Designer dresses. The main trends

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Every year the famous designers delight the women with the novelties in the fashion world and the coming year will not be an exception.

Dresses  amaze with its magnificence and originality. Designers tried to do everything for representatives of the delicate nature. The manifestation of fantasy in any case does not stand still. At the peak of popularity has always been lace and the next year is not an exception, as many designers introduce their precious models, dressed in a neat dresses with an openwork lace.
All at once, it is clear that the designer dresses, decorated with lace may be available not for everyone, but you can sew such a beauty in the atelier. Short evening dresses with lace collars will not leave indifferent any woman of fashion. Collars in style and type can be very different, and they can be sewed from almost any material.

Cuffs and ribbons are also not conceding to them, pay attention to the dresses made completely of lace. By the way, they are now at the peak of popularity, in addition this outfit makes a woman charming and very attractive. Fashion designer dresses for graduation  leave no one indifferent, because they represent the perfection of beauty and style. For some it may seem that we already know everything about dresses, but the designers still manage to amaze us with their imagination and new frilly details.

The collections Ellie Saab, Emilio Pucci, and Ralph Lauren confirm that cuts and asymmetry are still in fashion. Cutouts with an unusual form are considered to be a distinctive feature of dresses 2013. They can be located in different places and completely chaotic. The cut of the skirt can be placed on the side, beck or front. It gives an opportunity for girls slightly open the slender legs and give their image more seductiveness. When the designer created wedding dress, they mainly used such fabrics as a thin jersey, lace, velvet, silk and chiffon. The thin lather is an absolute novelty in the collection of Derek Lam, the dresses from this fabric represented in a wide range.

The feeling of magic and fabulousness can be created thanks to the glitter, shimmer, pearl and shimmering surfaces. Such items are a characteristic feature of dresses from Carolina Herrera. It is noteworthy, that the designer evening dresses are presented in turn, plum, wine tones, aqua-green, pearl and gray compositions. As for the designer cocktail dresses – bright red, white and deep black color are welcome. However, these colors never go out of fashion and are considered as universal.

Designer dresses. The main trendsHere is one more preference for dresses – the noble colors of precious stones, and the texture of fabric supports the idea of similarity. In fashion are – amethyst, ruby, garnet, turquoise and emerald, sapphire.
Look great on the models’ the dresses of a monochromatic fabric, but no one yet have canceled drawings and patterns. Abstract prints, spots and floral patterns would easily be found on the clothes in the next year. Quite beneficial solution would be the transition to fabrics from pastel to acid tones.

These elements are characteristic for a new collection of Rodarte, in which the designers used the fabric with these prints. The drapery of fabric in the neck area looks very romantic and beautiful in this collection Drapery is in general considered to be one of the most popular methods, which allows making the image more feminine and elegant.

The fur, for a long time, considered as an attribute of celebration, so the next year it will become more relevant than ever. Designers actively use it for finishing of the evening dresses and for creating accessories. These tendencies are observed in the collections of Giorgio Armani and Alexander McQueen, who present the designer dresses of the highest class. A real trend is considered the dresses in a set with trousers, the confirmation of this are the dresses from the collections of Armani and Kors. And what kind of dresses do you prefer?

Fashion dresses from Fred Perry.

Fred Perry offers to you a small range of fashion dresses. A few simple models would decorate your wardrobe and highlight your taste. All the models have a straight cut; it is enough just to look at them to understand that it is a real masterpiece. Knitted models with short sleeves, would gently accentuate your hips, breasts and straight legs. Through a simple straight model this dress will look on you very natural because it is made only from natural materials. Buttons on the neckline and pockets complement the simplicity of the dress. You can wear it with the original belt. Straight dress with buttons slightly fitted with the belt. This model of the dress with long sleeves will give its owner a feminine look and an unforgettable experience. The color scheme by Fred Perry is of quiet pastel colors – white, pale blue, gray and dark-gray.

Fashion dresses from Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger offers you a variety of the models. The designer cocktail dresses are of the straight cut, form-fitting with wraparound and maxi length. All this you can find at Tommy Hilfiger.
Fashion dresses  are supplemented with various collars, ties, badges and buttons. These make them particularly original. The color scheme from Tommy Hilfiger is also quite original. Very relevant in, will be strips, cells, color prints and one-colored dresses of bright colors. Therefore you will be able to choose whatever your heart pleases. The main thing, you have to know, what you want for yourself, and in what condition is your figure. So, let’s go shopping!

Variety of fashion dresses.

Designer dresses for admire with the variety of styles. This year, every girl will find a model to taste.
Fashion dresses  are incredibly beautiful and gentle, each characterized by its twist. Almost every collection has short, medium and long models of elegant dresses. There are also tight and lush styles of the model. Fashion dresses  can be with long, short cuts or without them, without sleeves, three-quarter and full length sleeves.

Style and gamma.

Many collections of dresses  remind us of the perfection and exclusivity of the style of the sixties of the last century. Fashion designers in their works try to emphasize the simplicity of the cut that will appreciate the women with a delicate taste. However, there are also expensive-looking luxury models. As the saying goes, “To each his own”. The color palette of the season 2013 is quite bright. Most often the designer use red, blue and brown colors.

Particularities of fashion dresses.

The main task for designers in creating the dresses was to emphasize the women’s hips.
The predominance of simplicity in ordinary dresses the designer compensated in the models of the evening dresses. Dresses for special occasions shine with chic and expensiveness. Specifically, in the evening dresses the designers used such fabrics as chiffon and silk. You can choose fitting model or a luxurious flying dress. In order the dress does not look too “greedy”, the designers fastened sequins, crystals and stones, but only on dull fabrics. As a rule, the basic silhouette of the evening dresses  is a “fish” or, as it is called, “mermaid”. There are also many models with a fluffy skirt and a deep décolleté.
Asymmetry – frequent option in the design of various styles. Evening dress, decorated with asymmetrical details, for example, the skirt with different edges, one-shoulder neckline was presented in versions collections.
Masculine style in women’s clothes is again in fashion: business suits of the straight cut, complemented with exquisite ankle boots, caps in stile Oliver Twist, transparent blouses combined with masculine jackets – all these are new and original trends of the season. Masculine motifs are clearly seen in the outerwear: basically it is free cut coats and warm jackets, which in some way resemble the uniforms of American pilots.
Namely for creation of evening dresses the fashion designers have given almost all their imagination. They are not stupid, and realize that to create great festive image to any event the women are ready to pay the highest amount of money. And in 2013, they will certainly have a possibility to do this.


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