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What will warm better then beloved woman? Of course, the warm trendy sweater! For those who do not like layering, a sweater is the ideal variant. It is warm and cozy in it, and if it is of good quality and fashionable, it will become your favorite part of wardrobe which you will be happily got from distant shelves.

Sweaters would never go out of fashion. It is a practical thing and this season it has taken a decent place in the world of fashion. Popular in this season sweaters can be worn not only as a warming thing, but for work and to the party. Fashion trends fall-winter 2012-2013 bring a new style of wearing sweaters, new cuts and color solutions.

Fashionable tendencies in the selection of winter sweaters, cardigans and jackets.

Fashion designers have already in the summer offered us various models of warm and eccentric sweaters. This winter you will not be bored, choose a sweater not only for its warmth, but also for its soul! Is it not important that the thing was not only warm, but also fashionable, functional and attractive? In the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 are observed the following tendencies:

  1.  The hit of the season autumn-winter 2012-2013 will be a sweater of free cut, which is not only comfortable and warm, but also visually hides the figure drawbacks. However, such sweater, at the same time, visually increases your forms. That is why this variant is not suitable for every girl and before you would purchase this model take a closer look.
  2.  Cropped sweater is also very popular part of clothing of this autumn-winter season. A few months ago trendy models were presented on podiums by the most authoritative fashion designers and brands, including the rag & bone, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte. Unlike many trendy items of wardrobe which are not always easy to transfer from the podiums to the real wardrobe, cropped sweater would easily complement almost any choice of clothing in casual style. The easiest way to include into your wardrobe a shortened sweater is to wear it with tight jeans with a high waist, shorts or a skirt. Shortened sweater will help to transform into the autumn-winter wardrobe a traditionally summer clothes, for example, shorter-fitting sweater will look stylish in combination with a short dress and warm tights with original pattern or colors. And finally, the most traditional ensemble, suitable even for a business wardrobe – a cropped sweater over classic shirt.
  3.  Classic sweaters with shawl collar or V-shaped as well as sports variants are perfectly combined with narrow leather pants or skinny jeans. But this style is suitable only for slender young girls, otherwise it will look ridiculous. Solid sweaters with a high collar are perfectly combined with colorful or two-colored pants, light coat and bright leather bag.
  4.  Sweater with neck tube. Of course, in the most severe cold we like to hide our face in a large neck tube of the sweater, which are also very fashionable in this season. Moreover, in fashion is any type of neck tubes (elongated, narrow, on the clasp and others).
  5. Sweater with short sleeves. A special attention is drawn to the models of sweaters with short sleeves. As you understand, this variant is not really appropriate in the midst of winter cold. However, under a warm sheepskin or fur coat, in a warm room and at a party – it would look perfect.
  6.  Sweaters-capes and sweaters-boleros deserve special attention. This is an excellent alternative variant for the office or for a date. In addition, it is a great solution during the change of seasons, and thanks to the bolero and cape you would immediately transform, because this part of the wardrobe add femininity.
  7.  Sweater-dress. For several years, this element of the wardrobe does not go out fashion. And this is not surprising! After all, any of us want to be stylish and feminine, even during cold weather. And sweater-dress is an elegant, warm and practical solution!
  8.  Poncho. The old and long forgotten knitted poncho comes back into fashion world. This is an indispensable thing for cold winter evenings, in which you can wrap yourself up and feel warm and cozy. Many designers in fashion shows presented ideas of stylish poncho with fringe or branded embroidery, chaotically decorated with interwoven braids or knobs, weaving course or openwork, decorated with natural wool or stones. The designers offer to combine poncho with narrow pants and shoes with very high heels. Appropriate will be such decorations as bracelets, long necklaces and chains.
  9.  Color solutions. This season you should pay attention to: sandy, coffee and chocolate, as well as classic black and white colors. However, if you want to feel a little summer, why not to buy sunny sweater that will bring joy and warmth to you and others?
  10.  Prints on sweaters. This fall-winter very fashionable will be drawings and prints on sweaters, and moreover possible is the combination of bright colors and prints as well as the muted tones and discreet prints. Of course, this season is not the exception and in fashion are animal prints and prints on the theme of ethno and geometry.

fall winter 2012-2013To buy a women’s sweater of good quality is not difficult, since the selection of factory and hand knitted models in the market is very wide. We offer you to focus on qualitative hand-made product, originality and individuality of which is now highly valued by the most demanding fans of knitting fashion in the whole world.

To knit a female sweater you can by yourself. And if you are too busy or not confident in your abilities, you can pick up or order your favorite model in the online stores, which now can offer a huge number of hand made models in any of the known techniques of knitting: spokes, hook and the plug.

No doubt, classic cardigans are still in fashionable. It is a fairly long jacket with several clasps or a single button. In the middle there can be a strap or a belt. And again extremely popular is black cardigan. Besides this color, the new collection is dominated by gray, navy blue, beige, sand, yellow and orange tones.

New collections distinguish a large knitting and decorative fur. Very elegant look cardigan-capes. Very popular are big cardigans which hide the figure. Unusual cut emerges in the asymmetry, free cut, absence of zippers and buttons. Novelty of the next season are also pockets, belt as a decoration, trimmed down, cardigan with zipper in the form of a large pin and cardigans with a pelerine.

When choosing a cardigan it is important to pay attention not only on fashion, but also on the material from which it is sewn. Thus, knitted cardigans with complicated patterns are accepted to wear as casual clothes. Knitted models can be worn not only outside, but also in the office. As for your overlook in a new cardigan, try to understand that the reasonable assessment of your own figure would help to choose the most suitable variants. For example, to a plump girl it is preferable to choose the mid-thigh length. And if you are slim, you can wear and a longer models. For women with large breasts it is recommended to choose cardigan with a V-shaped neckline.

What kind of knitted cardigans will be popular this season? The wool should be soft and dense. The attention will be focused on the original and rather large collar. It should also be noted that knitted cropped cardigan looks better on slender and high fashionistas.

If you do not know with what to wear women’s cardigans, we can give you an answer – with anything! It is important to know some details concerning to the wearing of fashionable cardigan. There is no need to button the cardigan tightly. There should be some negligence in wearing. You have to pick up harmoniously matched stylish accessories. This can be anything: fashion watches, leather belt, brooch, pendant or a large knitted scarf.

In order to create a fashionable image using a cardigan you need to know with what it can be worn. Perfectly match long cardigan with short one-colored top, straight jeans, bulk bag and ballet flats. Asymmetric long cardigan with a scarf, an elongated top, shoes without heels with wide leg boot and tight leggings. A cropped cardigan with ballet flats, a shirt, a hat and tight leggings or tights.

For a romantic dinner or a date would perfectly fit a shortened cardigan with chiffon top, sandals with heels, fluffy skirt and clutch, and also cardigan with a mid-thigh length with a pair of high heels, silk dress with a high waist and bright beads. A stylish vest serves an alternative to the cardigan!

For everyday walking will approach knit cardigan with a mid-thigh length with bright sneakers, denim short shorts and a T-shirt. A long cardigan should be worn with a tight T-shirt, slacks and ballet flats.

For work at office will approach a shortened cardigan with bulk bag, pencil skirt and high-heeled boots or a mid-thigh cardigan with big bracelets, a case-dress, sheath and boots. Cropped cardigan should be combined with high heels, trousers with high-waist and strict blouse of opaque material.

Thus, in the cool season women always have trendy cardigans and the choice is rather large. So you have to choose the right cut of the knitted or crocheted cardigan that would be able to emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide flaws.

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