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Not everyone knows, but when choosing the party dress etiquette calls follow one very important rule: the chosen style should focus only one dignity of your physique. Even if you really want to boast your narrow waist and large breasts, sloping satin shoulders and legs from the neck, remember that you should not do it under any circumstances.

Chooses only one the most outstanding and demonstrate, calling upon the special cut, suitable texture and expressive accessories. But be careful to hide disadvantages: wide hips – with a skirt, flowing downward from over-waist dress in a Greek style, heavy top – with elegant palatine, etc.

How to choose cheap party dresses for your figure?

It would seem that, slender girls with perfect proportions can focus on any part of their body, even wearing the most ordinary dress – in any case they will fall into the top ten. However, they are often disappointed because of their breast size.

Therefore, choosing a dress for a disco or a party, for thin and ringing girls it is better to prefer the short evening dress to show off their long legs. You can visually increase the amount of your breast with drapery or other decoration on the bodice.

To owners of lush shoulders and puffy forearms the designers recommend to choose the dresses with deep round neckline and long sleeves. And for those who want visually lengthen the neck should prefer V-shaped cut.

What to wear to a corporate party?

In this case, the choice of the party dress turns into the walk through a minefield. Because in addition to the standard rules of choosing the attire, here are also dress code laws and corporate ethics. First of all, forget about sexuality!
Сheap party dressesYou can look sophisticated, exquisite, stylish, elegant, but in any case not seductive. Creative style here as well will be not to the point, and with a choice of a color you will have to smash your head, so as not to seem pale moth and do not attract too curious glances.

Another difficulty is caused by the need to select the attire that will match the character and place of the party. If the reason for the meeting is cheerful and festive, some indulgences are permissible. It is clear that, at the celebration of the New Year relevant will be vibrant colors of the cheap short dresses. If the banquet is planned at the chic restaurant and the reason for the meeting is much more formal, you should stop on the long silk, velvet or satin dress.

And finally, the dress for all occasions, and more precisely, for any corporate party – it is the very little black dress, which helps out a woman whenever she is not sure about the toilet.

Referred stile “the little black dress” is relevant in our time, as women love to put on a little black dress for receptions and cocktail parties, the beginning of which is not later than seven in the evening. With the stability of the dress code, the design of the dress has changed its original features. Party dress, above all, must be balanced, and if one zone is open, another zone should be covered. Modern fashion, however, increasingly recedes from this rule; it was shown on the fashion shows of cocktail dresses 2012-2013. Modern cocktail dresses can be not only self-colored, but also with various prints or with technology degrade.

With great popularity of retro style, today, it is quite possible to wear a dress stylized to “golden” twenties – a gold or beige regular style dress decorated with sequins or glitter. Desiring to have a more elegant dress, you should pay attention to the outfits from the fifties or sixties. At that time the dresses were with clear silhouette in the form of “hourglass”, with strict architectural forms, in deep and dramatic black or very relevant today – purple.

In the wardrobe of every modern woman the party dresses should be together with other basic things, such as, for example, jeans. It can be as cheap party dresses as well as expensive designer dresses.

Figure and age are not hindrance for the little black dress: thanks to the abundance of styles, you can always choose the right silhouette. The main thing is do not be too clever by half: cut should be as simple as possible and the effectiveness will be achieved through hairstyles, makeup and accessories.

How often, when searching for the perfect party or cocktail dress, we go around all the salons and shops of the party dresses, but the result is often the same. We expect a huge selection of elegant and original outfits and in the end, face with hundreds of boring and monotonous dresses that do not just capture the imagination and cause an elementary sympathy.

For today there are many on-line shops that offer a wide choice of cheap party dresses. If you have not enough money for an expensive designer dresses you can buy them online. Each model is unique and unrepeatable. Choosing such a dress the young lady will be very attractive and unique as well.

Party dresses during its entire existence underwent many changes, as fashion is not standing still. However, the main criteria regarding evening dresses will always be the same: elegance and lack of vulgarity. Modern party dresses characterized by diversity patterns, styles and colors. However, the most popular dresses are still remaining those of straight design, average length and classic colors.

Even buying cheap short dresses, you can draw attention with their simplicity and naturalness. If your aim is to stand out – choose bright vibrant colors. However, be careful with the details, sophisticated draping, lace, tucks and plentiful decoration – all these subterfuges will provide you disservice. The time of luxuriant baroque is in the past, while the restraint and elegance will never go out of fashion.

To look elegant, you need to follow the following rules:

  1.  Do not wear too small dress.
  2.  You should properly evaluate your figure and buy only that dress which will perfectly fit your seductive forms, but not hat you have seen on the cover of a glossy magazine.
  3.  Trust your intuition and taste.
  4.  Buy the dress that will hide the disadvantages of your figure, and not put them on showing
  5.  Choose the color of the dress that will match your face. There may be many of them, and not just black.
  6.  If you are too thin, it is better to choose the dress of bright color with a rather brave pattern. This dress visually will make you fatter. In it you will look much more attractive.
  7.  Women with a large breast should choose a dress with a V-neck or a deep décolleté.
  8.  Dark colors will make you slimmer.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated to look elegant and stylish. You only need to think everything over when choosing the dress. But the game is worth the candles. In a well-chosen dress you will be confident, relaxed, and therefore irresistible!


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