Designer prom dresses – classic and epatage

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All the graduates have a priceless treasure – the youth. This is the time of experiments and continuous search for an individual style, in which there should be no errors and frustration. Fashion designers do not create a special collection of prom dresses, but in fashion 2013 one can find a lot of beautiful dresses that will fit to all the girls.
Dress for the prom 2013 – it is the most important thing in the whole procedure of preparation for the evening. If you will make the right choice, you will undoubtedly become the brightest and most beautiful girl in the evening. Even the slightest mistake is unacceptable. Properly selected designer prom dresses, undoubtedly will make you the queen of the evening. After all, to become the queen dreams every girl. This is natural desire of each graduate.
Today, the designers of the most interesting brands present a huge variety of fashion dresses for graduation 2013. This is a variety of styles and designs. Dresses for graduation 2013 are characterized by incredible choice from which you have to make the right choice. Style, design, special accessories and jewelry will add to your image a special look.
But the choice of dress for graduation 2013 – it’s only up to you. Your dress should look good emphasizing the beauty of your figure and to be in harmony with your makeup and manicure. All chosen style must be harmonious. Namely fashionable dresses for graduation 2013 are the main figure and the collective element in the entire image of girls who want to be the most beautiful.
One of the highlights when choosing a dress for graduation 2013 is the color of the dress. In 2013, you can afford an impossible variety of colors and paints. And more over, all the brightest colors will be the most fashionable. Dress for graduation 2013 may be also in classical black and white.
If you think that dress for the prom 2013 will look too pale and not very interesting. You are mistaken. The combination of these two elegant colors looks great on every figure. For example, fashion dress can be fully black with a white belt or with decoration at the hem of the dress. Or even in a large strip, and maybe the top of the dress will be black and the bottom – white. You will not look like a zebra in this dress, you’ll look very stylishly.
Designer prom dress - classic and epatage.Classic – is nice. But if you do not like it not worry, warm and delicate shades are in fashion as well. Cream and blue dresses, sweet pink and peach shades will look very nice. Gentle colors accentuate your beauty and charm.
But the main trend of the summer 2013 is violence of paints and colors. Fashion dresses are of red, blue, purple, coral and turquoise. Exactly these colors will be popular. If you will be in such a bright dress, the attention of others will be yours. These designer prom dresses 2013 will not allow you to merge in the crowd.
If you want to be the star of the evening, the fashionable dress for the prom must be yellow. The color of the sun will not require additional accessories and jewelry. In itself, this dress is a great decoration.
Another shade of the sunny color is golden. Fashion dress for graduation 2013 of gold color – is one of the most suitable variants. Brightness, elegance and sophistication of the color, just do not make it possible to look away. And if you will be in such dress, all the guys will not be able to stop looking at you.
If you are a bright person who loves to surprise and shock everyone, then the graduation dress of carrot (orange) color – it’s your choice. This color is very fashionable in the summer season of 2013 and you’ll be able to express your individuality through it. Bright color must not scare you; it’s an expression of your emotions (joy and happiness).
After a review of color scale for graduation dress 2013, we need to pay attention to the length of the dress.
Long designer prom dresses are characterized by their elegance and luxurious look. This dress will immediately give you a certain charm and femininity. But this does not mean that fashionable dresses for graduation 2013 can not be of medium length. Mini dress will be very popular in the summer of 2013. Such dress will emphasize your beautiful legs and grace of your waist. However, we need to balance the openness: the shorter the dress, the closest the top. So do not be afraid of short dresses.
The main thing when choosing the fabric for graduation dresses 2013 is its beauty and quality. Since graduation parties usually take place in the summer, it is better to choose a light chiffon and silk.
These fabrics are light and delicate; in a dress of such fabric you will feel very comfortable the whole evening. These fabrics will also perfectly emphasize your slim figure and femininity. Choose the color and length of the dresses listening to your inner voice. So making the right choice of the fabric you can get exclusive and most importantly cheap prom dresses.
Popular and fashionable vintage dresses become not so long ago. They fashion on them introduced the celebrities, as to meet someone in a similar or the same vintage dress is virtually impossible. This is the maximum individual style, and a single representative of vintage dresses can look unique. Vintage evening dresses are especially popular. First of all, this is the case when you can look special. And besides, you do not really want to be at the event in exactly the same outfit as in the women next to you. In general, evening vintage dresses, as usual vintage dresses, follow the same rules: made of high quality fabrics that have experienced several decades, thy can boast of lace, velvet, satin, embroidery, ruffles and bows, feminine cuts.
A distinctive feature of the prom dresses 2013 will be its expensive look and decorations. Regardless of the material, as always, they will be richly decorated with stones, embroidery, sequins and fashionable designs. If you decided to follow fashion trends in 2013 entirely, complete the final dress with fashionable accessories. One of them – are the gloves. The length of gloves can be different. The most important thing is not to overload the entire image. If the dress is monotonous it is better to wear gloves with a pattern, decorated with embroidery, stones and glitter. If the prom dress abundantly decorated with decorative elements and prints, you can opt for a black and white pair. The hit of the season 2013 will be the hats. A small tablet or any other elegant hat adds to the overall look stylishness. Wide belts and thin straps – all alike can decorate graduation dress. This accessory is made of leather or fabric – your choice. Or instead of a belt you can add a bowknot to your prom dress, knotted at the waist. And of course, fashionable shoes with heels and a small handbag will complete the whole image.
Undeniable addition to your image is also the right hairstyle. Girls should choose relevant hairstyles for graduation 2013. The asymmetrical, simple and elegant hairstyles, made with short hair will be popular in spring-summer 2013. The main thing is that it should perfectly fit the oval of your face, clothes and makeup.


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