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Graduation parties as activities appeared in 1930-40 years, but historians believe that they might exist in 1880. Graduation parties originated in the U.S. in the elite colleges. Firstly it was outlets of debutantes who were limited to the upper grades. For the first time the word “final” was mentioned in the magazine in 1894, where someone has published that at Smith College will take place an evening dedicated to the last ball of high school students. In the 1990 the graduation dances were accompanied by a tea party, communication and dancing. Already in the 1950s, the teenage girls began to spend more time for preparation for the prom. Every Sunday, on the eve of the ball, was official. In the 1980s, the attitude to the homecoming was changed. Undoubtedly in those years it was influenced by films that advertised the dress, as the beginning of a new life. Today, the prom has gone beyond the severity that influenced everything, including the selection of dresses.
Homecoming is a very special night for every girl. Each young lady wishes to look best this night. If you decide to buy one of designer homecoming dresses, there are several steps that must be followed. The first step in this process is to find out what style is in fashion this season. Magazines and the Internet – it is an ideal point to begin the search. The ideal prom dress should highlight the best features and hide less attractive. For example, if a girl has broad shoulders, so, she should choose the A line cut of the dresses.
The following step in this process is to find a good designer. You could be linked to one designer because of his aesthetic or another because of the use of color. You should write down the names of designers you liked. This will save much time during the shopping, as she can ask for dresses by the name of designer. If a girl is going to buy her homecoming dress in boutiques or shops, it must be determined which shops carry the designer brands you like.
Do not afraid to experiment with the length of the dress. Fortunately, fashion does not limit your choice – you can safely wear a long dress – “princess” or punk dress with torn edges. The choice of colors is also not limited – classic little black dress, and exquisite purple toilet and feminine blue outfit, sexy dresses with sequins and rhinestones are welcomed. Do not blindly follow the dictates of fashion. Remember that prom dress should make you a queen of the night.
Designer homecoming dressesDo not feel shy because of bulged belly! You can always hide it under a dress with an appropriate cut. Pay attention to the dress with a high waist or a dress with a corset that will make the waist thinner, and thus emphasize the beautiful bust. Forget about the “princess” dress along with the “Spanish” waist, case-dresses, along with bright spots of color or horizontal stripes – once again draw attention to your waist. Do you want to look higher? Pay attention to slinky case-dress and a trapeze dress – they add you a few inches. Miniature girls should not choose lush homecoming dresses.
In case the designer homecoming dresses are not available for you, so you can search for it in the online shop. There are so many online stores, which have a wide range of cheap homecoming dresses. If a young lady needs a source of inspiration for her prom dresses, she may watch various award shows or read fashion magazines to identify what styles are relevant in this season.
While choosing a beautiful dress it is necessary to consider your personal preference, because you will win all the hearts of the opposite sex. The young ladies can choose the dresses they like, and in which they feel good. Among the brands that produce prom dresses it is necessary to allocate the world-famous brands Jovani and Sherri Hill. Each of these dresses makes the graduate more beautiful and most importantly – older.
In 2013, a very popular color will be golden. As many prefer the white dress, so, it is a big talent not to turn into a bride. But the white color, with no doubt, is ordinary. A distinctive feature of the prom dresses 2013 will be its expensive look and decorations. Regardless of the material, as always, they will be richly decorated with stones, embroidery, sequins and fashionable designs. If you decided to follow fashion trends in 2013 entirely, complete the final dress with fashionable accessories. One of them – are the gloves. The length of gloves can be different. The most important thing is not to overload the entire image. If the dress is monotonous it is better to wear gloves with a pattern, decorated with embroidery, stones and glitter. If the prom dress abundantly decorated with decorative elements and prints, you can opt for a black and white pair.
If you have not much money in the pocket, you can go to the metropolitan popular shopping centers. There, you can simply find quite cute cocktail dresses at affordable price. To rent a dress – it is the perfect and relatively inexpensive solution for those who want to get a beautiful dress for a small price. Nowadays we have a great choice of ball as well as of prom dresses. Therefore you have to explore the assortment beforehand. And finally, one of the most economical variants of buying cheap homecoming dresses is purchasing in the second-hand or through the private ads for resale.
You can add to your image individuality with the help of well-chosen jewelry or bijouterie. From accessories it is better to choose handbags-purses or clutches. In any case you can not take on the evening the bulk bags or trendy “shaggy” bags. This can completely spoil your entire look.

When to buy a homecoming dress?

To buy a dress for graduation does not mean being the only one in such a dress. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous vendors inject the girls into error, assuring that the prom dress is brought in a single copy and there is no another one in the town. If the model of the homecoming dresses is popular, it is possibly will be order again and will be delivered to the store a little bit later to meet the demand. This is one of the reasons why the early buying of the prom dress can be insidious.
In addition, in a few months the graduate can like a completely different dress. Girls accept the fashion as an art, which constantly surprises with new masterpieces. If you buy a dress for graduation in a few months, by June you would fall in love and out with a few dresses, so is it worth to hurry? Prom night is once in a lifetime, so you should carefully choose the dress of your dreams. Only some graduates are lucky to buy cheap homecoming dresses on the eve of the holiday with discount.
An exception may be in case when the dress is “mine”. Some brides think of their wedding dresses: “I’ve tried on dozens of dresses, when I saw it, putting on this dress I realized, it is – mine. In this dress I wanted to be in the registry office, to dance the first dance and walk around the city. Only in “my dress”.” Similar feelings can be in graduate when she tries on the gowns for graduation. If it has occurred, do not hesitate to buy namely this, dearer dress you would hardly find.

These tips will help you to choose the right prom dresses:

  •  For women with small breasts it is better to choose a dress quite closed at the front and with an open back. If nature has awarded you with big breasts, the cut should be in the form of a heart.
  •  If you feel shy because of broad hips – choose a dress with a high waist (empire).
  •  Want to hide the tummy – corsets will make your waist thinner!
  •  If you are not very tall, then the case-fitting dress or trapeze dress will add a couple centimeters.
  •  Full hands better to hide with the help of short sleeves.
  •  Young girls should pay attention to the details of the little dress. Thin belts over the girdle, very successfully will emphasize very slim silhouette.
  •  If you are not shortened in time, try to plunge into the world of online shopping. Here you can easily find and buy cheap homecoming dresses.


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