Designer gowns: What’s prepared for us fashion?

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Every fashionable woman wants to please yourself with the original and at the same time comfortable and convenient clothes. Let’s try to look on the world podiums and determine the main directions when choosing fashionable dresses for the upcoming season 2013.

Fashion dresses from Miss Sixty.

The fashion house Miss Sixty, brings to your attention dresses in various styles, colors and fabrics. Knitted dresses from Miss Sixty, made with various wicker patterns, which allows its owner to hide some figure flaws. Models of these dresses are mostly of straight cut with a length to mid-thigh. They can be both with sewn pockets and without them. Very nicely this dress combines with a wide belt.
Particularly original is the model from Miss sixty – the bat. This dress serves to emphasize the thin waist of its owner, even if nature is not awarded this girl with it. Not bad Miss sixty also cope with the cocktail dresses. Strict and simple, fanciful and glamorous – Miss sixty takes care of that her women customers will be happy. If to speak about the colors, Miss sixty offers bright shades with different prints, as well as, striped and monophonic colors for their models.

Fashion dresses from Benetton.

Designer gowns: What's prepared for us fashion?Benetton offers dresses that have a very unusual look and cut. Benetton takes care of that in the first place the owner feel comfortable in the given clothes. So, Benetton offers direct, slightly bell-bottomed style with V-neck neckline. This is a very profitable model, because you can hide everything you do not want to show.
Classic style of the warm dress, which offers Benetton, will gently accentuate your figure and add to you more femininity. Knitted fashionable designer gowns  with bell-bottom skirt will protect you in the cold weather. This model is more suitable for very thin girls, the dress will visually add a few centimeters.

The colors of the dresses Benetton are various – classic black and white, bright monochromic colors, cool gray and others.

Fashion dresses from Burberry.

Burberry represents for you in 2013 various original models, which will emphasize your femininity. So, form-fitting fashionable dresses 2013 from the jersey are with different length of sleeves and sleeveless. Dresses with straight cut, collected at the waist with the belt are very elegant and simple. It will perfectly fit any girls with any figure.
Burberry dresses of chiffon and silk, which strictly fit the shape, created for business meetings and strict parties will look great on women of fashion with chiseled figure. Ruffles and bows will add to them the feminine charm. For everyday life, Burberry offers simple straight cuts, which in combination with some accessories will become smart. Patch pockets, collars, belts and small ruffles – all this will complement the original designer gowns. The color scheme is very diverse. Bright and pastel colors, vivid prints will be able to charm any lady. Simple models of dresses from Burberry will emphasize the female beauty, so Burberry aims to create for you the best.

Fashion dresses from Fred Perry.

Fred Perry, offers to you a small range of fashion dresses. A few simple models would decorate your wardrobe and highlight your taste. All the models have a straight cut; it is enough just to look at them to understand that it is a real masterpiece. Knitted models with short sleeves, would gently accentuate your hips, breasts and straight legs. Through a simple straight model this dress will look on you very natural because it is made only from natural materials. Buttons on the neckline and pockets complement the simplicity of the dress. You can wear it with the original belt. Straight dress with buttons slightly fitted with the belt. This model of the dress with long sleeves will give its owner a feminine look and an unforgettable experience. The color scheme by Fred Perry is of quiet pastel colors – white, pale blue, gray and dark-gray.


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