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Fashionable women’s designer handbag is the only accessory, without which can not do any of the fair sex, because in a small stylish handbag store all her “wealth.” Women do not let the bag out of the hands while this accessory is the logical complement of their image and its functional detail, decoration and the sentiment indicators of its owner.

The history of the women’s handbags goes back in the Middle Ages, when it was a bag for coins, tied up the hem of the dress. By the end of XVIII century the simple purse was transformed into a beautiful bag with the round bottom, embroidered with silk ribbons, beads and precious stones. This stylish ladies handbag was called “Pompadour” in honor of Madame de Pompadour – the favorite mistress of King Louis XV. Imbued with the spirit of romantic France, the beautiful handbags “pompadour” come down to the present days and are mainly used by the brides.

Fashionable designer handbags for less can be found in the majority of online stores. In this season the ultra fashionable color became the color of green mint. Delicate pastel colors also not left behind. The leading positions are occupied by the bright women’s fashion handbags of rich colors: blue, orange, yellow, green, red, colorful prints also not remain on the sidelines.
In the summer 2013 fashionable will be bags with tropical prints and geometric patterns. The hit of the season will be coral bag. With the bag of this color you will be on the peak of fashion trends. Also among the favorites are bags with flowers of the African savannah, all shades of brown, sand and chocolate. In general, the masters tried their best. The fashion bags 2013 are so diverse that any, even the most capricious woman will find the suitable variant. Bags of this season should be large, “the more, the better” – it is the general designer handbagsopinion of many designers.

Fashionable and relevant in the present are the following modifications:

  •  Large spacious ladies handbag of rectangular, square or trapezoid form, which are perfect for everyday wear.
  •  The bag-basket, more like a basket. This model more fit romantic and gentle natures.
  •  Clutch – a small elegant handbag without a handle, the faithful ladies companion at parties and celebrations.
  •  The bag-setchel with flat rectangular or square base, look like a small trunk or suitcase.
  •  Hobo bag in the form of a crescent.
  •  Messager-bag, which is worn over the shoulder.

In addition to these types of ladies accessories, there are many options for women’s handbags – every of the world’s leading designer wants to create the new “bag hit” which will conquer the hearts of avid fashionistas. The online stores actively follow the innovations in the production of goods and offer their customers the classic models and trends of the season from the top fashion houses and young talented local designers.
Designers of the global importance of the fashion house Chanel has once again proved that they are able to blow up the world community, as they presented their new and unusual collection of handbags, which are inscribed in a circle. First of all, these accessories surprise with their unusual size and design and only then conquer anyone. And it is no surprising, since the circle is the ideal classic shape.

At Fashion Week in Paris the designers demonstrated the handbags from the original for this accessory material, complemented with fashionable prints. It was immediately noticeable that Paris have prepared for the upcoming warm season. There comes the time to purchase the colored designer bag Prada – the manufacturer of the romantic current, introduced the new collection of fashionable women handbags that have naive floral pattern. Many handbags from this collection were made of unpainted linen, very much resembling the grandmother’s vintage bags.

On fashion shows in the British capital has returned the classic English style. In the new season will be popular the old-fashioned styles of handbags that have come at the beginning of the last century: various boxes, knapsack, pyramids, cylinders and picnic baskets. The hit of the new collection by Alexander Wang has become the usual shopping bag.
The bags from Celine remind us the paper bags that can easily be turned into the normal roll. Burberry presented the spring-summer collection 2013 in a variety of classic plump bags made of colored but transparent plastic. Roksanda Ilincic, who created the collection of handbags in the sports style, offered the shapeless large bags. Mulberry presented in a wide variety the large and comfortable bags for office in the trapezoidal or rectangular form of pastel colors.

designer handbags_2Fashion designer handbag for the evening events is usually quite small, but richly decorated and has beautiful prints and bright colors. In the next season, Alexander Wang suggests wearing small bags of elongated form. Most fashionistas were surprised by the brand Dolce & Gabbana, which presented the new collection of beautifully decorated, elegant and stylish handbags. The fashion world Emillio Pucci also pleased with their tiny handbags of colorful tones, which are traditionally worn on the shoulder.
The distinctive feature of the bags in the collection of Roberto Cavalli became the riot of colors, embroidery with beads and sequins and chic handkerchief patterns. But the most fashionable colors for bags 2013 are: mint, blue, yellow, orange and red.
Comfort and roominess – this is the slogan of the summer 2013. The bag “hobo” for many years is extremely popular among the modern ladies. This crescent-shaped bag with a short handle repeats your silhouette when you carry it in your hand. Hobo bags have brands like DiGregorio, LoriBlu, MarinaCreazoni, Nicoli. Fans of smaller bags will enjoy the bag with fringe.
Fashion bags with flowers or other colorful prints are worn with clothing of the same colors. The bag should not repeat the whole pattern and color of clothing, enough is the repetition of individual elements. These designer handbags for less can be bought under the brand name ARCADIA.

Real Italian handbags in the online shop.

Italian handbags are the real creature in the world of art. Handbag from Italy is the deadly weapon in the wardrobe of any woman; one can not stand against it. But not all of us can afford to travel to Italy for fashion, and mostly for bag made of genuine leather. In this case, the online shop comes to the rescue where you will find only the original model’s of the most famous brands, such as Tosca Blu, Gilda Tonelli, Acquanegra and others. The range keeps up with the times. The online shops follow the current trends, constantly filling up the collection of Italian handbags with high quality products.

Italian designer handbags for less in the online shop – this is real! On the virtual shelves of the store there is a variety of collections for every taste! Italian leather handbag is the sign of high quality in the world of fashion. The main advantage of the leather bag is the image that it creates. Genuine leather speaks of the exquisite taste of its owner, her prosperity and rational choice. After all the leather bag will last more than one season, while retaining both its form and color. Every girl, woman, simply must have in her wardrobe at least one leather handbag.
The selection of women’s leather bags in the online store is very diverse, ranging from the classic versions and finishing with highly extravagant models. Even the most capricious lady will pick the right accessory. Do not be afraid to buy the leather bag in internet store. You just need to visit the site and choose the desired model. The consultants will help you make the order and organize the delivery.

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