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There is nothing more depressing than the old and battered men’s wallet, especially if it “flirted” looks out from the back pocket of your trousers. However, the men persist and did not agree to change their old and faithful “friends” on the new and cute purses. Although the new purse, unlike the well-known sayings, is better than the old three.

Perhaps this style is really comfortable, however, painfully impractical, because the back pocket is not a reliable storage for family budget. Moreover, despite the small size, they are still very often are the temptation for pickpockets. So, the back pocket is not the proper place for such an important part as the purse or wallet.
The self respecting man will not carry the money in the pocket, it’s the sign of carelessness, neither the girl standing next to man or the male partner would like it, it would be the shame for a man to pay wrinkled bills in the restaurant or supermarket. So, the modern man simply must have in his wardrobe the qualitative purses and handbags. What are they, the stylish men’s wallet?

The diversity of the modern male wallets and purses.

Today’s wallets come in many different shapes, colors and decor. Such accessory perfectly underlines the status and style of each man.
As a rule, all men’s wallets and purses are durable and easy in use, so that one can easily please the eye when opening. The convenience of the male wallets is, first of all, in the presence of the large number of various hidden pockets and compartments: for coins, bills, business cards and cards.

The types of the purses.

At first glance it may seem that the purse is a fairly standard product that does not possess a special kind of the standard. In fact it is not so. There are several variants of the functional cute purses.

  •  The wallet for inner pocket – exquisite large purse. There one can place the flat bills and credit cards. It can be keep it in the inner pocket of your jacket. It is considered the classic model.
  •  The wallet folded in half. There are compartments for business cards and cards; it can be both with coin and without it. The wallet can be worn with classic and the clothes in the style casual.
  •  The wallet folded in three. It is designed for small amounts of cash and more for bank cards.

The classic wallet folded in three. Very compact and laconic variant for men who are might and main financial benefits of civilization – cute purses and walletsthe bank transfer. The main content of the purse – the bank cards, which are in several offices. This wallet can contain a small amount of banknotes and coins in case if the store does not accept the credit cards.

The purse in two folds. This variant is a more capacious due to the greater size of the offices. The bills are folded in half and the map pockets are located on the sides. These wallets can be quite tiny and do not have offices for coins. However, there are also large models with clear pockets for the license documents. The convenience of this wallet is in its versatility: it good fits the classic costume or everyday outfit in the casual style.
The purse without folds. The most sophisticated version of the male cute wallets, which looks particularly noble and dignified. The banknotes do not crumple and well retain the original appearance. Such purses are carried in the interior pockets of the classic jacket. The only negative point is the size: you will not manage to put it in jeans.

The leather men’s purses.

In most cases, the purses and wallets for men are made with natural materials, usually of the leather. The modern leather haberdashery stores offer a wide range of the men wallets and purses, from strict classical to the most exclusive and made from exotic leather.
More democratic and sports goods are made of the thick fabric. They are equipped with practical compartments, clasps and mini carbines. These cool wallets are comfortable enough in use and fit into the overall style of the garment.

The metal, leather and suede.

The traditional wallets are ideally made of natural materials. It looks expensive and besides, the accessory permanently retains its marketability. The classic is the qualitative calfskin, although for giving expensive extravagance accessory can be purchased with a hint of exoticism: the skin of python and crocodile. For young people more suitable will be the purses from fabrics in the style of denim or canvas. Laconic metal parts will not be superfluous: fasteners, rivets and zippers. The imitation leather resembles genuine leather but extremely loses it in durability and practicality, can quickly lose its salable condition, covered with cracks, scratches and abrasions. Its advantage – the cost. The “imitation leather” cheaper then genuine leather in several times. The genuine leather is still unsurpassed in its appearance and durability. The cute wallets from genuine leather do not need require the special care and long retains its appeal. At the same time there are some nuances when choosing the leather wallet, if you want to be sure of its genuineness.
The purse is an indispensable attribute of a serious business person. And what kind of treat will emphasize this attribute to you. The price of the purse ranges from 10 to 1000$, it all depends on the brand and materials of manufacture and country of origin.

The style variants.

The purse should merge harmoniously with the overall image and style to complement it. Strict classical models will be ideal and loyal assistants for business, with regard to fashion in recent seasons brown color, then similar version will attract attention, first of all, fans of the popular style called casual.

How to choose the purse correctly?

This question is very popular, because with each passing day it becomes more and more difficult to choose, as there are a lot of fakes. Men’s leather wallet is on the par with shoes, watches and expresses his sufficiency, tastes and preferences. In large leather purse there is certainly will be a pair of green notes and platinum bank card, and in the “clip” the banknotes are smaller – at least in this light the other see your wallet. Modern manufacturers produce accessories in the most impossible colors, replacing the tranquil shades of monochrome original prints. However, the black and brown classic is still in vogue and after all it is better fits to men’s business suits.
Another feature that distinguishes the qualitative wallets – the functionality and ease of use. You will always find out where to put a nest egg, a couple of credit cards, photo of the beloved woman and even the driving license. The presence of multiple compartments makes the wallet one of the most necessary and dear to the heart of accessories. So always choose the purse which will be day and night please you with its contents.

The choice of the purse for a girl is a matter of fashion.

The purses, as well as the cute handbags, are the accessory without which it is impossible to imagine the modern girl. No matter it is cute purses and wallets 2expensive or cheap, leather or imitation leather, it is always with us.
At the time when paper money is gradually replaced by modern methods of payment, the purses and wallets have not lost their relevance. After all, every person in addition to paper money in the wallet has several bank cards, as well as the considerable number of discount cards from the variety of boutiques. Therefore, the purse and wallets should house all these things and provide its owner free access to each of them at any time.
You should think very thoroughly before buying the purse. Since, it is not only the place to store money and cards, but also the stylish accessory that complements the image of the modern woman.
For each woman the purse it is a special thing, it determines the social status of the women. Even the most stylish outfit can be completely spoiled by unattractive or an old purse. The beautiful purse can be an excellent gift for any of the fair sex; it can be presented for a colleague, mother or sister, girlfriend. Such gift is always relevant and pleasant, even despite the fact that it already has everyone, because as the saying goes – purses does not happen much. Many believe that the purse has to be expensive and respectable, so things will be a very attracted to its owner money. And the cheap purse, on the contrary, will only worsen the financial well-being.
Please note that the purse is the accessory that also is chosen not only in style, but also by the age category. Apart from the fact that the young lady would already have her own purse for storing savings, so it is also the great opportunity to put there some cosmetics, lipstick or a small mirror.
Today in fashion are various styles of cute cheap purses, the choice of the concrete fashioned depends on you and your life rhythm. Some time ago became fashionable women’s purses of the elongated rectangular shape. It is the most practical and roomy models.
As for wearing of purses, they can be worn as the separate accessory, or pick up in tone of the handbag. Big purses can be used as the miniature handbag or clutch.
The fashion collections are full of colors and include the models in variety of colors and textures. You can pick up and the plain cool purses, and with decorative ornament. In this season very popular is the stamping under the skin of reptiles. This purse will perfectly complement your look and add zest to it. The most frequently bought are red, black and gold color wallets. Many girls and women choose the purse and wallet simultaneously. And they do so for good reason. Buying such important accessory, like the purse and the bag you can not kill the two, but several birds with one stone at the time.

The choice by Feng Shui.

If you trust the philosophy of Feng Shui, the color of the purse should be selected depending on the element to which you belong. It should be noted that Feng Shui does not recommend buying purses of the blue and dark blue color because the money will disappear like water through your fingers.

The element and color.

  •  Earth: yellow, beige, orange, gold;
  •  Wood: green, brown;
  •  Fire: scarlet, burgundy, red;
  •  Water: black, blue, purple, blue;
  •  Metal: silver, gray, white

Today, the modern designers create unique women’s wallets and purses, which can be considered the real works of art. When creating them different types of leather, suede, fur, fabric, decorated with rhinestones, sequins and appliqués are used. They have compartments for paper and iron money, bank cards, business cards and other useful stuff.
When buying the cool wallet, keep in mind that even the most expensive and stylish accessory will look out of place if its style completely contradicts your main image. Do not forget about your personality!


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