your figure. In the collection of casual dresses prevailing styles with knee-length dresses, dress-cases and single cut dresses, they are represented in the widest variety. In addition, the collection contains floor-length dresses in combination with cutouts in the style of a bolero, which is ideal for adult women. For young ladies presented dresses in stile “baby-doll”. This collection consists of dresses in several styles, which are characterized by short single cut and long sleeve. Some dresses in the collection look quite traditional in its style, but along with it – quite expressive and sensual for a date or a walk on the beach. This collection is relevant for women with any type of figure. Adrianna Papell casual dresses are universal and suitable for both office and school, and for creating romantic image!

Adrianna Papell dress affects its quality and interesting design. These dresses are for confident women. Among the celebrities who wear this brand are the Queen Latifah, Leighton Meester, Keira Knightly and Miley Cyrus. Adrianna Papell brand regularly appears in magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, VOGUE, Vanity Fair, Lucky Magazine etc. Adrianna Papell dresses are extremely beautiful and suitable for any sophisticated woman. If you need something luxurious and comfortable, you should stop your choice on this brand!

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