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Designer handbags wholesale and significant discounts are fairly frequent event, which, however, is widely used around the world only in the last decades of the last century. The owners of the Italian shops invent new ways to circumvent the laws adopted by the local authorities, under which seasonal sales should take place within strict deadlines. The new idea of the Roman merchants – to send the “secret” SMS-message to regular customers, informing them of the price cuts declared for 8 days before the official start of the sales. Although, the products with discounts should appear on the shelves only 8 July, in reality, many shops have long been trading at discount prices, despite the threat of fine in the amount of 1,000 Euros.

Winter designer handbags wholesale in Italy.

Shopping in Italy is very popular and has long been considered one of the most profitable ways to update your wardrobe. Very many people ask when to plan their trip to buy the fancy stuff at the lowest prices. The winter sale is just the period that yet combines both factors.
Winter sales in Italy, for some it is just a dream, because it is the time to buy stylish clothes at very reasonable prices: shoes from D & G and Prada for 175 Euros, purses from Brioni for 75 Euros and a beautiful bag from Furla for 80-100 Euros. Many, who were on the sales in Italy, tell in different ways as it happens – a lot is the truth, but a lot – the fiction.
On sales, taking place in Italy, you can buy really nice designer wholesale handbags. Indeed, at the time of the sales, almost all the stores sell their goods at a discount of 30-50%.
Only expensive brand stores such as: Bulgari, Louis Vouitton, Hermes and others do not make discounts. In the outlets, which sell designer handbags wholesalethings from the last year’s collections, you can purchase shoes or clothing with double discounts. That is, to existing discounts are added the seasonal discounts, which may be in the range of 30-50%. For example, in outlets one can buy famous brand Trussardi for 100 Euros and in the period of seasonal sales – for 50-60 Euros. In fact, many Europeans expect the seasonal sales, in order to provide themselves with clothing and footwear for the entire season.

Many describe or tell that winter seasonal sale in Italy begins on Christmas Eve and ends around the end of January, but it is not so. Speaking about the winter sales, they usually begin in the first weekend of January, last for about two months and end at the end of February. Do not forget that 1 and 6 January are the holidays. Many of the stores in Italy are closed on Sunday and on Monday work only half a day. The truth is that, in different cities of Italy the sales begin at different times. In Italy there is a calendar of sales, due to which in different cities begin the sales. So, for example, in Rome, Milan and Venice the sales start at the second half of January and in Florence – on January 7, in outlets – somewhere on 5-7 January.

They say that you should manage to get to the sale into the first three days; otherwise there will be nothing to buy. It is not the truth. In the first three days of the sales there will actually be sold a lot of goods, but you will have to spend too much time in the huge queues. Remember, this is only in the first few days of the sales and then there will be a new delivery of the goods and no queues. By the way, it is necessary to know that in the first days of the sales discounts on goods does not exceed 30%, and in a week or two they may be about 50%. Therefore, making the conclusion from the above it can be argued that shopping is more profitable a little bit later the start of the sales. Although, it should be noted that one can purchase the wholesale designer handbags only at the beginning of the sales.

They say that in Milan during the sales, everything is more expensive than in Rome, Venice or Florence. It is not so, if to consider the price of brand-name items, the cost will be about the same in all the cities of Italy. In all Italian outlets are the same discounts within the 30-70%, which in Milan. If you will visit the stock centers in the suburbs of Milan – there you will be able to buy the designer bag at bargain prices at all, such as from D&G for 10 Euros. If you have the opportunity to visit Italy during the sales, do not miss it, since there is a chance to update your wardrobe, spending 3-4 times less money than usual.

The beginning and the end of winter wholesales.

The winter wholesales in Italy usually begins in the first Saturday of January. Often, in different cities of the country, the starting date is not the same, but this winter in all Italian cities the sales began in the same day – January 5.
Earlier this term the regular stores can not begin to sell, for violation of the rules the shop can be fined by the municipal services. However, this rule only applies to regular stores.
Outlets and stocks that sell things of the past collections with discounts throughout the year, this rule does not apply. That is why in advertising purposes already since December in many outlets start the additional seasonal discounts of 30-40%. For example, in Rimini the discounts in outlets began in late November and the designer handbags wholesale in the Marche region begin from designer handbags wholesale_2December. Outlets usually located in the countryside near big cities. It will be great to find out in advance which brands are in outlet and the transport schedule, to get there. And of course, do not forget the tax free!
Outlet prices are lower than in the ordinary shops in the city. Sometimes for these lower prices there are significant discounts. For example, you will be able to buy a very good everyday bag Calvin Klein. While the price in boutique in the city is 374 Euros, the outlet price is 275 Euros, but already there you can be lucky enough to find discount designer handbags and grab one of them, for example, for 95 Euros!

The sales usually last for 60 days, but usually end with the poor range of products for sale, that is, in the last week of February. Many believe that the sale is interesting only in the first week and then there are no sizes and interesting models. This is not true.
In the first week of the sales in stores usually gather large crowds and queues, but the discounts at this time are not the lowest – only 30% and not the whole range is exhibited, but only the small part. As a rule, the whole range of the shop is divided into parts and updated every week.

The prices for designer handbags during the wholesales.

The second issue that interest those who plan to go to the winter discounts in Italy, the prices of wholesale handbags and purses. During the sales it is important to remember about the following points:

  •  discounts are everywhere – you can go into any boutique or shop in any Italian city and there will be discounts. However, if the store is located in the central tourist area, the range there will be not as wide and discounts not very high (because there is no reason for the store selling everything with high discount, in any case the tourists will come and buy everything);
  •  in traditional stores and boutiques are sold the current collections of designer bags (fall-winter of the last year) with discounts of 30-70%;
  •  the biggest discounts are in outlets: that is, the usual discount are of 30-70%, plus on these things are seasonal discounts of 40-60%;
  •  in the beginning of January the seasonal discounts are of 30-40%, by the end of January – 50-60% and in February one of the highest – 70%;
  •  some expensive luxury brands do not have discounts, for example, Louis Vuitton.

How to calculate how much the wholesale handbag will cost. Go to the site of the selected brand, for example, Armani and select the section “buy online”, see the prices of things. Then take away from this price 30-60% – this will be the price of this bag in the boutique. If from this price take away another 50%, it will be the price in outlet during the wholesales. The prices are really low.
Also during the winter sales in the wholesale centers and factories there are discounts for wholesalers on the current collections. Such discounts begin from December and in the beginning of 10-30%, and closer to January up to 50%. If you have not been on sales in Italy in winter, be sure to plan a trip – you will not regret it! If you were on the winter sales in Italy, you will not miss it again.


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