Custom jeans. Try to make yourself!

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Jeans are the clothes for all times and almost any age. Only infants do not yet wear jeans. And if the brutal cowboys pants were originally worn only by men and only as work clothes, but today they have become an indispensable part of the woman’s wardrobe and even clothing for goings out.

But even because of your aesthetic beliefs (correct, it should be noted) you prefer to wear at celebrations the evening or cocktail dresses, so to the party it will be more appropriate to wear comfortable and beautiful custom made jeans. However, it is not always possible to buy these jeans. Sometimes the perfectly fitting model is too plain. And then we begin to think over how to decorate the pair of jeans and want to do it with our hands in order to save money. So, let’s just consider such a possibility.

Blotches and stripes.

It is the easiest (according the performance technique) method to decorate your jeans. For this we need only decoration materials (rivets, patches, appliqués, rhinestones, buttons) and our skilled hands.

  •  Rhinestones.

Rhinestones are the gorgeous decoration that turns the ordinary jeans into elegant clothes. For such a brilliant decoration you should buy rhinestones of hot fixation. When shopping, pay attention to the bottom of the rhinestones as it should be flat and take them a little more (so you can add or change the picture).
First of all wash the jeans, dry and place them on the table or on the ironing board. Now lay out rhinestones making any picture that you like: flower, butterfly, sun and abstract swirls. When the drawing is complete, iron it by putting mode steaming: the crystals should firmly glue to the fabric. Then you can without fear wash and iron your custom jeans. However, sooner or later, anyway, the crystals will begin come unstuck: here you will need the reserve.

  •  Rivets.

custom jeansOne more way quickly and stylish decorate your jeans. For this, you will need rivets that can be simply inserted into the tissue and their petals are easily folded to the inside. The rivets can be placed along the seams; you can rivet the pockets or belt, or put the picture of the rivets and even make the label. To do this you should lay the jeans on the flat surface, make a sketch of the future decoration and apply it to the fabric. Spread the rivets along the contours of the picture and make the punctures, then simply fold the petals and secure the rivets.

  •  Patches.

Today the patches are sewn not only to mask the deficiencies, but also to decorate the clothing. You can use any scraps of different or similar in texture and color fabrics. Very well look leather and suede patches, velvet or drape. As the summer variant it is desirable to use light fabrics: silk, calico, cotton and linen. The patches can be made not only rectangular or triangular, but you can also cut them in the shape of hearts and abstract shapes. Decorative patches for custom jeans are sewn or glued (by using the special adhesive or thermal tape) directly on the fabric. The edges of the patches can be first tuck or sweep off, but you can leave them “shaggy”. Fringed edges will look fine, for example, on denim jeans.

  •  Appliqué.

It is a kind of improved patch. Such ready-made applications can be purchased in sewing accessories stores or sewn yourself. Applications can be supplemented with decorative embroidery or lace, rhinestones or sequins. Decorating technology practically does not differ from working with patches.

Embroidery & sewing.

If the needle and thread are your friends and you know the basics of hand and machine embroidery, you will probably be able to decorate the jeans with your hands by using these skills.

  •  Embroidery.

It is one of the most difficult ways to get the custom made jeans. And if you want to do the machine embroidery on the pockets, first of all you need to put them off. Meanwhile, the hand-made embroidery will help to turn your jeans into the unique thing, analogues of custom jeans 2which you will absolutely not find anywhere else. To make the embroidery you will need the thread floss, strong enough thick hoop and sharp needles.
Choose the pattern according to the taste and the color scheme of thread taking into account the fact that jeans fabric after two washes will fade and eventually lose its brightness. But it is even better to put the embroidery on jeans that are pre-washed. Transfer the pattern onto the fabric with special markers (rinse or endangered).
Apply in the embroidery just ordinary stitches and for Cross Stitch use consignment note canvas, the yarn of which will be then pulled out. It is better not to do the embroidery in places of natural folds, because in this case it will very quickly loose its shape, its decorative effect and will wear out.

  •  Sewing

Craftswomen who can just scribbling on the machine would easily decorate the jeans with their own hands, without difficulty, but with a striking result of transformation. To do this, you only need to stock up on decorative trim or fringe. Fringe can also be purchased at the store of the sewing accessories or made with your own hands by cutting the denim fabric into ribbons and stripes.
The fringe is sewn into the outer side seams of trousers or sewn on the edges of the pockets and belt. You can also sew the fringe on the bottom of the pant legs or just cut the edges of the trouser legs into “noodles.” With the same success, you can use instead of the fringe some beautiful decorative braid or cord. And still the similar fixture is used for embroidery on jeans.

Drawings and scrapes.

If you want to decorate your jeans yourself, do not forget about your own ability to draw or the possibility to “play” with the original color of the denim fabric.

  •  Drawings.

The drawing is the original way of jeans decoration. No, of course it is not the batik. Here we use the fabric as the conventional canvas which is painted with the aerosol or acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are applied with the usual brush, making the preliminary sketch on the fabric. Sometimes the custom jeans are decorated with spray paint, for this we use template or stencil. However, before drawing on jeans, practice on some unnecessary piece of fabric or old jeans.

  •  Bleaching.

You can decorate the jeans with the help of usual bleaching by simulating natural scrapes of fabric or simply diluting its equal color. For this purpose, use any bleach by simply adding it to the water. By the way, the effect can be quite unexpected. But if before the wash you will wrap the jeans in some places with the rope or twine, or just tie the pants into the node, then the result will be more or less expected. The easiest way to originally decorate the jeans is to bleach the spray onto the fabric. The result – naughty spotting on your jeans.

  •  Limbs and folds.

Limbs and folds are the imitation of the “natural” decoration of jeans, which appears in time and gives this clothing the special glamour. Folds can be made on the pants, if the folds of the slightly wet jeans sprinkle with starch and then just iron them with very hot iron. And the scrapes on jeans can be easily made by using ordinary sandpaper. Lay the jeans on the table and gently rub them with sandpaper in the right places. That’s it.
You can use for decoration and the usual buttons (by analogy with rhinestones and studs), complement your embroidery with sequins or beads, or just make on your jeans fancy patches. After all, just buy to your custom jeans chic (or bright) belt. Believe me, with your skillful hands any jeans can be transformed into the exclusive and stylish piece of clothing. Go for it! And do not be afraid to be bright and original.

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