Dresses for evening outs

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Many women today are concerned about the peculiarities of their figure. Everyone knows that the standard dimensions of the «girls from covers» are not so relevant, but many are concerned with the problem of choosing clothes. The today fashion long ago moved away from the old stereotypes of manufacture clothing for the long-legged beauties – the designers create models that have (styles for larger women), allowing to emphasize the individual style and focus on the merits of the product holders.

The choice of the evening dress.

To pick up the elegant dresses for evening outs is easy enough if you know some of the secrets which should be followed when choosing the right model. The main objective at this point is to hide some of the problem areas and the focus on the virtues of the female figure. The most advantageous option would be the model, consisting of several layers. The lower part can be made of the satin, and the upper – of special guipure lace little wider than the previous item. Similar two-layer models look very original and unique.
It is preferable to stop the choice on the long models – from the knees and a little lower. When selecting the model with sleeves, it is worth looking at the length of three quarters, up to the elbows or wrists. In the latter case it is desirable that they are slightly flared. You should also take care of the accessories – the cape, wraps, and boleros. Finishes must be performed at a minimum: the strings, bows, lace and braid volume – all the elements expands its possessor.

The choice of the summer variant.

dresses for evening outsWhen choosing the models of summer dresses it is advised to note the models with the slightly inflated waistline. They are able to hide the hips and abdomen, as well as attract more attention to the bust. Often, for such purposes, there are A-shaped or D-shaped silhouette with a well accentuated waistline around the chest, with a square or V-neck.
On the plump women look also good the models with the slightly fitted dresses of the knee-length. They should be worn together with a wide belt. Pretty look beautiful models with corsets and open shoulders. In some cases it is necessary to choose the dresses with sleeves or in combination with silk scarves or other capes. Do not wear jewelry or puffed sleeves with the very wide dresses evening.
You should also pay attention to the used fabric. Preferred are the models of knitwear, cotton, denim or chiffon. Today you should abandon of velvet and satin because they make the figure filler. When choosing the pattern it is worth paying attention to the dress with vertical stripes and that visually make a woman slimmer. It is recommended to avoid too large or small images that can make you fuller. Bright, fresh shades are well able to emphasize the graceful figure of only slim women.
The correctly chosen dress is the key to success, self-confidence and good humor. To determine with the choice of the dresses will help these simple tips:

  •  The deep cut or the dress of the big size – not the variant for evening attire. Nothing but the discomfort and bad mood it will not do;
  •  More trust their intuition than short-term trends. Choose the comfortable dresses that accentuates your figure, not fashion, inconvenient of glossy magazines;
  •  Choose the dress that hides the flaws and highlights the merits of the figure. Evening dresses up to the floor is ideal for any figure flaws;
  •  It is well known that the black color makes the figure slim. But not many know that it is not for everyone. Color, usually must be combined with the touch of the skin;
  •  The big breasts will look beneficial in deep neckline and the small bust will nicely emphasizes the high waist line;
  •  The lack of growth better than heels will hide the dress with plunging neckline and the high waist;
  •  If you are overweight – do not focus on the laces. It will visually make you thicker.


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